CAMPO SANCHO x Jonny Henfrey

Campo Sancho is a small independent festival, detailed and home-made with Love and Dedication……we say festival…’s actually like the best warehouse party in a field you’ve ever been to! It’s located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, less than an hour from London. We’ve taken our learnings from over 25 years of Carnival, numerous warehouse jams, boat parties and joyous gatherings and planted them all in a stunning, magical site, surrounded by trees.

Campo Sancho 2022 takes place from 29th to 31st July……. come and join the ever – smiling dance floor! 

Tickets on sale now….

One of the excellent DJ’s playing at Campo this Summer will be JONNY HENFREY , we caught up for a quick chat about music, festivals and campfires…

Hello Jonny. Where are you today and what are you up to?

Hi. I’m in the garden of my pub by the sea in Broadstairs… It’s a Monday so we are closed and so catching up with paperwork and resting after a hectic weekend!

What can you tell us about Campo Sancho?

I’ve been to every single one… And always tell anyone that will listen it’s my favourite festival of the year. It has always felt special.

Tell us what are you most looking forward to at Campo this summer?

Just being there again. Something magic happens when Jim, Matt et al arrive at Walkern Hall. And what a line up this year!! Saturday night’s Sancho Panza set is always ace, I always love Anouk’s afternoon sets but there are literally so many highlights this year I’m not sure which I’m most excited by!

What kind of vibe can we hope to hear from you at the festival?

Well, I’m playing on Sunday afternoon, so hoping to lull people back to the party mood gently,  

Tell us track that you’re planning to drop at Campo?

This came out a few months ago but I’ve been smashing the original and the Fingerman edit ever since… In the sunshine at The Sundeck in Margate it always gets people going…

What can you tell about the line-up Campo Sancho?

What a list! Haven’t seen Hilit play for ages, although I must be about the only person, she seems so busy these days!!  

Are you a happy camper?

I am the happiest of campers… Inflatable tent, a pre mixed negroni and I’m in heaven.

What’s your festival tip for Campo?

I love to peak too early… but my tip would be not to…!!

Who will you look forward to hanging out with this year?

My boys, Magnus & Caspar, who were 12 & 10 at the first Campo and have been at every one since… Magnus is off to uni and Caspar has just finished his GCSEs so new adventures are on the horizon. 

What else do you have going on at Campo you can tell us about?

More often than not referred to as “The Pizza Guy”, I’ve been at Campo serving up pizzas (most years) either out of my bus with my amazing business partner Laurie. We don’t see each other so much these days – she lives in Bristol now and I’m down here in Kent… Campo and Glastonbury are the only festivals we do nowadays… Couldn’t resist our favourites! So come and grab a pizza, or shimmy up for an Espresso Martini or Negroni, as we double up as a mini cocktail bar!!

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