Eivissenc – Residentes Balearicos

Residentes Balearicos is a new project founded by Luca Averna and Ale Doretto, both resident DJs in Ibiza and both hailing form Venice, Italy.
Together, they make music that tries to capture the amorphous energy of Ibiza, sizzling on sunny beaches, lulling through lounge conversations, and reaching palpable states in throbbing club nights before disseminating into the countryside air for replenishment.

The project is based on a collaborative idea where Luca and Ale invite other artists from the island into the studio with the aim of sparking up new and fresh ideas for how Balearic music can sound, both within chillout and dancefloor disciplines.

For Eivissenc, they were joined by DJ and producer Chris Coco. The music here is inscribed with the genesis of Residentes Balearicos: Luca’s flash of inspiration listening to old vinyl at the San Jordi Market and Ale and Chris’ help sculpting that idea into three radiant, highly danceable tracks.

Sounding like some lost classic from DFC Italia with tribal drums, acid squelch and dream house synths for day’s, don’t sleep on this one…

Released October 2, 2020

Buy / Stream Here 🙂

Noche De San Juan – George Solar & Chris Coco

This is what happens when two original Balearic heads meet up in the name of dub, sunsets & left field Ibiza.

A playful, almost innocent reggae riddim with a jazzy saudade twist, created in just a few summer nights on the axis of goodness linking up central London and the hills of Ibiza’s very own San Juan.

It is believed that on the night of summer solstice (aka “Noche de San Juan”), paranormal events are more likely to occur… as in this shortest night of the year, humans make contact with pagan gods by jumping over huge bonfires. A local Spanish tradition welcoming the summer, always related to fire & water.

Chris Coco and George Solar transformed those Ibicenco vibes into sound this year, with a little help from members of the infamous Ibiza based Dubtropical Allstars band. The beginning of something beautiful indeed – thanks to the music & fire gods. Version galore, play it some more!

Released October 2, 2020

Zimmer Remix EP feat Gerd Janson, Lauer & more…

One year on from the release of his self titled debut album, rising French producer Zimmer is back with a remix EP on Roche Musique. His polished house sounds have been handed over to a top notch crew of friends and influences for reinterpretation.

First out of the gate is Running Back boss Gerd Janson with short and extended dance mixes of ‘Rey’. Both are joyous, summery tracks full of swirling synths and retro bass, recalling the classic sounds of Scandi disco from Lindstrom and Todd Terje.

French crew You Man take on vocal cut ‘Wild Flowers’, turning into a dark, dirty, dubby chugger. Panama’s vocal stretched and treated into a James Blake style atmosphere.

Mexican outfit Zombies in Miami take ‘Mayans’ into darker, big room territory, with similar sounds from Lauer’s bubbling Italo take on ‘Mouvement’ and Kendal’s breakbeat version of ‘Techno Disco’.

Amtrac’s dubby, hazy, vocal mix of ‘Make it Happen’ sounds destined for heavy radio rotation.

A shimmering, polished gem from an artist you might have missed first time around.

Out 9/10/20

Buy / stream here.

James Bright – The Zooniverse EP

Hot on the heels of his early Summer Betamax EP, prolific balearic producer James Bright is back with his new 5 tracker, the Zooniverse EP on Quattro Music. His trademark shimmering, summery sounds are showcased here, with those bubbling, hypnotic acid lines never far away.

Head nodding chuggers for headphone hedonism are the elements of this universe, rather than big room bangers. We can all extend our Summer season with these downtempo poolside classics.

The escapist ambience starts with opener ‘Timelapse’, a cinematic glide with echoes of the Thievery Corporation. Then onto title track ‘Zooniverse’, with it’s brooding acidic throb. Track three is ‘Patchouli’ a deeper, swirling trip of psychedelic dub, and a personal favourite for me. ‘Freq Out’ is next, a mid tempo dancefloor cut with nagging 303’s and atmospheric synth lines. Finally JB lets us down gently with closer ‘Cosmos,’ a slo-mo tropical journey, with ringing guitars, merimbas and yes, that essential squelch.

Top drawer balearic business, an essential purchase, download or stream.


This Unspoken Love (Questo Amore Segreto) – Leo Mas & Fabrice feat. Sally Rodgers

Just in time for the last of the Summer sun it’s here, the Balearic anthem we’ve all been waiting for! Sally Rodgers from A Man Called Adam joins forces with Leo Mas & Fabrice on Kenneth Bager’s Music for Dreams label for this relentlessly euphoric house anthem. Available in a string laden full vocal version or driving, acidic after hours dub, it’s a joyful package. Track it down here as a matter of urgency

Theo Parrish – Red Bull Music Academy

In his words, “Jazz spawned house music, jazz spawned hip-hop, jazz spawned funk and they all reflect back into that.”

This talk at the 2005 Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, sees him exploring the deepest roots of contemporary dance music and revealing his own creative motivations.

TOPICS: 00:39 – Stevie Wonder 05:32 – Chicago  18:31 – Ron Hardy  30:39 – Sound systems  56:03 – Making jazz  1:09:52 – Sound Signature 


0:39 – Stevie Wonder – “As”

12:50 – Mr Fingers – “Can You Feel It”

13:40 – Mr Fingers – “Amnesia”

38:12 – The JB’s – “Doing It To Death”

40:47 – Aaliyah – “Rock The Boat”

42:01 – Herbie Hancock – “Sleeping Giant”

55:05 – Lil’ Louis & The World – “I Called U (Why’d U Fall)”

1:20:11 – Theo Parrish – “Insane Asylum”

1:27:12 – Herbie Hancock – “Chameleon”


Selected Works 1982 to 1989 Joan Bibiloni

Phil Cooper’s NuNorthern Soul label has secured another classic re-release, this time a five track collection of early works from iconic Mallorquin guitarist and composer Joan Bibiloni. ready for release on September 12, 2020 both on vinyl and digital

Culled from a period beginning in 1982, with the release of his debut solo album ‘Joana Lluna’, to 1989 and his ‘Born’ album, both released on Bibiloni’s own Blau label, and taking in the staggering 1988 album ‘For A Future Smile’ (issued on Polygram sub-label Theta), these recordings offer a glimpse of Joan Bibiloni at his most musically adventurous. What’s more, they offer a bonafide reflection of the island of Mallorca and a genuine sound of the Balearic isles.

There’s a real breadth to his musical range shown here, taking in classical, folk, funk and jazz influences, all brought together into a definitively Balearic sound. It’s a joyful release from first to last, make sure to add it to your collection. Check the Soundcloud sampler below for a flavour of this superb release.