This Ain’t Chicago

UK House According To The Artists Who Lived it…

‘Richard Sen’s This Ain’t Chicago collection casts an eye on mid-80s England, when the sounds of house, techno and electronic dance music making their way over from the States gave way to a wave of original UK productions. We sat down for interviews with some of the major players, including Lesley Lawrence of Bang The Party, P-Mac (producer for May), Kiss FM DJ Colin Faver, and of course Richard Sen, to speak about the parties, drum machines, labels…’

See clip at 7.00 for a Zap / Harvey moment….

Madchester the Sound of the North – Documentary

Today’s film is the 1990 Granada ‘Madchester’ documentary telling the story of the Manchester ‘baggy’ scene that grew around the Hacienda, the Stone Roses & the Happy Mondays. Appearances from Tony Wilson, Derek May, 808 State, a Guy called Gerald…oh and Northside and MC Tunes obviously

Summer of Rave 1989 – Full Documentary

Full length recording of this 2006 BBC broadcast, an attempt to describe the genesis of the rave scene over the Summer of 1989. Features some articulate interviews with Tony Wilson, Fabio, Sheryl Garatt, some voices from the establishment; Douglas Hurd, Kelvin Mackenzie and some frankly bizarre appearances from Jason Donovan, Bill Wyman and Sonia!
It tries to place the acid house generation in the context of Thatcherism and rampant 80’s consumerism.