Walking in the sun EP – Andres Y Xavi

Brighton’s Balearic brethren Andres Y Xavi join forces with legendary Woodentops front man Rolo McGinty with a taster track from the soon to be released 2nd album ‘Sounds From The Secret Bar’ (due on 11 June 2021) . ‘Walking in the sun‘ comes with an atmospheric album mix, dubbed out ‘Higher Vibration Mix’ from IIB? dons Coyote, squelchy, percussive James Bright mix and Xavi himself closes out the package with a storming couple of tripped out dub & pianopella mixes.

Released April 30, 2021 via Bandcamp link below – essential listening!

Space Inside by Gene Pool

‘Space Inside’is the new album from Brighton’s cosmic messengers Gene Pool, have a listen and get along to their Bandcamp page and buy a copy asap it’s a banger!

‘Faced with a deadly storm brewed by an angry ocean, ‘Space Inside’ is narrated by inhabitants of a world realising the truth of their own inevitable doom. Taking the things they learned from their experiments in ‘Kill the TV’, Gene Pool weave a dark, twisted story, seething with a newfound musical intensity and ambition.’

Tonka Sound System – Brighton

Some great early 90’s footage of the Tonka gang and one of their infamous Monday night gigs at the Zap club Brighton. Lots of familiar faces looking very young & fresh faced…

I’ve just seen that @markwigan has the og Tonka artwork and prints for sale. All raising funds for a (very) good cause https://markwigan.com/products/a2-poster-print-the-captains-tablewith-tonka-hi-fi…https://markwigan.com/products/the-brain-club-1990-limited-edition-giclee-print… get involved for a piece of clubland history.