Brian Eno and David Byrne – The Jezebel Spirit

Do you hear voices?
You do, so you are possessed
You are a believer, born again
And yet you hear voices and you are possessed
Okay, are you ready to give us a listen?

Put your hand over there
Okay sister, you have a Jezebel spirit within you?
You have a spirit of grief
You have a spirit of destruction

Jezebel, spirit of destruction, spirit of grief
I bind you with chains of iron
I bind you out of that bounded heaven
Loosen your hold and come out of her now

It’s no good our sister, out, out, Jezebel
Come out now, go ahead, out in the name of Jesus
Come out destruction, come out destruction
Come out grief

Jezebel, you are going to listen to me, Jezebel
Go ahead sister, keep going, Jezebel will abandon you

Talking Heads – Live in Concert – 11/04/80 – Capitol Theatre Passiac New Jersey

0:00:00 – Psycho Killer
0:05:45 – Warning Sign
0:11:34 – Stay Hungry
0:15:25 – Cities
0:20:10 – I Zimbra
0:24:41 – Drugs
0:29:23 – Once In A Lifetime
0:35:11 – Animals
0:39:28 – Houses In Motion
0:45:56 – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
0:53:05 – Crosseyed And Painless
0:59:30 – Life During Wartime
1:04:56 – Take Me To The River
1:11:02 – The Great Curve

David Byrne – lead vocals, guitar
Jerry Harrison – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Tina Weymouth – bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Chris Frantz – drums, vocals
Adrian Belew – lead guitar, vocals
Bernie Worrell – keyboards
Busta Cherry Jones – bass
Steve Scales – percussion
Dollette McDonald – vocals

Talking Heads – Live in Rome 1980

“The big difference between us and punk groups is that we like KC and the Sunshine Band. You ask Johnny Rotten if he likes KC and the Sunshine Band and he’ll blow snot in you face.” — Chris Frantz

On December 17th 1980 at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome Talking Heads filmed a live set with the full ten piece Afro Funk Orchestra lineup including P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell on Keyboards and guitar maestro Adrian Belew . Not as polished or obviously cinematic as Jonathan Demme’s 1984 ‘Stop Making Sense’ this set is edgier, funkier, more intense. Definitely one to file under ‘Wish I’d been there’!

Psycho Killer
Stay Hungry
I Zimbra
Take Me To The River
Crosseyed And Painless
Life During Wartime
Houses In Motion
Born Under Punches
The Great Curve