Theo Parrish – Red Bull Music Academy

In his words, “Jazz spawned house music, jazz spawned hip-hop, jazz spawned funk and they all reflect back into that.”

This talk at the 2005 Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, sees him exploring the deepest roots of contemporary dance music and revealing his own creative motivations.

TOPICS: 00:39 – Stevie Wonder 05:32 – Chicago  18:31 – Ron Hardy  30:39 – Sound systems  56:03 – Making jazz  1:09:52 – Sound Signature 


0:39 – Stevie Wonder – “As”

12:50 – Mr Fingers – “Can You Feel It”

13:40 – Mr Fingers – “Amnesia”

38:12 – The JB’s – “Doing It To Death”

40:47 – Aaliyah – “Rock The Boat”

42:01 – Herbie Hancock – “Sleeping Giant”

55:05 – Lil’ Louis & The World – “I Called U (Why’d U Fall)”

1:20:11 – Theo Parrish – “Insane Asylum”

1:27:12 – Herbie Hancock – “Chameleon”

DJ Harvey & Sarcastic Disco @ Lovebox 2013

I’ve just seen that Harvey and his legendary west coast Sarcastic Disco party will be at London’s Lovebox festival on Sunday 21st July with a full line up Balearic heros: Eric Duncan, Prins Thomas, the Idjut Boys, Force of Nature & Paul T, should be a heck of a party…

Lovebox flyer


So here’s a few related posts, the in depth Harvey interview that All Saints did last year, Eric Duncan’s Dolly Parton edit, Prins Thomas live in Japan, the Idjuts All Saints interview from 2011, and the cracking ‘Straight Ahead’ from Force of Nature,