Earth Night – DJ’s for Climate Action

DJs4CA formed in 2011 when a group of players felt compelled to do something about the negative aspects of their profession. Their goal is to harness the influence of Dance Music and DJ Culture to power climate solutions and generate action.  The organization strives to give artists the tools and opportunities to use their craft and visibility to engage communities in the climate crisis. They produce events, release original music, and run campaigns to raise awareness and raise funds for projects and communities, cultivating partnerships with advocacy groups and climate conscious projects to give their response the greatest impact.

As nightlife continues to rebound from a difficult 2 years, DJs for Climate Action  re-sets the stage for the group’s fifth annual EARTH NIGHT, running from April 22nd to  April 24th, aiming at connecting the electronic music community with one goal, to generate climate action.  On the fourth weekend of April, the international non-profit organization, will coordinate its flagship event EARTH NIGHT 2022, a global festival geared toward activating the nightlife and electronic music community around planetary environmental issues. For this year’s events, all EARTH NIGHT promoters, venues, and lineups are expected to walk the talk by committing to the FUTURE VISION goals, which sets new standards for climate action within the industry.

Since its 2018 inception, EARTH NIGHT has garnered support from artists like Little Boots, Dillon Francis, Soul Clap, Jamie Jones, A-Trak, and hundreds more. In its second year, EARTH NIGHT organized 8 events worldwide attended by 3000 people, and raised over $15,000 for beneficiaries working toward climate solutions. With clubs closed over the past two years, the celebration went online with live streamed B2B DJ sets, a partnership with Greenpeace and panel discussions on the role of music and culture in climate action.   For this year’s edition, venues across all continents—from New York to Melbourne via Lisbon—are joining the call to make the FUTURE VISION a reality for the electronic music scene and taking action by using renewable energy, going single-use plastic-free or providing only 100% plant-based food at events.

To find out how to make your party an Earth Night party, contact DJs for Climate Action at and download the toolkit.  

Event details coming soon at

Participating cities: Bogota, Bristol, Brooklyn, Bucharest, Detroit, Lisbon, Los Angelese, Makati, Melbourne, Northampton, Paris, Portland, San José, Strasbourg, Toronto, York, Zürich, Santiago de Chile.

DJ Rocca, Chris Coco, Danielle Moore – Your Sunshine

DJ Rocca and Chris Coco continue their quest to define their version of music to play at an imaginary Discoteca. Here they team up with Danielle Moore, the singer for Crazy P, for a hazy, summery mid tempo groove that takes you off to an unspecified, loved-up sunshine state. There’s an album of dub house electro afro disco tracks that’s coming later in the year. The duo also plan to set up a few real life CocoRocca Discoteca events in summer 2022. An essential double pack of deep, dreamy rhythm and melody, equally at home at the beach or the club. Buy via Bandcamp (see link below to listen / buy) and all good online services.

Marc Roberts – Marc Roberts Edits

After dropping two fine contributions to the Echo Beach Edits series, Pantai People main man Marc Roberts pitches up on Moton with four more ear-catching revisions. He begins by putting his stamp on a familiar disco favourite, looping up the most impactful orchestral sections before unleashing the original vocals (‘King of Nice Days’), before switching his attention to an early-to-mid-80s disco-boogie number on the glassy-eyed ‘Uno’. ‘Maia Amor’ is a tidy tweak on a summery, sun-drenched, Spanish language disco workout, while ‘Star Max’ sees Roberts successfully turn his attention to a polished, early ’80s AOR disco number of the sort that yacht rock fans will undoubtedly love.


We had a chat with Marc just before the new EP dropped…

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

Hi, I’m Marc and I live on an island in the far east. I’m a single dad who DJs, makes tunes and is a partner in a DJ agency. I get to the pub once a week as well, but apart from that I don’t have time for much else.

Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

Originally from Sunderland but based in Bali for the last 6 years

Is there a sound that is Marc Roberts? How would you define that sound?

A veritable smorgasbord of noise. Disco, afro, latin, jazzy vibes and classic house

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

If I had to pick –  Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Gamble and Huff, Frankie Knuckles, ELO, Talk Talk, Grace Jones, Donald Byrd, Juan Atkins, Larry Heard, Tony Allen, Tim Maia… it’s endless

If you had a pick a genre to ‘listen to’ over everything else, what would it be?

Shit that’s tough. Probably jazz

How did you strike up a relationship with Dave Jarvis & Darren House of Moton?

I asked Shine PR if they would send them over to Dave as I thought they were pretty Moton. The boys agreed, and it was a few pints on a trip to London last November and job done. Great as I’ve been a huge fan of the label for years – so was nice to see the music connect

Talk us through the EP a little

It’s a varied bunch – something for everyone. House and funk heads will go for ‘King of Nice Days, ‘4 Star Max’ and ‘Uno’ will keep the Balearic crew keen and ‘Maia Amor’ will keep the sunshine low slung disco mob shuffling away. The originals are all tracks which have a special moment in time of me.

This release is for lovers of …

Ooof that’a a tough one. Sade – Paradise, Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft, Chris Rea – Josephine. Not quite sure what would go with ‘Maia Amor’ – full mental block there haha

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Donald Byrd – ‘Street Lady’

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

A beach. Drinking Bintang. With an Arak chaser.

What you got coming up in 2022?

A few more edits coming out and finishing some of my own music and looking forward to getting on planes and playing music to people



With previous releases on Delusions of Grandeur, Voyeurythm and more, UK producer Ben Sun delivers a gorgeous blend of deep textures that hearken back to the golden era of NY and Chicago with his Distant Messenger EP on Razor-N-Tape. On the A-side, Transmission has all the vibey goodness of an early Strictly Rhythm record, while Sable Sun scuba dives into Larry Heard territory with lush pad swells and squelching acid lines. On the flip, the emotive motion of Tremors builds through hypnotic arpeggiated synths, a slow-rolling bassline and crystalline melodies, and the record finishes in proto-house territory with the Peech Boys era Larry Levan-inspired Red Light. This EP may wear its influences on its sleeve, but it looks (and sounds) classy as hell.


We had a chat with Ben just before the new EP dropped…

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

I’m Ben Sun. I make music and sound for the purpose of dance, meditation and escape.

Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

I currently live / work / make music in a warehouse space in Limehouse, bang on the river Thames just east of central London. I came to the city from my home country Australia back in 2005.

There is clearly a sound that is Ben Sun. How would you define that sound?

I work with a limited number of core instruments (usually 3 synths, 2 drum machines and an MPC), each has a distinct role… so it’s usually quite raw and minimal. They are mostly analog and I use a valve summing mixer, so I’m aiming for stuff that sounds thick and warm, with a bit of cut-through from a digital FM synth and some nice outboard FX units.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Ah, the list is infinite and always growing. To name just a small few that get me fired up about making music, I would say… Patrick Cowley, Lil Louis, Severed Heads, Mike Francis, Los Hermanos, Madlib, Mr Fingers, James Mason, Q Tip, Alan Parsons, Four Tet, Gary Bartz, IG Culture, Haruomi Hosono, Drexciya, Pharoah Sanders, Manuel Göttsching, Anadol. I guess I’ll stop there!

If you had a pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be?

Ha, jazz of course. Style aside, it’s a philosophy of music that’s based on inventiveness so there’s always something new to discover. Besides it covers most modern music, at the root.

Why did you chose to work with Razor-N-Tape to host your new release?

I’ve known them for many years, we’ve seen each other grow and develop, and I know they really care about what they do – and it’s all for the love of music and spreading good vibes.

Talk us through the EP a little

It’s ultimately a house record, but within that frame… The opening track ‘Transmission’ has a kind of jazz-funk rhythm section with some spacey synth polyrhythms layered in, along with a bit of disco glitter. ‘Sable Sun’ is a musical conversation with my friend Jon Sable; there’s some deep dubby grooves, lush textures and almost acid lines. ‘Transmission’ is house music as simple and warm as I could make it. ‘Red Light’ is definitely inspired by that stripped-back, late night sound you hear on certain Man Friday or Paul Simpson records – congas, bass, loose freestyle chords and a big delay.

This release is for lovers of ….

Damn this is a hard one for me to say. I saw one record store write that it sounds like a cross between Dream 2 Science and the Pet Shop Boys more melancholic moments. The guys at the label hear an early Strictly Rhythm vibe, even some West End style proto house. If you like any of those you’ll probably get along with it okay!

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Lil’ Louis & The World ‎– From The Mind Of Lil Louis. Whichever side you flip it to – Dance or Romance

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

I think each track has it’s own moment… I’d say eyes closed in front of a nice speaker with a glass of Your Favourite Thing, but I’ll try to play the game:

Transmission could work as the sun dips into the horizon behind a Mediterranean beach, with a salty margherita… Sable Sun flooring the gas along a coastal highway, crisp Autumn night, I’d advise a spliff a fizzy water… Tremors has the energy for a peak time opener under a XXXL disco ball, let’s have a mezcal or a chinotto… Red Light probably late night, when the dance is deep in the cut, glowing and sweaty, don’t give a fuck. Icy cold beer that gets handed around.

What you got coming up in 2022?

I’ve got an EP coming out with London’s Phonica Records this Summer, can’t wait to let that one loose! Currently finalizing an LP with Razor-n-Tape, might be late in the year – but in the meantime I’m trying to sharpen a live show and record some new work. Looking forward to regular radio sets and events over at MFFM ( – and coming to spin wax with some lovely people wherever they’ll have me.