Earth Night – DJ’s for Climate Action

DJs4CA formed in 2011 when a group of players felt compelled to do something about the negative aspects of their profession. Their goal is to harness the influence of Dance Music and DJ Culture to power climate solutions and generate action.  The organization strives to give artists the tools and opportunities to use their craft and visibility to engage communities in the climate crisis. They produce events, release original music, and run campaigns to raise awareness and raise funds for projects and communities, cultivating partnerships with advocacy groups and climate conscious projects to give their response the greatest impact.

As nightlife continues to rebound from a difficult 2 years, DJs for Climate Action  re-sets the stage for the group’s fifth annual EARTH NIGHT, running from April 22nd to  April 24th, aiming at connecting the electronic music community with one goal, to generate climate action.  On the fourth weekend of April, the international non-profit organization, will coordinate its flagship event EARTH NIGHT 2022, a global festival geared toward activating the nightlife and electronic music community around planetary environmental issues. For this year’s events, all EARTH NIGHT promoters, venues, and lineups are expected to walk the talk by committing to the FUTURE VISION goals, which sets new standards for climate action within the industry.

Since its 2018 inception, EARTH NIGHT has garnered support from artists like Little Boots, Dillon Francis, Soul Clap, Jamie Jones, A-Trak, and hundreds more. In its second year, EARTH NIGHT organized 8 events worldwide attended by 3000 people, and raised over $15,000 for beneficiaries working toward climate solutions. With clubs closed over the past two years, the celebration went online with live streamed B2B DJ sets, a partnership with Greenpeace and panel discussions on the role of music and culture in climate action.   For this year’s edition, venues across all continents—from New York to Melbourne via Lisbon—are joining the call to make the FUTURE VISION a reality for the electronic music scene and taking action by using renewable energy, going single-use plastic-free or providing only 100% plant-based food at events.

To find out how to make your party an Earth Night party, contact DJs for Climate Action at and download the toolkit.  

Event details coming soon at

Participating cities: Bogota, Bristol, Brooklyn, Bucharest, Detroit, Lisbon, Los Angelese, Makati, Melbourne, Northampton, Paris, Portland, San José, Strasbourg, Toronto, York, Zürich, Santiago de Chile.

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