Bjørn Torske – Chord Control

‘New music from Bjørn Torske is always cause for celebration—but even by the high standards that the Norwegian producer has set for himself over the last two decades, Byen feels special. Torske’s fifth solo album is a revelation for electronic music fans and anyone with a keen ear for melodic, trance-inducing dance music, as it finds the veteran musician fusing two distinct sides of his catalog—clubby, inviting house music, and side-long pastoral ambience—for a career-defining statement that’ll appeal to newcomers and longtime fans alike.’

Powerdance – Safe and Happy Place

Number 39 #Furtive50 2017

Powerdance is a collective that includes Luke Solomon, Nick Maurer, Lance Desardi, Terry Grant, Al Doyle (Hot Chip), Alinka Ratner, Shaun J. Wright, Danny Ward, Martin Radford, James Duncan, Amy Douglas, Fi McCluskey and Jonny Rock.