Scott Grooves – E2 – E4

Scott says..” I covered this great tune as a way to explore live instrumentation, experiment and hopefully send it forward to another generation of ears”-

Alex White – drums
Ryan Gates – percussion
Rafael Statin – wind synth
Scott Grooves – polysynth, keyboards and arrangement

Recorded June 2017 at The Disc Recording Studios Detroit
The new arraignment is 15 minutes long.

Mark Barrott – Nature Sounds Of The Balearics

Classic balearic beauty from Mar Barrott…

‘Listeners who remember the Artificial Intelligence and Freezone compilations, various chill out channels or Detroit’s mellow moments, will tend to agree. „Nature Sounds of the Balearics“ miraculously evokes those days and times, without breaking his neck. It is as much at home in a Caribbean water utopia between dolphins and old fishing boats as it feels current and applicable in a Ridley Scott dystopia. And if meta levels aren’t your thing: it’s just a beautiful album.’