Campo Sancho is a small independent festival, detailed and home-made with Love and Dedication……we say festival…’s actually like the best warehouse party in a field you’ve ever been to! It’s located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, less than an hour from London. We’ve taken our learnings from over 25 years of Carnival, numerous warehouse jams, boat parties and joyous gatherings and planted them all in a stunning, magical site, surrounded by trees.

Campo Sancho 2022 takes place from 29th to 31st July……. come and join the ever – smiling dance floor! 

Tickets on sale now….

One of the excellent DJ’s playing at Campo this Summer will be KELVIN ANDREWS we caught up for a quick chat about music, festivals and campfires…

Hello Kelvin. Where are you today and what are you up to?

I’m at home after a fantastic weekend of DJing. Down to the Sea & Back /Love is the Message on the beach in Brighton was the best one yet! 

What can you tell us about Campo Sancho?

I’ve been playing for Jimmy and Matt for years and you’re guaranteed that the vibe and production are always top notch. The Sancho crowd is up there with the best in the world too. Camp Sancho will be no exception I just know it. 

What are you most looking forward to at Campo this summer?

DJing to the Sancho Panza faithful, dancing in the fields and hooking up with old friends.

What kind of vibe can we hope to hear from you at a festival?

A mix of  unknown party bombs with underground classics and a few surprises!

Tell us a track that will make the crowd kick off for you?

Disco Cuatro – Desperate Flamingo 

Who else are you looking forward to listening to at Campo Sancho?

Oh wow…. There’s SO many I’d like to catch!  Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco, Heidi Lawden, Cosmo and the Sancho boys are on that list. 

Down and dirty camping or compact and bijoux hotel?

Campervan hahaha..

What’s your top tip for surviving the weekend?

Start early and pace yourself!

Who will you be grabbing for a beer and a chat around the camp fire?

Pete Herbert & Baz( Dicky Trisco), Jimmy & Matt, Heidi and Cosmo, Freddy Love to name a few! 

Campo Sancho Festival runs from 29th to 31st July.

Camping from 28th through to 1st Aug.

Walkern Hall, Walkern, Nr Stevenage, SG2 7HZ.

Karma Canvas offer fully equipped luxury bell tents.

Camper van parking on site, hot showers and eco toilets.

Car park to dance floor in 10 minutes.

Tickets on sale now….

Nenor – Take My Time EP

Israeli producer Nenor delivers a 4-tracker of impeccably produced dancefloor weapons for his second outing on Razor-N-Tape. Since releasing on Moodyman’s legendary Mahogani label a few years back and as part of duo Rabo & Snob, Nenor has been honing his craft in the studio, and now puts his skills on full display on an EP that ranges from the poppy house of “How Can I Be Free” to the deep Larry Heard-esque textures of “Do You Remember,” and the gritty underground bangers of  the title track and “Work That.”  He did indeed take his time on this beautifully crafted record, and the result is something quite special.

Nenor is the alias of Tel-Aviv producer and DJ Ronen Sabo . His debut EP “I Love You” was signed to the iconic house label Strictly Rhythm , which included remixes by Andres and Luke Solomon, followed by a second release on Moodymann ’s legendary Mahogani Music, with many more releases to follow on Razor ‘n Tape, Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings, Defected, Sol Power , Whiskey Disco, TAU, Partyfine and his own label – Nenorion, which serves as his personal incubator for the funky underground sounds of Tel Aviv .

RELEASE DATE: 20th MAY – Buy / Listen here…

1.Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Ronen Sabo, working mostly under the name Nenor, sometimes with my partner as Rabo & Snob, and with my crew “Soulico”. A music producer and DJ for over 20 years. Involved in many genres and aspects of music, from producing House & Disco, to producing songs by local artists,to doing mix engineer work at my studio. I’ve recorded and worked with many artists, from Moodyman, to Ghostface Killah.

2. What city is it you live in and what do you love about your city?

I’m originally from Tel-Aviv, and have lived here most of my life. It’s a very open minded city, there’s a lot to do almost every day and every hour the weather is nice, but can get very hot in summer. There’s a lot of amazing places to eat, a beach that I have very little time to visit, and a very active nightlife. It’s also very expensive, which is a huge con.

3. Is there a sound that defines Nenor. How would you define that sound?

I’m not so sure, I actually try not to have any specific sound.  I just like to use my collection of studio gear, sometimes mix it with samples, add some live instruments, and keep it with an organic feel. I wanna keep it funky and sexy.

4. Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

I think I’m mostly inspired by a ‘feeling’ that some music gives me, and my favourite artists and producers are those who are diverse, that are not always musically predictable, that change with the times, but keep some signature with them. From Quincy Jones, to Moodyman, Dilla, Nile Rogers, Timbaland, the list is endless.

5. Who do you think is one to watch right now?

Locally in Tel-Aviv I put my eye on Brown Vox, internationally for club music I really like Stefan Ringer and Gulcher Lustwerk. I also think Sault is my favourite thing in recent years.

6. If you had to pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be and why?

It’s gonna have to be Jazz. it has in it almost every other music, it can be funky, melancholy, emotive. everything is there.

7. What was the last record you bought?

It’s Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow. I actually had it on CD, and now it got reissued. This era of dirty, funky hiphop is timeless.

8.Talk us through the EP.

This is my second release with RNT, we’ve picked four tracks out of a playlist I sent them and always updated. I’m very happy that RNT is open minded to my diverse sound.

‘How Can I Be Free” where I have Jenny Penkin on vocals, a feel good track, with an infectious hook.

“Gonna Take My Time” was something I initially made  for one party, and got a crazy reaction on the dancefloor. To me it evokes a known feeling of a small and dark underground club.

“Do You Remember is really a kind of memory, a reminiscing track that reminds me of classic house, euphoric and simple. It also has vocals from Jenny that I’ve pitched to sound like an old R’n’B sample.

“Work That ” I had this idea to sample the vocal for a long time, and when I started it all came very quick. It’s simple and sexy, girls really like it at the club!

9.This release is for lovers of ….

Sexy, deep and organic.

10. Where’s the best place to listen to your new EP and what should we be drinking?

I’m getting many messages from people who listen to my stuff at work, I wish I could listen to music while working as well! Drink whatever you want, but be careful 🙂



Brothers Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo aka Soul of Hex are making serious waves right now. Born and raised in Mexico’s infamous border city Tijuana the duo have been immersed in the underground house and techno scene DJing, promoting events, performing live sets on their trusty Elektron hardware and releasing underground floor fillers for labels such as Quintessentials, Secret Crunch, CVMR and Dirt Crew as well as running their own Vicario imprint. Most recently, they have not only established a new venue Marko Disko in TJ, but also a new moniker Mano De Fuego and release dropping in April on Underground Resistance no less!

Here on the Mystic EP we find a little bit of that UR electro inspiration rubbing up against classic late 80’s US vocal house, crunchy disco grooves and driving Italo. Love Is In Control features the vocals of Steve Lucas of Fusion Groove Orchestra/If Only I Could fame and elsewhere we have vocal features from More Lotion and Temporal Wangan. In theory, this could be a miss mash of pastiche ideas but in the hands of Soul Of Hex the authenticity shines through and we’re presented with a brilliant 4 track EP which will appeal to electronic music fans and DJ’s across the board. SOH delivering the good stuff once again!

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello amigos! We are Soul of Hex from Tijuana!

Is there a sound that defines Soul Of Hex. How would you define that sound?

It’s House! Jazz, funk.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Larry Levan, Mad Mike, Ron Hardy.

What would you say is your most important release?

The one we have coming on Underground Resistance as ‘Mano de Fuego’ UR095, and this one.

Can you highlight a record that you feel was a game changer in Techno?

UR003 – Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier.

Talk us through the Mystic EP.

The ‘Mystic’ song is the continuation of ‘Psychic’ a track which actually got spinned by DJ Harvey. Both are Funk tracks in the form of House… inspired by a mystic encounter, as once I saw the World Card of Tarot by surprise (it wasn’t a reading) and the image opened my subconscious and I started hearing the arps, chords and drums of Psychic and Mystic in my mind. It was crazy haha. Love is in Control, is about love indeed, but it’s the most powerful force on this planet. We made the music and Steve Lucas sang the song and wrote the lyrics. Heliocentrism (Heliocentrico) is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the sun at the center of the universe. The song is inspired in the sun. It’s acid! And finally Sphynx, was made with our friend Angel Peralta aka Temporal Wangan, the sound we had on our minds was ‘Computer Jazz’.

This release is for lovers of..

Mysticism, Sun Ra, Piano House, Jazz funk.

What do you have coming up in 2022?

Mano de Fuego EP on Underground Resistance, DJ Deeon Remixed us on Bump City Records, next year we have a release on Funnuvojere Records, new project called ‘Cyborg Nerve’ on Cyphon Records, more stuff on Vicario…



Since his debut release, Dance Circle, Mr Flip has been busy completing his first full length. The first single, Hit Different sets the tone and introduces the foundation of the work done for the upcoming “Next Level Shit” album. While the original Hits Different (pun intended) with sultry stabs, afro soca  beats and Flip’s cadence, the remixes open up new territory. Dj Kemit’s Rebel Mix dubs us out with his hypnotic offering in the Steele Pulse vibe, where Kai Alce delivers a much needed rinse and clean with his NDATL Vox Style Mix, ready for the skaters and dancers alike. Kevin Reynolds delivers his transitions with some otherworldly Detroit shit, which then inspires  Afefe Iku to blesses us with a his mix from Kevin’s remix parts

We spoke to Mr Flip prior to the new track’s release day…

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

 Hi! My name’s Mr. Flip. Pleasure to meet y’all.

Who are the artists that have inspired the music that you make?

Michael Jackson, Prince, Jay Z. I’m sure there’s others but those immediately come to mind.

If someone wanted to get to know you more, what album should they listen to?

Mine. “Next Level Shit” will be out, hopefully, by the end of August.  Possibly September.

Can you highlight a record that was a game changer in the hip hop genre for you? 

Jay Z “The Blueprint”

How did you link up with Osunlade and Yoruba?

We met at an after party for one of his gigs in L.A.  Stayed in touch because he was helping me with some spiritual growth stuff. Became friends like that. He didn’t even know I made music. I never mentioned it. I had no plans for this. Then Covid happened. During the initial lockdown I decided I wanted to give this music stuff one last run. I hit him up and asked if he was down. He gave me a chance. And here we are.

Has Yoruba been a big hip hop/ rap label over the years or is this a flavour for the label?

Not at all. This is something brand new for the label. Osunlade has produced hip hop acts before but not on Yoruba and not making hip-house records. As for as the musical productions go, you’re seeing another side of Osunlade. The music is definitely not what people are accustomed to hearing from Yoruba Records. But that man can do anything.

Talk us through your new release ‘Hit Different’.

“Hit Different” is the first single off my album, “Next Level Shit”. When writing it I wanted to sum up the album. It sets the tone and prepares you for everything that will soon follow. From beginning to end, the album is all killer and no filler. It’s next level shit, and it hit different.

DJ Kemit, Afefe Iku, Kai Alce, Kevin Reynolds.  How did you manage to get so many amazing remixers onboard?

Right?! Man, am I blessed. That’s Osunlade. As you know, he’s been at this a long time. All of those dudes are family to him. They all support each other.

This release is for lovers of..

The release is for lovers of dope music. There’s nothing out there to compare it to. It stands alone.

What do you have coming up in 2022 that we should look out for?

The second single is called “Da Boogie”. The third single is a song called “Drippn’”. Both of those will also have bangin’ remixes from more of Osunlade’s people. The album, “Next Level Shit”, should be out by the end of August or sometime in September. I hope y’all support and enjoy the music. Cheers!


Kai Alce

CAMPO SANCHO x Pete Herbert

Campo Sancho is a small independent festival, detailed and home-made with Love and Dedication……we say festival…’s actually like the best warehouse party in a field you’ve ever been to! It’s located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, less than an hour from London. We’ve taken our learnings from over 25 years of Carnival, numerous warehouse jams, boat parties and joyous gatherings and planted them all in a stunning, magical site, surrounded by trees.

Campo Sancho 2022 takes place from 29th to 31st July……. come and join the ever – smiling dance floor! 

Tickets on sale now….

One of the excellent DJ’s playing at Campo this Summer will be Pete Herbert, we caught up for a quick chat about music, festivals and campfires…

Hello Pete. Where are you today and what are you up to?

Hello! I am currently at home working on my new EP/release for Music For Swimming Pools. It should be out in a few weeks.

You’ve played at a few festivals in your time! Have you done Campo Sancho before? How was the experience for you?

I certainly have, and at Campo a few times. One of many highlights was closing the Snare and Hi Hat tent on the first night of the very first Campo, the energy in the place was incredible..

What are you most looking forward to at Campo this summer?

Having missed the last few and yet to be in a festival environment in the last 2 years I’ll be looking forward to the whole damn thing!

What kind of vibe can we hope to hear from you at a festival?

As its the inaugural Friday Night I shall be going for a bit of energy-fuelled uptempo balearic bangers, or something along those lines..

Tell us a track that is sure to make the crowd bounce in the field?

What other artists will you be dancing to at Campo Sancho

Its a top line up all round, so I’ll be getting there early..

Bell Tent or Holiday Inn?

A holiday in a bell tent I say..

Who will you be grabbing for a beer and a chat around the camp fire?

There’s a lot of catching up to do with the Campo goers so will try and fit everyone in 🙂

Campo Sancho Festival runs from 29th to 31st July.

Camping from 28th through to 1st Aug.

Walkern Hall, Walkern, Nr Stevenage, SG2 7HZ.

Karma Canvas offer fully equipped luxury bell tents.

Camper van parking on site, hot showers and eco toilets.

Car park to dance floor in 10 minutes.


The Novel Sound – Third Attempt

Beatservice Records present the hotly-anticipated third album from Oslo-based production maestro, Third Attempt. ‘The Novel Sound‘ follows on from the widely acclaimed ‘Beats From The Quarantine’ album released in April 2021, and further compliments the young artist’s deserved reputation as one of the dance underground’s most exciting talents to emerge in recent years.

Third Attempt (AKA Torje Fagertun Spilde) has been dazzling us with his far-reaching music since arriving in the Beatservice fold with ‘Shoreline’ back in 2018, and since then his ever-evolving repertoire has continued to serve up immaculate sonic surprises. The fast-rising 23-year old artist has wasted no time making his indelible mark, displaying a frenetic work rate alongside an impeccable ear for constructing compelling leftfield grooves.

‘The Novel Sound’ opens with the rolling deviance of ‘Freak Out’, where a dusty string sample makes way for vocal samples, scratches, and searing sirens permeating a bass-heavy groove, setting the tone magnificently for the music that’s primed to unfold. Next, we arrive in the mid-tempo chug of ‘Age Of Steam’. Evolving over a crisp, club-ready rhythm, heavy funk guitars, dancing keys and distant vocal stabs cascade over driving bass before soaring strings herald the arrival of a slick breakdown section. The icing on the cake arrives as bubbling acid joins sensational horn motifs, breaking down once again for a starry-eyed beatless passage that leaves us yearning for a reprise.

Thanks for talking to us at Nearest Faraway Place. Where are you this moment and how are you spending your day?

My Pleasure! Currently in my studio, working on some new music, digging for samples. Very inspired by old school soul at the moment, so that’s pretty much what I am listening to while writing this.

Where are you from exactly and where are you based today?

I am born in Oslo but grew up in Asker. Which is about half an hour away from the city. Lived in Tromsø for a few years, and now I am based in the capital (Oslo) .

How long have you been making music what was the first release you put out?

Have been working on music since I was a teenager. Probably 13, 14. I started watching videos on YouTube of DJs and artists preforming electronic music, which got me crazy inspired, watching tutorials all night instead of doing my homework.

I started out making EDM, producing “Russemusikk”, which is in Norway a big thing. All the teenagers listen to it and have their own special groups and songs during the final weeks before graduation. Basically, very cheesy party music. I found out that creating music solely for other people as a form of recipe killed my creativity. It just wasn’t fun anymore. So, I quit after a few releases and started fresh with Third Attempt. Heavily inspired by my own taste in music, and not what everyone else preferred around me at that time. Proud that I took this step.

Therefore, my first proper release was my album “Dreams In Common”. It was released independently and was a compilation of some of the tracks I’ve made as a late teenager. It’s now for free on Bandcamp!

Your releases cross a wide range of genre’s. How would you define that sound that is Third Attempt?

One word and one principle. Soul

What would you say is your most notable release to date?

Difficult question. Probably predictable, but today I feel like it’s my newest album. Proud of the combination between storytelling and music I’ve accomplished.

Why did you call yourself Third Attempt. Is there a story to that?

It’s a promise, reminder, and form of motivation to myself after all the doubt, trial, and error with my other music projects. Staying true to myself. I’m also a bit superstitious when it comes to numbers, so third times the charm seemed appropriate.

Who are the artists who inspire the music that you make today?

Floating Points, Aphex Twin, Four Tet just to name a few. Todd Terje, Lindstrøm are also favourites locally. Musicians that show and display integrity through their work are the most inspirational.

You have kept quite a close relationship with Beatservice Record. How did you guys initially hook up?

Around 2017, I sent Vidar a few mails before I actually met him in real life. Tromsø (where I lived at that time) is a real small community, so I had to bump into him eventually. Suddenly, he shows up at my first live gig, Insomnia festival in 2017, that’s when I think I first met him. After that he became very interested in what I was doing and he’s a great guy. He’s just a single guy, a one-man band, who runs the show. He put out ‘Shoreline’ in 2017, that was my first single and it did quite well actually. After that we just had a solid relationship, a business relationship and now he’s a good friend of mine. Check out Beatservice, it’s great!

Beatservice is a key label in Norway. What other labels are there in Norway that are doing it well?

Check out Mhost Likely from Bergen. From the Oslo area I also recommend Bogota Records, Full Pupp, Smalltown Supersound. On the up-and-coming front, Boring Crew Records is killing it right now.

What other artists are coming up in Norway that you keep your eyes on?

Check out Flammer Dance Band, Henrik Villard, Anders Hajem, Duv Tales, Kim Young iLL.

You’ve been releasing a lot of music the last few years. How have you managed such a fierce release schedule?

I’ve gotten good at sketching out arrangements and ideas very quick. Having fun is also very important. But it’s about mostly about time and excess energy. Since I started doing music full time, I’ve found myself creating much more. Let’s hope it stays that way! No writers block yet folks!

Tell us a little about your new album ‘The Novel Sound’.

The Novel Sound is my creative journey through the last year of the pandemic. Just as my last record, this one was also created while everything was either postponed or closed. Being mostly by myself in the studio, devoid of any impressions from the outside world. It allowed me to get introspective with my work. Skipping the more obvious recipes I’ve learned to grow bored of over the years.

Combining storytelling with my music for example. The theme of the individual tracks become much clearer through important soundbites or samples of dialogue. Which I had much more fun with here than I’ve ever had before. Also, the conscious decision to experiment with different rhythms and genres was really liberating for me. Just making exactly what I feel like making, staying true to the moment. I found out there is very little between me and the creative flow state once I let go of the (mostly irrational) doubts and rules I have about myself and my work. Hope all this shines through the music. And I hope the record is as enjoyable to listen to, as it was for me making it.

This new collection is for lovers of..

Crazy P – A nice hot bath with… – Royksopp – Melody AM – Rune Lindbaek – Søndag – Blockhead – Bubble Bath – Bugge Wesseltoft – Moving – Todd Terje – It’s album time!

What are your next ambitions as an artist?

Continuing in the same direction as I am going. Staying in the moment musically, creating music I want to create.

What do you have in the pipeline that we should look out for?

I have new a secret project utilizing AI technology to improvise music out of my own ideas.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

I love to watch movies and play games. Major inspiration source!


TONE CONTROL – Illusion (Theo Parrish Remix)

King Theo has landed! You can bet 12 years ago when WOLF Music started the label, they never thought they’d be welcoming certified royalty Theo Parrish to lay down a remix on a release. And what better track for Theo to work his magic on, than the deep depths of  Tone Control’s 2008 classic – ‘Illusion’.

Buttery, soulful deepness, ‘Illusion’ has it all, hitting you right in that soft spot – pure eyes closed business. Late night, early morning, peak time, take your pick. It was an instant classic when it was released, with Theo regularly drawing for it at his legendary Plastic People residency.

Now sit the man Theo down in the studio with the stems for a track he clearly loves and what do you get? A slice of Theo genius no doubt. His ‘SS Translation’ clocks in at nearly 10 minutes, building, twisting, and turning in a way only Theo knows how. Restructuring and re-layering the elements to squeeze every last drop of emotion out of Tone Control’s track, Theo’s delectable bass synth playing, at times haunting keys and fresh drum programming give a rawness and punch to the cut that channel that inner Theo spirit in style.

Flip it to find Tone Control’s mix of ‘Illusion’, Simon Finnegan and Marcus Harris’ biggest hit that’s still played today by the likes of Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Kerri Chandler. In fact, who better to talk this track up than Kerri himself, with a quote from back in the day:

 “…It is one of my favorite songs. Even the way the song is put together is honestly what house is all about for me. It’s got every element I love in one song, dope bass line, a different deep vocal, the sounds are hot (drums, even the way he made them swing, that Rhodes) all of it… Everyone I play it for they freak out about it.”

All in all, this 12 is a must-have for those that like to get down! Listen / Buy here via Phonica – out 13/5/22

We spoke to the team behind this project just before release day…

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, we’re Simon Finnegan and Marcus Harris from Tone Control.

When did you first release Illusion?

We first released “Illusion” in 2008, on our own label, Tone Control Music. The music and lyrics are written by us, Simon and Marcus. The vocals are performed by James B. Coleman – we recorded them in our then living room-studio at our flat on Pentonville Road in King Cross. The Rhodes are played by Andy Badderly. The siren on the second chorus appears courtesy of Islington Police.

Who was playing it back in the day? How did it become such a cult classic?

It was played by loads of DJs. The original 12” represented a few UK producers, and each mix had its place. Our mix, the original, was picked up by Kerri Chandler, Tony Humphries and later, Theo Parrish.

How did it feel when you found out Kerri Chandler loved it?

Simon: I was at Southport Weekender, dancing in the Power House (a room for ~2,500 people) at about 6am, when Kerri played it. It blew my mind. I ran around telling everyone, “its our track”!

Marcus: I was in bed and received a very early morning call from an excited Simon telling me the good news.  I was chuffed as I love Kerri Chandler’s music.

So Theo Parrish played it at Plastic People. Were you ever there when he played it?

Simon: Yep, a few times. We used to go there regularly for his residency – as it really was the best club, and had great sound. In fact, I was there the night Marcus met his wife… and their eldest son is called, Theo!

Marcus: All true! Theo was indeed playing the night I met my wife.  Simon had persuaded me to come out and I am now very glad he did!

How did you hook up with the Wolf Boys?

Simon: I met Matt and Stu around 2004 at Southport Weekender – I remember giving them demos and mixes on cd – as you did back then. In fact Matt helped me get one of our projects on to an early digital download store, and I regularly listened to Stu’s mixes that he posted on the Southport Forum – we had a similar liking for a broad range of styles.

How did you make the Theo Remix happen?

Simon: It’s been really nice, working with Stu and Matt – We were discussing potential remixers, and I mentioned that Theo used to play it regularly, so Stu reached out to him… the rest is history

What did you think when you first heard his mix?

Well, we’re big fans, so the first thought was, “this is classic Theo!” While also being chuffed that he kept and highlighted some nice parts from the original, while adding his own jazzy keys…

If you didn’t get Theo Parrish to remix it, who else would you have got to do it?

We both love the Detroit and Atlanta sounds. We discussed producers like Kai Alce, Stefan Ringer, Kemit. From the UK, artists like K15, Dego.

What does Tone Control have in the pipeline?

After several years hiatus for kids, bereavement and life, we’ve been back in the studio recording again. With a growing collection of instrumentals, we have some sessions lined up with James B. Coleman and other musicians and vocalists we’re fans of, so keep ’em peeled for more Tone Control sounds.


Home Grown – Coyote

Very exciting news klaxon!

Yes, it’s the Is It Balearic? dudes, Coyote, with a dubby, sunny-afternoon-in-a-field workout, ‘Homegrown’. Release date is 11 May 2022, out on Chris Coco’s Disappear label, listen and buy now via Bandcamp.

This is the first fruit from a forthcoming compilation – The Chill Out Tent Vol 1. 

The album features exclusives and versions of some of our favourite tunes to play in a tent in a field in the sunshine. As you can tell from this initial release we’ve pulled in favours from some of our favourite producers to make this a unique and beautiful thing. So it’s only right to start with some genuine home grown loveliness to set the mood for things to come. More on the album soon…

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Life Like EP (feat Demetrius Carrington)- Airport Society

Oftentimes in this busy and chaotic world it’s challenging to draw a parallel between two congruent events. In this case drawing its inspiration from Detroit’s recent meteoric rise from the ruins of the past, BerettaMusic a label founded in Detroit in 2002 who took a several year hiatus is back in a big way, also rising from the ashes like it’s birth city has done.

Airport Society are the Detroit duo of Brian Kage and Ryan Sadorus who founded the label BerettaMusic together nearly 20 years ago. They have recently teamed back up to bring us some great dancefloor friendly tunes.

The title track “Life Like” is sure to be an instant classic with a welcoming and inclusive, positive message for all lovers of dance music and Detroit culture. Demetrius Carrington’s vocals lift the track and carry it throughout with shout outs to many iconic Detroit dance music legends. Already getting rotations on the dancefloors of Detroit, every time it’s played it has received praise with people wondering what this track is and when its coming out!

On remix duties, Brian Kage (BerettaMusic/Michigander) takes the mix down to the depths with his signature driving style. The mix dives into the abyss as an ode to those legendary late night, dark Detroit warehouse parties. Drawing inspiration from Basic Channel, Echo Space and Terry Lee Brown Jr., this mix will fit great into those deep dark german style house sets. The label continues to build momentum through 2022 with some great releases and some fantastic upcoming material that they are eager to share with the world.

Written and Produced by Ryan Sadorus and Brian Kage at Beretta HQ and the Bear Cave in Detroit, mixed by Brian Kage, mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Label art by Adam Khabibi.

Releases May 20, 2022 – buy / listen at Bandcamp

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Brian Kage: Whatupdoe! My name is Brian, I love analog gear, I have a puppy named Bello, and like to make ze hits!

Ryan Sadorus: Hey there, I’m Ryan and I live here in Detroit, love music, old cars, and long walks on the beach…

Who are the artists that have inspired you musically?

Brian: The Police, Boards of Canada, Thom Yorke, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig

Ryan: In terms of electronic music, The Timewriter, Kerri Chandler, and many many others… but I’m also into many other genres, like new wave and indie too.

There is clearly a sound that is Airport Society. How would you define that sound?

Brian: Funky ass house music with a touch of soulful techno.

Ryan: I’d say it’s a solid combination of each of our sounds but somewhere between funky house and sometimes deeper techno.

Talk us through your new release.

Brian : I had written the string section for another song and sent that part to Ryan. Ryan had received some vocals from Demetrius, and married the strings I had written with the vocals. Ryan showed me what he had done, and I immediately recognized the potential. I quickly wrote a bassline part, and fleshed out the arrangement and we had the song! I also contributed a deeper, dubbier mix to round out the EP.    

Ryan: I had written most of the arrangement for the tune in terms of the drums and hats, and combined that with a vocal that I got from my buddy Demetrius.  Kage has previously sent me the strings to play with for another track and they were laying around, so I put that on top and was playing with it in raw form. I sent that over to Kage and he wrote the bassline and tightened up the vocals and the entire arrangement.  It was a series of different events that led to the track being complete.

This release is for lovers of..

Brian: The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown, Chez Damier, Pepe Bradock, Laurent Garnier.

Ryan: what Kage said for sure… and I’d say anyone who is into deep house music or vocal house music will be into it hopefully. 🙂

What is the most important piece of kit you used in the production of this release and why do you love it?

Kage: The most important part for me was probably Ableton. Being able to get ideas down quick and send things back and forth has been really great for doing collabs.

Ryan Sadorus: Yea, I would agree…. Ableton live makes it pretty easy to send tracks back and forth…

If someone wanted to get to know you better, what album would be a good representation of you?

Kage: I think there are too many to name! Boards Of Canada’s – Campfire Headphase, Aril Brikha – Depature in Time, Tycho -Dive,  Radiohead – In Rainbows, The Police – Ghost in the Machine.

Sadorus: I’d lean more towards Daft Punk – Homework, Armand Van Helden – 2 Future 4 U, Danny Tenaglia’s Live in Athens Global Underground mix.

What do you like to do when you are not making music?

Brian: Hanging with the family, Camping, and video games!  I’ve been doing the twitch thing more and more for gaming:

Ryan: Hanging with my family too, working on old cars and motorcycles, off roading and also doing the Twitch thing on our labels channel:

What have you got coming up in 2022?

Kage: Lots of cool releases happening on Beretta!  Plus, I have my solo EP coming on my label Michigander. It’s called “808 in the Great Lakes State” and it pays homage to 808 State and the 808 Drum machine.

Sadorus: We have some great releases coming up on BerettaMusic and are making a big push this year to re-launch the label as we celebrate our 20th year.  


The Heist label welcomes late 80’s DMC World DJ Championship contender, techno veteran, and house royalty Orlando Voorn to their roster with his ‘Heist Mastercuts’ EP.

Orlando Voorn is a man who needs little introduction. He’s played a pivotal role in the development of the electronic music scene in the Netherlands, as well as in the USA where he now lives. With countless aliases, he has released everything from old school hiphop to sample heavy breaks, to banging Detroit techno to soulful house music. His recent outings as ‘Frequency’ on Clone, as well as his latest EP on our sublabel Transient Nature, are proof that even after 30+ years, the man is still very much on top of his game.

The Heist Mastercuts EP sees Orlando dig deep in his archive for some of his undercover hits from the nineties that have been remastered for this EP. On top of that, he delivers a new track in the form of soulful house bomb “Be with you.”

Be with you” starts off with a hazy groove and distant pads. The steady beat and funky electronic chops set a steady foundation for a rush-inducing string sample that works together with looping diva vocals for maximum dancefloor excitement. No heavy drumrolls, FX or other tools necessary here: It’s clever sampling and Orlando’s soulful touch that make this track tick.

Next up is the vinyl only track “Love Feelings” – originally released in ’96 on Urban Sounds of Amsterdam. Think 130+ BPM vintage house grooves with hazy pads and you’ll get an idea of what’s coming. Love Feelings is an up-tempo dreamhouse track that, even though it’s almost 25 years old, still ticks all the boxes of a contemporary festival groover.

On the B-side you’ll find 2 versions of “Tenderness”: The original mix and the Late nite dub, both originally released on Clubstitute records back in ’95. The original has a 90’s garage groove with male vocal chops, old school house keys and strings. The late night dub is exactly that: a dreamy ethereal deephouse groove with warm synth hits, introverted percussion some very on point sax loops.

The Heist mastercuts EP is the first EP of Orlando Voorn on Heist Recordings but considering the connection we’ve built with him over the last year and having heard the music he’s shared with us, we’re sure you’ll see much more of him on Heist in the future.

Out 6/5/22 – Buy here – Orlando VOORN – Heist Mastercuts EP

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Orlando Voorn and I’ve been an electronic dance music producer for over 30 years

Is there a sound that defines Orlando Voorn. How would you define that sound?

The production has to be alive. There will be stuff moving sometimes a lot of things at once. There is a funk to it, a sort of vibe to it, and it can differ in styles, easily swift to different angles in music and feel comfortable. It won’t be a production without soul. There is always depth.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Rush, Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Fela Kuti, Cybotron, Joey Beltram, Speedy J, Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Prince, Dimitri & Eric Nouhan James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Gangstarr Burning spear, Mutabaruka, Bob Marley, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Kevin Sanderson, Derrick May,Juan Atkins, Suburban Knight, Basic Channel, Black Dog, Slum Village, Jay Dilla. This is naming just a few.

What would you say is your most important release?

There are a few but the most important is ‘Fix- Flash’ as it was a hit in Detroit first then over the following year it took off everywhere else. It was on Kevin Sanderson’s KMS.

Can you highlight a record that you feel was a game changer in Techno?

For me it was Mentasm by Second Phase. I was in pure euphoria when that came out.

Talk us through the Heist Mastercuts EP

There is one new track on there, Be with you. The other tracks are re-releases from a decade ago. Be With You is a disco house affair that is built from samples and added bass beats and chords . Tenderness comes in two mixes, a swing house version, and a deeper version. Love Feelings is more of an up-tempo summer groover. These tracks were produced around ‘94

This release is for lovers of..


What do you have coming up in 2022?

Burek release with Amp Fiddler – So Deep, Kompakt EP on Ballroomdance Records. My double album, Planet Odnalro on my Nighttripper Records is out now. There’s a Frequency release on Clone, Orlando Voorn ‘Handjes in de Lucht’ (Hands in the air) on USA Records.