Since his debut release, Dance Circle, Mr Flip has been busy completing his first full length. The first single, Hit Different sets the tone and introduces the foundation of the work done for the upcoming “Next Level Shit” album. While the original Hits Different (pun intended) with sultry stabs, afro soca  beats and Flip’s cadence, the remixes open up new territory. Dj Kemit’s Rebel Mix dubs us out with his hypnotic offering in the Steele Pulse vibe, where Kai Alce delivers a much needed rinse and clean with his NDATL Vox Style Mix, ready for the skaters and dancers alike. Kevin Reynolds delivers his transitions with some otherworldly Detroit shit, which then inspires  Afefe Iku to blesses us with a his mix from Kevin’s remix parts

We spoke to Mr Flip prior to the new track’s release day…

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

 Hi! My name’s Mr. Flip. Pleasure to meet y’all.

Who are the artists that have inspired the music that you make?

Michael Jackson, Prince, Jay Z. I’m sure there’s others but those immediately come to mind.

If someone wanted to get to know you more, what album should they listen to?

Mine. “Next Level Shit” will be out, hopefully, by the end of August.  Possibly September.

Can you highlight a record that was a game changer in the hip hop genre for you? 

Jay Z “The Blueprint”

How did you link up with Osunlade and Yoruba?

We met at an after party for one of his gigs in L.A.  Stayed in touch because he was helping me with some spiritual growth stuff. Became friends like that. He didn’t even know I made music. I never mentioned it. I had no plans for this. Then Covid happened. During the initial lockdown I decided I wanted to give this music stuff one last run. I hit him up and asked if he was down. He gave me a chance. And here we are.

Has Yoruba been a big hip hop/ rap label over the years or is this a flavour for the label?

Not at all. This is something brand new for the label. Osunlade has produced hip hop acts before but not on Yoruba and not making hip-house records. As for as the musical productions go, you’re seeing another side of Osunlade. The music is definitely not what people are accustomed to hearing from Yoruba Records. But that man can do anything.

Talk us through your new release ‘Hit Different’.

“Hit Different” is the first single off my album, “Next Level Shit”. When writing it I wanted to sum up the album. It sets the tone and prepares you for everything that will soon follow. From beginning to end, the album is all killer and no filler. It’s next level shit, and it hit different.

DJ Kemit, Afefe Iku, Kai Alce, Kevin Reynolds.  How did you manage to get so many amazing remixers onboard?

Right?! Man, am I blessed. That’s Osunlade. As you know, he’s been at this a long time. All of those dudes are family to him. They all support each other.

This release is for lovers of..

The release is for lovers of dope music. There’s nothing out there to compare it to. It stands alone.

What do you have coming up in 2022 that we should look out for?

The second single is called “Da Boogie”. The third single is a song called “Drippn’”. Both of those will also have bangin’ remixes from more of Osunlade’s people. The album, “Next Level Shit”, should be out by the end of August or sometime in September. I hope y’all support and enjoy the music. Cheers!


Kai Alce

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