Brothers Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo aka Soul of Hex are making serious waves right now. Born and raised in Mexico’s infamous border city Tijuana the duo have been immersed in the underground house and techno scene DJing, promoting events, performing live sets on their trusty Elektron hardware and releasing underground floor fillers for labels such as Quintessentials, Secret Crunch, CVMR and Dirt Crew as well as running their own Vicario imprint. Most recently, they have not only established a new venue Marko Disko in TJ, but also a new moniker Mano De Fuego and release dropping in April on Underground Resistance no less!

Here on the Mystic EP we find a little bit of that UR electro inspiration rubbing up against classic late 80’s US vocal house, crunchy disco grooves and driving Italo. Love Is In Control features the vocals of Steve Lucas of Fusion Groove Orchestra/If Only I Could fame and elsewhere we have vocal features from More Lotion and Temporal Wangan. In theory, this could be a miss mash of pastiche ideas but in the hands of Soul Of Hex the authenticity shines through and we’re presented with a brilliant 4 track EP which will appeal to electronic music fans and DJ’s across the board. SOH delivering the good stuff once again!

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello amigos! We are Soul of Hex from Tijuana!

Is there a sound that defines Soul Of Hex. How would you define that sound?

It’s House! Jazz, funk.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Larry Levan, Mad Mike, Ron Hardy.

What would you say is your most important release?

The one we have coming on Underground Resistance as ‘Mano de Fuego’ UR095, and this one.

Can you highlight a record that you feel was a game changer in Techno?

UR003 – Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier.

Talk us through the Mystic EP.

The ‘Mystic’ song is the continuation of ‘Psychic’ a track which actually got spinned by DJ Harvey. Both are Funk tracks in the form of House… inspired by a mystic encounter, as once I saw the World Card of Tarot by surprise (it wasn’t a reading) and the image opened my subconscious and I started hearing the arps, chords and drums of Psychic and Mystic in my mind. It was crazy haha. Love is in Control, is about love indeed, but it’s the most powerful force on this planet. We made the music and Steve Lucas sang the song and wrote the lyrics. Heliocentrism (Heliocentrico) is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the sun at the center of the universe. The song is inspired in the sun. It’s acid! And finally Sphynx, was made with our friend Angel Peralta aka Temporal Wangan, the sound we had on our minds was ‘Computer Jazz’.

This release is for lovers of..

Mysticism, Sun Ra, Piano House, Jazz funk.

What do you have coming up in 2022?

Mano de Fuego EP on Underground Resistance, DJ Deeon Remixed us on Bump City Records, next year we have a release on Funnuvojere Records, new project called ‘Cyborg Nerve’ on Cyphon Records, more stuff on Vicario…


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