Nenor – Take My Time EP

Israeli producer Nenor delivers a 4-tracker of impeccably produced dancefloor weapons for his second outing on Razor-N-Tape. Since releasing on Moodyman’s legendary Mahogani label a few years back and as part of duo Rabo & Snob, Nenor has been honing his craft in the studio, and now puts his skills on full display on an EP that ranges from the poppy house of “How Can I Be Free” to the deep Larry Heard-esque textures of “Do You Remember,” and the gritty underground bangers of  the title track and “Work That.”  He did indeed take his time on this beautifully crafted record, and the result is something quite special.

Nenor is the alias of Tel-Aviv producer and DJ Ronen Sabo . His debut EP “I Love You” was signed to the iconic house label Strictly Rhythm , which included remixes by Andres and Luke Solomon, followed by a second release on Moodymann ’s legendary Mahogani Music, with many more releases to follow on Razor ‘n Tape, Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings, Defected, Sol Power , Whiskey Disco, TAU, Partyfine and his own label – Nenorion, which serves as his personal incubator for the funky underground sounds of Tel Aviv .

RELEASE DATE: 20th MAY – Buy / Listen here…

1.Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Ronen Sabo, working mostly under the name Nenor, sometimes with my partner as Rabo & Snob, and with my crew “Soulico”. A music producer and DJ for over 20 years. Involved in many genres and aspects of music, from producing House & Disco, to producing songs by local artists,to doing mix engineer work at my studio. I’ve recorded and worked with many artists, from Moodyman, to Ghostface Killah.

2. What city is it you live in and what do you love about your city?

I’m originally from Tel-Aviv, and have lived here most of my life. It’s a very open minded city, there’s a lot to do almost every day and every hour the weather is nice, but can get very hot in summer. There’s a lot of amazing places to eat, a beach that I have very little time to visit, and a very active nightlife. It’s also very expensive, which is a huge con.

3. Is there a sound that defines Nenor. How would you define that sound?

I’m not so sure, I actually try not to have any specific sound.  I just like to use my collection of studio gear, sometimes mix it with samples, add some live instruments, and keep it with an organic feel. I wanna keep it funky and sexy.

4. Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

I think I’m mostly inspired by a ‘feeling’ that some music gives me, and my favourite artists and producers are those who are diverse, that are not always musically predictable, that change with the times, but keep some signature with them. From Quincy Jones, to Moodyman, Dilla, Nile Rogers, Timbaland, the list is endless.

5. Who do you think is one to watch right now?

Locally in Tel-Aviv I put my eye on Brown Vox, internationally for club music I really like Stefan Ringer and Gulcher Lustwerk. I also think Sault is my favourite thing in recent years.

6. If you had to pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be and why?

It’s gonna have to be Jazz. it has in it almost every other music, it can be funky, melancholy, emotive. everything is there.

7. What was the last record you bought?

It’s Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow. I actually had it on CD, and now it got reissued. This era of dirty, funky hiphop is timeless.

8.Talk us through the EP.

This is my second release with RNT, we’ve picked four tracks out of a playlist I sent them and always updated. I’m very happy that RNT is open minded to my diverse sound.

‘How Can I Be Free” where I have Jenny Penkin on vocals, a feel good track, with an infectious hook.

“Gonna Take My Time” was something I initially made  for one party, and got a crazy reaction on the dancefloor. To me it evokes a known feeling of a small and dark underground club.

“Do You Remember is really a kind of memory, a reminiscing track that reminds me of classic house, euphoric and simple. It also has vocals from Jenny that I’ve pitched to sound like an old R’n’B sample.

“Work That ” I had this idea to sample the vocal for a long time, and when I started it all came very quick. It’s simple and sexy, girls really like it at the club!

9.This release is for lovers of ….

Sexy, deep and organic.

10. Where’s the best place to listen to your new EP and what should we be drinking?

I’m getting many messages from people who listen to my stuff at work, I wish I could listen to music while working as well! Drink whatever you want, but be careful 🙂


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