Yannick Roberts is a Dutch producer who popped onto the Freerange radar following a rather tasty release on S3A’s excellent Sampling As An Art label. Yannick’s own take on the deep, disco-influenced Detroit house sound spearheaded by fellow countrymen Dam Swindle, Fouk and Nachtbraker is warm and punchy with a big sound which feels like the perfect fit for Freerange.

This four track EP kicks off with title track I Can’t Hide From Myself and rolls along perfectly with the help of an infectious roughed up bassline, crunchy hihats and saturated claps. Next up we have the shuffled bumpy groove of Glorious Illusions reminding us of early Dam Swindle complete with sampled stabs and necksnapping beats.

Flipping over we’re treated to Femme Fatale which continues the dusty chopped up MPC sampled vibe in fine style with looped up vocals adding bags of extra energy. Closing out the release we have Desalniettemin which treads a similar path but with a more jazzy approach cutting up some classic Philly soul and reimagining it into a late-night, heads-down basement jam.

RELEASE DATE: 22ND JULY – Buy / Listen here…

Thanks for talking to us today Yannick! It’s great to chat ahead of your new EP ‘I Can’t Hide From Myself’ on Freerange Records. For our readers that are new to you, can you take a moment to introduce yourself?

Sure! My name is Yannick and I formerly made music as Ouvrijster, which might or might not be familiar. I have been doing this for a few years now, but actually work as a Finance Specialist and Event Producer in the film festival industry. I love making and playing music and will continue doing so in whatever pace and style I feel like.

You are based in the city of Amsterdam. How is the club scene there right now, good and healthy?

I think generally it is now really getting better for the venues after the pandemic, although I haven’t been clubbing a lot myself. That’s because musically there has been a shift towards more paced and darker music in Amsterdam. Combined with an increased drug minded crowd, I don’t feel connected on a dance floor lately. Additionally, I feel like the audience here is not aware or educated in what a DJ actually does or needs to do and that clubs here have turned into concerthall set-ups, which both result in too many DJ’s with too fast growing careers and clubs with similar programmes or even the exact same line-up as others. There are still parties for me, but I have to search for them.

Your sound touches on disco, with some classic house and Detroit vibes. How would YOU best describe the sound that is Yannick Roberts?

I think you described it like that in the best way and I don’t want to make it more complicated than this. As Yannick Roberts I tent to focus more on this classic house sound while I still love to incorporate older Disco and soul. So I keep searching for that groove, to dance too, and for that soul, to feel! There’s a lot of sensational producers from your city! Nachbraker, Dam Swindle, Frits Wentink. What’s in the water in Amsterdam? Haha, that is true. These producers are all connected trough Heist Recordings though, which made them all grew together. Dam Swindle still do amazing work in that sense for producers in this scene, in Amsterdam and in the whole of the Netherlands actually. They are unfortunately all more of an export product of the Netherlands than around here to dance too, which I think is too bad. Again, this is a result of the current club scene here I think. Also their music is inspired by or more similar to music from outside of the Netherlands, which is typical here. Besides the larger Hardcore Progressive EDM genres, I don’t think we really have our own musical club style in electronic dance music, so we mix it up and listen often to styles from other countries. That definitely broadens once scope, musical taste and feeling for music.

I was in love with your ‘Staying Sane’ release on Sampling As An Art. Very Moodymann!!!  When you make music under your OuvriJster moniker how does the vibe differ for you?

Well, as Ouvrijster I often felt I was trying to make something out of sounds that wouldn’t fit actually and ended up sounding wrong. With that Staying Sane record I learned to let go of that and let the sample be what it wants to be, more of an approach by S3A himself or what Moodymann does indeed. Therefore, I changed the name so I can feel more often that I can let go not only through but also in the making of music.

What can you tell us about your label Dievegge Recordings? What is the next release planned?

I started Dievegge Recordings to test out things for myself and to keep a certain musical focus alive. Maybe also to create a community around it where friends could release music and earn all the profits, to be part of something. I experienced some great moments and label parties but it never really lifted off, so for now the project is sleeping until the right moment comes.

Who are the artists and producers that inspire the music that you make right now?

For inspiration, I currently listen to this older house music style, Strictly Rhythm stuff from Visual and Logic, but also Workin’ Happily, JohNick, Kenny Dope and of course Kerri Chandler. But I am also always inspired by music from Moodymann and Theo Parrish. However, to begin making music, I always start with Soul and Disco. So I listen to that, or Hip-hop that sampled it as well, most of the time actually.

How did you hook up with Freerange Records?

I have always had Freerange in my mind as a dream to release on. For me the clubbing and music making really started when I heard Brotherman of Dam Swindle when going out. Once those stabs got in I lost myself in dancing and was sold to the music. So once I made ‘I Can’t Hide From Myself’, I finally took a leap of faith and reached out.

Can you talk us through your new Ep a little?

As mentioned, I start out with Soul and Disco records. Everything you hear on this record is sampled. I always wanted to do something with Brass Construction and finally managed to do so for ‘I Can’t Hide From Myself’. I sampled and played around with the keys which you can hear by the distorted percussion. The title came from how I resonated to that vocals in the track, while the lead was added to comfort that feeling.

The same motivation was for ‘Glorious Illusions’ were I wanted to do something with Grover Washington Jr. for a long time. It asked for stabs, that I sampled from another record years before, in that old Dam Swindle on Freerange style. Slightly darker and again with a vocals from other records that resonated with me at the time. I just love that laughing vocal with that delayed drop.

‘Femme Fatale’ is mostly connected to how I made music as Ouvrijster and might be seen as this transition track for me. The groove of the Archie Bells sample gets me every time and the off beat sampling was so much fun to make. My Hip-hop side also got some room in this record, which I also love to make on off days.

The last track ‘Desalniettemin’, which is dutch for nevertheless, contains maybe 5 or more samples from different records. I really wanted to lay down a slower spacey groove with that wicked sound in the style of Junktion, who I listened to a lot then (and still do). That style is truly beautiful and he is one of the nicest persons in the scene. But also some clear Moodymann inspiration here.

If someone wanted to get to know Yannick Roberts a little better, what album should they listen to?

This is my first outing under this new moniker, so this is a good start for whatever comes next haha.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

I am actually doing finance at IDFA, the largest documentary film festival in the world, most of the time and produce this small open air film festival called Pluk de Nacht. I am also taking classes each half year to learn something new. Now I am dancing salsa, but I am thinking about taking singing classes the second half of this year. It is a way to keep developing for me in life. If we get to the city of Amsterdam this year, where’s a great place we should check? Well, if you want to go record shopping, you must stop by Rush Hour of course, but make sure to also check KillaCutz for House and Zap Records and Waxwell for Disco and Soul. For drinks I like to go to this gin distillery in my neighborhood called ’t Nieuwe Diep or beer brewery called Oedipus. And if you want to go clubbing, check club Lovelee and Sissi’s or organizations like Bibi and Late Night Burners.

Have you got any gigs coming up that you want to drop here?

Not right but I would love to play records out more! If you are reading this and would like me to come over to your party to play records, then please drop a line!

What else are you working on right now?

I have found the time and a pleasant pace to make more music, so I am constantly trying out stuff and finishing new tracks that yet have to find a home. I am also looking for a place, organization or club to play records more occasionally were I could grow together with others and discuss music more often. Sort of community or group to share music with.

RELEASE DATE: 22ND JULY – Buy / Listen here…


SIRS returns to his own Sirsounds Records imprint with arguably his most evocative work to date, serving two sumptuous original compositions on the searingly personal ‘Moments Of Life EP’.

Berlin-based musical polymath Daniel Klein is SIRS (Sounds In Real Stereo), and his project has won over an abundance of admirers across the dance underground in recent years, with DJ Harvey, Sean Johnston, Palms Trax, and Roman Flügel just some of those regularly championing his far-reaching sounds. He’s produced and remixed for benchmark labels including Public Possession, Live at Robert Johnson, Compost, Future Disco, and Music for Dreams, and has been drafted to remix artists as diverse as 2raumwohnung and Ennio Morricone. His latest release arrives on the label he launched in 2017 to provide a home for his effervescent output as well as choice titles and remixes from the likes of Lovebirds, Tiger & Woods, and Residentes Balearicos among others.

‘Moments Of Life’ begins with an emotionally charged tribute to his former lover, Anna, who tragically passed away on May 1st, 2021 following a battle with cancer. Named after the Russian word for Istanbul, ‘Stambul (The Flowers Of The Garden)’ reminisces of treasured time the pair spent in their “city of love” during the throes of the pandemic. With most borders closed, Istanbul was the only place they could travel to from their respective homes in Moscow and Berlin. The music vividly conjures surreal moments they spent wandering the deserted streets of the usually bustling city – memories SIRS earnestly channels in the song’s powerfully emotive intro.

Providing vocals on ‘Stambul’ is Stockholm-based poet, singer and songwriter Aino, whose ‘Gingko’ track – released by her two-piece Askel & Aino – was a favourite of Daniel and Anna’s. Her bewitching vocal glides over a sumptuous backing track of delicately woven instrumentation, with haunting string solos soaring over Latin guitar as
infectious slap bass and live drums maintain the groove. The profoundly beautiful song arrives in three iterations, with the ‘Instrumental Version’ allowing the intricate musicality to take centre stage while the ‘Radio Edit’ should ensure Klein’s heartfelt message is heard far and wide.

Completing a stunning release, the life-affirming waves of ‘Marimar’ serve as a gorgeously fitting counterpoint to the EP’s introspective mood. Set to a stirring tempo, shimmering synth melodies saunter across a crisp disco rhythm as optimistic bass notes and emotive chords combine for a sublime yet discreetly poignant dancefloor celebration.

This most intimate of releases sees SIRS lays his soul bare while displaying staggering range. The results are nothing short of enchanting.

RELEASE DATE: 29TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here..

For those of our readers that are new to your name can you take a moment to introuduce yourself?

My name is Daniel Klein, I am 19 years old and born at home.. Hehe, just kidding.  Well…. I’ve been quite a long time in the music buisness and don’t know where to start to be honest.  I started Djing in 1991 and had my first remixes and productions in the mid 90s. I did over the years close to 100 Remixes, tons of my own productions and various CD compilations (when the CD was still relevant). Recently I finished school for Filmscore as this is something I really want to do in the future, when kids don’t feel my music longer my music 😊

Tell us where you are from and where you are based?

I am German, born in the East part of Germany back then the socialism part of the country. This has influenced me a lot I guess, especially the 80s when I started to go the first time to a club, listening to Electronic body music and going to underground acid parties in East Berlin. And now I am based in Berlin since 2020, before I lived for 20 years in between Ibiza & Mallorca, living la dolce vita 🙂

Where are you today and what are you doing?

Today I am in Berlin, just returned from Mexico City and NYC where I had some shows. Gonna be for the next weeks in Berlin as I have to do finishing work in the studio and playing some little Berlin gigs.

If you had to put into a few words the type of music that you make, what words would you choose? Or is that just too hard?

Really hard to describe as I cover a wide range of genres from electronic, Balearic, cosmic Italo/ nu disco to leftfield, boogie & house-ish stuff. For productions when starting new tracks/songs/ or remixes I don’t use any template so that’s why I think all of my productions sound different. I always start from scratch as I like to experiment and discover new sounds and ways to express what I just feel in the moment. That’s why it often takes a long time to finish a track! I started many years ago sampling anything from my record collection ( disco, soul, boogie) kicks, synths, percussion, effects, vocal snippets etc. So, these are my fundamental base of any production I do. I started collecting vintage synthesizers which I include in my productions and so I work mostly outboard when it comes to sounds. And when it comes to DJ sets, there is music for every occasion that I like to present and play, whether it is at a beach club, a dance club or festival.

Is it true you were a resident at Space?

Yes that’s true. I had been a resident at Space from 1996 till 2000 at the infamous Sunday sessions and Manumissions Carry on(After Party) every Tuesday. I guess this has been the golden times before Ibiza became very VIP and in a way commercial.  But still it‘s a beautiful island with lots to offer. Unfortunately Space closed down and since some years it’s now called HI.

Space is one of the best clubs in the world! What is your most memorable night at Space?

Yes, Space was voted various times the best club in the world. There are so many great memories I saved and it‘s really hard to mention just one. The special event back then when Carl Cox had his debut, or with David Morales, these have been some of those great moments to remember. I received so much love back then from the audience as I was playing a different type of sound back then in Ibiza. For me the greatest moments been the morning rituals, when Space opened at 8am and me drinking the Cola Cao (spanish choko  ) and the boquadillo before starting to open the club. I always played on the terrace, back then the sound system was really shit but we got the most out of it. Those terrace moments have never been back that way. Together with Jose de Devina and then late Alfredo joined us. We had sooo many amazing mornings. Openings, Space B days and closings have been always the parties of the year in Ibiza.

I read that you did a remix for Ennio Morricone. What can you tell us about this incredible opportunity?

Yes this was a remix project organized by Compost Records & Sony Music.  Many producers (Chicken Lips, International Pony, Alex Attias, Dan Curtin)  have been involved in this project to choose one of their favorite Ennio Morricone tracks. I had been growing up with Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill´s Italo Spagetti Western and -My name is Nobody –  and the film music was always one of my childhood favourites. Easy to remember and just a beautiful song writing. I still have it in my head. So I chose this one and was very happy to be part of this amazing remix project album.

Tell us about your new moniker SIRS and what does this mean to the evolution of Daniel Klein?

I never was really convinced about my given name Daniel Klein and rarely produced under that name. So, I always used monikers such Gucciman, Kiez Kidz, Santiago, Dara Band. SIRS stands for Sounds in real stereo and I started this project in 2007 when I remixed KOOP, 2 Raumwohnung etc. Growing up and learning by myself doing productions I was always in love with Stereo sounds – especially when it comes to the final mixing process handling each sound as a star giving it its own space. So I thought SIRS could be a nice name  even leaving space to be joined in the future by other people )In the beginning people thought it’s a distribution company as I did also many Edits which I named SIRS CUTS – Eric Duncan was one of those who told me about it 🙂

When did Sirsounds Records begin and what was was/ is your vision for the label?

After a long break from music I started Sirsounds Records in 2017 as a platform for myself & close friends. I had another label from 1999 -2004 called. Flamingo Discos – together with Kiko Navarro.  That label was very successful but at one point. Living in Ibiza I was kind of in the face of the lifestyle of clubs & music so got infected again! I had releases and remixes from artists such Lovebirds, Tiger & Woods, The Revenge, Manoo, Alkalino, Raiders of the lost Arp etc.The feedback over the years was amazing and so I continued to release from time to time on my own label. I try to release timeless music and of course it has to be within what  like and feel. I never have been royalty driven when producing or releasing music. Its just about the music and the love for it.

Your album – Banana Hard & Disco Kisses – has a fairly cheeky title.

Hehe, yes indeed! It’s kind of a double meaning but leaving space for everybody else interpretation. If you know what I mean 🙂 Disco Kisses is an expression for little tingle tingle without going really further and deeper!I found it a funny name not really thinking about it. The music on the album ranges from Balkan beats to Italo disco, soul, and deep house.

Who are the artists that inspired you from yesterday and make it onto your record decks?

Master at Work, Roger Sanchez, MK, Chez Damier, Dj Duke, Idjut Boys, Faze Action. During the mid-90s I was a sucker for Dutch house music with labels likes Fresh & Fruit, Outland. There are some amazing timeless tunes which i still play like the After Midnight Mix on outland Records from Jasper Street Company – A feeling. It’s a killer ! Also, Disco & boogie from the 70s- 80s inspired me very much ending in collecting these records spending too much money on eBay auctions 🙂 Patrick Adams was one of my favorite producers & involved in so many impressive productions. I had some years ago the possibility to see & hear him in NYC at the Music of Patrick Adams by Red Bull Music Academy But there are so many more to mention …

Who is making great music today by which you are impressed?

I am sure I am missing out on so  many – also with the tons of music releases in now days it’s difficult to have a complete overview (at least for me ). There are so many talented producers out there and its always great to discover new stuff. As a producer I really love the music from Axel Boman, Lipelis, Lovebirds, Dea Barandana, Midnight Runners, Niklas Wandt to name a few. As a Dj I really feel DJ Harvey especially his all night long / extended sets where he covers a big range of music. It’s just as it has to be, a pure pleasure to listen ! Can’t wait for his Mercury Rising at Pikes Ibiza 🙂

If someone wanted to get to know more about Daniel Klein, what album would you recommend they listen to?

Marvin Gay – I want you – Album

Talk us through your stunning new EP a little.

In my Moments of Life EP, I am processing two life changing moments which happened to me over the last 12 months. Stambul is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend Anna – she passed away 1st May 2021 from Cancer. This affected me very much as we have been on the peak of our relationship. Whilst the pandemic made it very complicated for us ( Anna – Moscow based, me Berlin based ) to travel and to meet, the only destination which was open to us was Istanbul. We walked the empty city ( because of the curfew ) many times. I tried to picture this feeling in the intro of Stambul. After Annas passing I was in a personal and creative hole. I had to accept the situation and tried learn out of this. Beginning 2022 I met my new partner in Berlin – Marija. Such a beautiful and sensitive soul. She was such a strong hold for me and inspired me again to continue with music. I fall in Love with here and the ‘Marimar’ track reflects the positive feelings I earned again for a person and my life. I am very grateful for this life lessons which made me grow, trying to become a better human every day.

What makes you happy Daniel?

Many things can make me happy,  my Family and very close friends, and my new Partner Marija. Sometimes I walk the Tempelhofer field to inhale the spirit of the city. Seeing families and their happy kids makes me very happy. Honest and great feedback on my productions & DJ sets making me happy on a professional level.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

I really don’t know what to say but I guess many things – but can’t talk about them 😉

What do you like to do to chill down?

Watching documentaries, playing chess, walking through parks, smoking weed from time to time, having a delicious dinner and a glass of beautiful red wine, sunrises & sunsets, storms, and thunder

Where can we catch you soon?

Berlin in July

Pollensa Beach Party Mallorca

Pikes Ibiza in August

Robert Johnson Offenbach in August

End November to December – South America tour ( Bogota, CDMX, Tulum, Guadalajara, Torreon)

December – February Asia tour (Singapore, Bali, Australia, Vietnam )

What have you got in the pipeline?

Next Release is on Live at Robert Johnson in August. There’s Lovebirds feat Stee Downes ‘Freedom’ (SIRS REMIX) September. Larse feat Stud ‘Forever’( SIRS Remix). SIRS Treibsand / Day after Anna releases in September on Sirsounds. Sirs Sampler with some Cuts & Moments of Life via Prime Direct in October. Also working on a few Remixes for Best Records.

RELEASE DATE: 29TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here..

Holy Sun EP – Makèz

Makèz – HOLY SUN EP – RELEASE DATE: 8TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here…

Makèz have come a long way since they first sneaked into Amsterdam’s studio 80 at the age of 17 to hand over their demos to Dam Swindle. Those demos led to their debut EP ‘Different planets’ on Heist in 2019 which gained major support from artists like Seth Troxler and Chez Damier. Quickly after, they signed two records on New York based label Let’s Play House. Fast forward two years, and here we are: the release of their debut album “City of all”.

“City of all” shows an admirable level of sophistication and matureness and effortlessly bridges genres across its 13 tracks. You can feel the amount of thought that has been put into this record, with songs happily blending into each other as Makèz submerge themselves in their concept of accidental encounters, inclusiveness and what it means to live in a city like Amsterdam. On “City of all”, Makèz bring together all the musical influences they’ve picked up in their life as music fans, clubbers and art

The jazz-funk of opening track “The entrance” feels breezy, casual almost, like the freeform rhythms that are played in a jazz club during soundcheck. That energy also oozes from “Not so different”, which features the smooth vocals of LYMA. There’s a hint of the house-meets-R’n B vibe that made Anderson .Paak the star that he is now. The song is brilliantly funky and shows the songwriting and arrangement talent of Makèz, who cleverly use pop & soul cues to create one of the album’s highlights.

What follows is 4 cuts ranging from the syncopated Balearic funk of “Orbit”, the strings of album title track “City of all”, the organ-led jam “Gonna getya” and the downbeat “Sonder”. Allysha Joy -best known for performing in Melbourne Hip Hop collective 30/70 – is featured on the deep and jazzy cut “Looking up”. If Makèz and Allysha are all looking up, it’s clear they’re seeing the same thing. These kindred spirits perfectly complement each other on this track, where the deep bass, warm harmonies and jazzy percussion prove to be a perfect foundation for Allysha’s rhymes.

Is it an album all about jazz and soulful tracks to listen to at home? Far from that. There’s a nice bit of dance floor-oriented tracks, where the distorted filter funk of “Roselane” featuring Fouk proves to be a highlight along with what is arguably the heaviest cut of the album: “Bent with funk”. In an EP context, these house tracks would surely do their work, but they really come to life in this album format. No
compromise has been made to storytelling and the house tracks all play their part while still standing their ground as powerful club tracks. It’s the expert production and smart arrangement that gives this album its casually funky feel. On “City of all”, Makèz showcase their remarkable talent for writing an album that goes to so many different places, but most of all, just really feels like home.

Thanks for talking to us you guys! You are a new name to our readers, please can take a moment to introduce yourselves?

Thank you so much for having us guys. We are Willem & Kees of electronic music duo Makèz. We’re two close friends who produce, play and perform jazz-injected dance music. We love to design records for the clubs, as well as to produce music to wonder off to on your own. So far, our discography is released on hometown label Heist Recordings and NYC’s Let’s Play House. After some EP’s we released our debut Album ‘City of All’ on Heist last year. We’re really happy to now be able to share this follow-up to the album, our Holy Sun EP.

Where are you from and where are you based today?

We grew up in Leiden (Willem) & Noordwijk (Kees) here in the Netherlands. After high school, we moved to Amsterdam to explore the city’s nightlife and study music production. We’re still located in the Dam, spending lots of time in our cozy studio full of synths, samplers & cables in Amsterdam-West.

How is the club and music scene in your city right now?

Vivid! There’s so much happening in our city. From club nights to a great number of festivals… It’s pretty overwhelming how many inspiring artists, venues and events Holland has to offer. Both inside- and outside of Amsterdam. There are lots of local talented artists, as well as bigger well-known names that love to be back here. We understand why, and our grateful to experience this.

How long have you been friends? How did you come together as Makèz?

We were introduced to each other by Willem’s brother 12 years ago, at a party where Willem was DJ’ing. We we’re 15 years old, and Willem played NY Stomp – The NY House Track. A bold track for a crowd that age, but Kees loved it. So we decided to jam together, in our bedrooms, what we called “our studio”. Fast forward a decade, and this jam is still going strong!

What are the characteristics of the sound of Makèz?

Soulful, electronic and joyful. Expect warm chords, which find their heritage in jazz music,  loose rhythms sampled from old records and plenty of synthesizers. We have a strong love for both classic- house and hip-hop. Which is why we combine the sounds of today with vintage gear.

Who would you say are the artists from the past that have inspired the music that you make today?

Artists such as Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Alice Coltrane & Gill Scott-Heron layed the foundation for the sounds that inspire us. Decades later, pioneers such as J Dilla, D’angelo , Nuyorican Soul, Moodymann, Kerri Chandler and Theo Parrish amongst others would all bring innovative new takes on jazz-oriented music. New forms of music technology were involved, and musical styles from around the globe were fused. We love the combination of sampling techniques, and live-music.

How did you get signed to Heist?

Back in 2018, we had been sending demos to Dam Swindle for quite a while. We didn’t get a response. Not long after that, we hosted our own parties in Amsterdam and booked them to play after us. Before they took over the decks, we played the demo of what would become ‘Different Planets’. This is the title track of our debut EP on Heist Recordings. The guys seemed to like the track, and we gave them a USB-stick with a couple of demos on it. Later that week we saw a video of them playing ‘Different Planets’ at Wildenburg Festival. We were thrilled!

Your new EP ‘Holy Sun’ kicks off with a nu jazz stunner of broken beat flavour. What can you tell us about this track and how it was made?

One day last summer, the temperature was too high to enter our studio… So we decide to take our gear, and started to jam on Willem’s rooftop. Not much later, we had the first version of the Holy Sun instrumental. Untitled back then, but the name turned out pretty accurate after producing music under those circumstances full of sunshine. Willem met Ava Lavá a couple of years ago and was blown away by her voice. This track seemed like the right moment to reach out to her, and collaborate. She wrote the lyrics, and really locked into the feeling of that one sunny day when we made the instrumental.

What can you tell us about Ava Lava? What has she done before?

Annebelle Valentina Angelique (Ava Lavá) is a talented singer and producer from Amsterdam. Born to a musical family, her roots come from eastern Europe, where her grandfather played jazz piano and stood for freedom during the communist era. She began playing the piano and singing at the age of 5. From the very beginning she had been exposed to music from all over the world. Ava Lavá stands for the process of transformation, the element of fire, music as healing, and the concept of Phoenix. Ava Lavá is currently working on her first full length EP, and finishing the Jazz conservatory in Amsterdam. Keep an eye out for her!

You got the remix heavies on board in Retromigration. How did you entice him onto the record?

Maarten of Dam Swindle brought up the idea to ask Retromigration for a remix. We’ve been loving what he has been producing. So it was an easy decision.

This release is for lovers of ….

Jazz, house and broken beats. This one is for the dancers, the clubbers, the heads, the dreamers and the lovers.

What does Makèz have in the pipeline?

We are currently finishing the first 2 EP’s for our own new label. Next to that, we’re working on an EP for Chez Damier’s label Balance, which has been most influential to us while growing up. Last but not least, we are working on our 2nd Makèz album, which will include some pretty exciting featuring artists. First things first, though! We got some nice DJ gigs coming up this summer, including the release party of our Holy Sun EP at Radio Radio on the 14th of July. We’re celebrating together with Heist & Steppin’ Into Tomorrow. Album collaborator Allysha Joy will be there to perform a live set. We’re stoked for this one, come and dance with us if you’re in town!

Makèz – HOLY SUN EP – RELEASE DATE: 8TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here…


When reading the comments under Georg Levin’s songs and videos you immediately sense a certain longing for new output. There is always someone wishing for a comeback of the producer and songwriter. For good reason: after all, Georg didn’t release any music under his name for over 10 years. This is almost surprising as he has been an integral part of Berlin’s music scene since the beginning of the 2000s and had significant impact reaching far beyond the local musical landscape in the course of the decade.

Georg grew up near Hamburg, Germany, playing keys and saxophone in local bands. Despite his ambitions to become a songwriter/producer he didn’t feel ready at the time so he studied communications at Goldsmiths College in London, had different jobs at film production companies and at MTV. He finally becomes serious with music after meeting DJ Dixon who co-produces his first single ‘When I’m With You’ and the house classic ‘(I got) Somebody New’ in 2002. Several remixes and collaborations with artists like Masters At Work, Jazzanova, Âme, Robert Owens, Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx or Peter Kruder from Kruder & Dorfmeister follow as well as the LPs ‘Can’t Hold Back’ (2003 Sonar Kollektiv), ‘Take It Personal’ (2007 Four Music) under his and Dixon’s ‘Wahoo’ moniker and ‘Everything Must Change’ (2010 BBE).

It gets quiet around Georg Levin in the following years. Still playing the occasional gig or festival around Europe with his live band, he focusses on his music production company. In 2020 he finally released the singles ‘Echoes’ and ‘Fall into a dream’ that quickly reach millions of streams and which give an indication to where he now continues with ‘It Was Fun For A While’.

You can find Georg’s music filed under Electro, Soul, Pop or House at the record shop. His music has been described as ‘Blue Eyed Soul’, ‘Future Soul’ or even ‘Yacht Rock’. But in the end of the day, his music is not about recreating the past .

When listening to ‘It Was Fun For A While’, you hear references to the early 80s – a time of upheaval where RnB, Disco and New Wave had a brief episode together – but instead of entering the time machine back to that era, both music and lyrics play with a rather abstract nostalgia. An attempt to capture a fleeting but intense feeling, a longing to an unlived past, a fading memory that made it to the here and now. It is, after all, a modern song.

With an infectious groove, elegantly crafted production plus Georg’s smooth vocals supported by Simonne Jones and Amely, ‘It Was Fun For A While’ is that kind of song that you want to hear in the car, at home and on the dance floor.

Check out the Remixes by Tim Paris (already playlisted by Tim Sweeney for Apple Music.) Amberoom (aka Manuel Tur, Ramin Nouyan & Adrian Hoffmann) & Eitan Reiter.


For those of our readers that are new to your name please introduce yourself..

Hi, I’m Georg Levin, producer/songwriter/singer based in Berlin. I have released 3 albums and several singles on various labels in the 00s and took a long break until recently.

Tell us where you are based, and where exactly are you today?

I’m based in Berlin & I am in Berlin right now.

Which words best define the music that you make today?

I always have trouble describing my own music. A record label once told me to call it ‘Alternative Soul

What would you say is your most ‘notable’ release to date?

My best known song is ‘(I got) Somebody New’, my second single that is 20 years old this year.

What would you say is one of your tracks that didn’t get the reaction it deserved?

Almost all tracks from my collaboration album ‘Take it personal’ with Dixon under our name ‘Wahoo’. We went pretty much through all kinds of genres and featured lots of different lead singers on this one. Not very consistent & apart from one or two singles it was barely recognized. However, I listened to it again recently & was surprised that it still sounds quite fresh.

Who are the artists that inspired you from yesterday?

The Beatles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Trevor Horn, Kate Bush, Marvin Gaye, Roxy Music, Talking Heads, War, Bill Evans, Chic, Soft Cell, Quincy Jones, Wendy Carlos, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, Richard Strauss and about a ton more.

Who is making great music now that you are impressed by?

Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, D’Angelo, Danger Mouse, Mark Ronson, Tame Impala, Caribou, Floating Points, Inflo, Jamie XX, Mura Masa, Disclosure and lots more.

If someone wanted to get to know more about Georg Levin, what album would you recommend they listen to?

This EP 🙂

Talk us through the EP a little

„It was fun for a while“ is a song that I wrote a while ago & I was very careful not to mess it up so it took a long time to produce it. The reason I was so careful is that it’s a kind of song that would be hard (for me) to revisit or to make a similar song again. Musically it’s a personal memory of me as a kid in the early 80s stuck in a snowstorm on the Autobahn near Munich with my family. Outside was just darkness, snow and car lights & inside the warm car we were listening to Grace Jones, Roxy Music & Soft Cell from my older brother’s tapes. It was kind of gloomy but also fascinating.

I am lucky to have 3 great interpretations of the song by Amberoom, Tim Paris & Eitan Reiter who all captured the spirit of the song & took it into different directions.

This release is for lovers of ….

Night drives

What makes you happy Georg?

Pretty average things: My kids. Summer breeze. Nature. Cute dogs. Good wine. When a song gets a life of its own & gets heard.

Tell us something that we would never read about you?

Georg Levin wins this year’s tournament in his local tennis club

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2022?

Another EP



This month sees Byron The Aquarius officially launch his TALKNOI$E label, the first release
“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” is an all-original 5 track EP by the main man himself.
When Byron The Aquarius talks about live frequencies, his enthusiasm is infectious! A keys
player by trade, his love for melody and harmony has consistently drawn the attention of
electronic music’s leading labels and producers.

In 2015, Byron released his solo album on BBE, “Planets of Love”, and when he wasn’t
working on his own music, he was playing keys in the studio with Kai Alce. These creations got
into the hands of Theo Parrish, who loved the sound of his sublime jazz-infected house and
picked two tracks to release on Sound Signature in 2016, the “Highlife EP”.

In the years since, Byron has consistently released quality music on Wild Oats, Eglo & more. There’s been his “Astral Traveling” album on Mutual Intentions, and the “Ambrosia LP” on Jeff Mills’
Axis Records. Most recently, Byron released “The New Beginning LP” on Shall Not Fade.
Byron has toured the planet playing festivals Dimensions, Dekmantel, Suncebeat, Lente
Kabinet, and All Points East, as well as the worlds’ most important clubs.

“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” was born out of the pandemic. it was a time when Byron felt
deep in nature and the studying of zen. In his own words “I felt like the pandemic brought out
a darkness in me, and I combatted these negative thoughts with nature and mushrooms to
create a balance in my life spending time in the mountains of Alabama and Asheville, North
Carolina. I chose “guns” and “roses” as a way to juxtapose the violence we’re experiencing in
the USA with the peace of mind a rose can bring as a balance in life. Music makes its way
through these tough times we’re all facing, and to me, music is that rose. I paint a canvas of
my emotions through synthesizers and drum machines to show the world balance can be found
through even the toughest of times.”

“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” – RELEASED: 1st JULY – Listen/buy/stream here…

Hey Byron thanks for talking to us today. For our readers that may be new to you, can you introduce yourself a little? 

What up Doe? Legend of the Game / Dr. Doom that’s all to say right there. I’m a producer that pushes the sound of Black House Music; keeping it alive and pushing to inspire people to paint their own canvas.

Where in the world do you live now, and where do you call home? 

I’m in Birmingham, Alabama, my hometown. I lived in Detroit for a while, working with Eminem’s producer Denaun Porter. I spent a good while in Atlanta too but I’m back in Birmingham now for the nature and peace of mind.

If you had to put it into words, what words would you use to define the music that you make? 

Ultramagnetic! Sounds full of vibration and magnetic force. 

Who are the artists from the past who inspire the music that you make? 

Jeff Mills, Theo Parrish, DJ Assault, Mike Huckaby (rest in peace), Patrick Cowley, George Duke, Parliament, etc… I love to soak inspiration from it all.

What artists out there today do you think are doing it well? 

Thundercat! Love his sound & he’s always challenging creativity.

How did it feel when you heard that Theo Parrish loved your music?

To be honest, I knew my music would catch the OG’s, I always had that sound in me. Guess it’s being Black, having that inner rhythm through life and our common struggles, it’s just in our DNA…. but Theo’s mad inspirational to me cause he stay doing him not giving a fuck, that’s what inspires me. It felt really good to see that he respects my sound.

Which of your releases do you think has been the most notable? 

Me being a perfectionist, I’m always thinking about the future & never listening to my releases after I put them out. My peers have to get me to listen to my past works. I’m always on a journey creating and try to stay learning to be a Saiyan of this music shit! You feel me?

What is your personal favourite record you have made and why? 

No favourites, my music represents the different emotions of my personal being. I love them all. They’re all pieces of who I am or what I went through.

What is the last record you paid good money for?

I’m always crate digging for samples to chop or soak inspiration from in the cheap bucket. People don’t know but that’s where you find the fire shit! I do spend good money on synthesizers like the Prophet 5. Currently waiting for that new Oberheim OBX synth. That’s my hard addiction as a producer. 

How did the idea of your new label come about? 

Kind of crazy but I always had the idea of the label TALKNOI$E. Traveling and touring through Europe inspired me to finally pull the trigger on the label! Guess I was more waiting for the right timing, having a team to run it with me where I can focus on the creativity of it. Thanks to my management I can make shit happen with peace of mind.

What is your vision for TALKNOI$E

My vision for TALKNOI$E is being up there with the biggest labels putting out a wide range of boundary-pushing music. Always looked up to Brainfeeder, Stones Throw Records, etc… I want to push genuinely good, fresh music because there’s not much of it these days.

What can you tell about the first release on the label? 

First release was a canvas I created for the introduction of my label & myself. Shroomz Guns & Roses, some joints I been working on for two years but didn’t want to release on other labels. Guess it was just perfect timing to put it out myself for the world to hear……. freedom.

Is 002 already planned and what can you tell us about it? 

Yes! It’s secret sauce, can’t spill the deets just yet but it’s gonna be worth the wait. 002 rawness!

You’ve spent most of your life dedicated to music. If you didn’t take this path, what else do you think you might have done? 

Maybe working for NASA haha. Huntsville, AL has a space program; I’ve always been into science, but music is my life! It gets me through the hard times, it’s my drug. Don’t know what I would do without music………

What do you like to do when you are not making beats? How does Byron The Aquarius wind down.. 

I love hiking, painting, & seeing nature with my family; there’s nothing like it. Keeps me inspired to go back to making music. Always got to have that space to just get away from everything, we all do, you dig?!

When you next visiting the UK as we cannot wait to see you!

Hopefully soon, my team’s always planning something nice! Hopefully will see you soon my G!


Medlar is back on Delusions for his third EP on the label and it’s a proper treat! One of the unsung heroes of UK underground house music, Medlar has released on Wolf Music, Wah Wah 45’s and West Friends. His remixes and edits for the likes of West End, Kon, Dele Sosimi, Glenn Astro, Disclosure and Billy Cobham always hit the spot with an authentic, raw and crunchy sound that work magic on the dance floor.

Here on his Interruptor EP we have 4 tracks which show off his range as a producer, taking in percussive tools, deep and dusty basement jams and blissful late night atmospherics. Lead track Interruptor is deceptively simple but devastating on a big system. Chopped up percussion, speaker wobbling bass and a heavy kick lay the foundation for crazy timbales and filtering syn-toms, all topped off with a familiar sample from back in the rave days.

Next up we have I Wish which features Kim Anh who delivers a brilliant vocal complimenting the low-slung disco drums, 808 percussion and fat bassline perfectly. This is our idea of what a modern day house hit should sound like. Raw and unpolished with a loose, un-quantized groove so you can feel the funk and a dynamic arrangement which keeps the energy high throughout.

Flipping over we have Cable Street which cranks things up with a techy house jam perfect for more peaks time sets. Once again, Medlar knows exactly how to make more with less and keeps the shuffling drums stripped back and simple stabs and modulating FX front and centre for maximum impact.

Finally, Turn Things Around brings a more 90’s deep NYC feel to the EP with floating pads, bouncing bassline, piano stabs and organ riff. Subtley epic and grandiose without being showy, this is a slow-burner that could just be one of those B2 tracks which become your favourite of the release. 

Releases July 15, 2022 – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here or via player link below

Thanks for talking to us at NFA. Long been a fan of Medlar!
Where are you today and what are you up to?

I have a day off after a couple of days at my day job following a week off at Glastonbury. This evening going to see some live flamenco at Saddlers Wells theatre with my girlfriend and my dad.

Are you still living South London? You can’t beat the South right?

I live in Forest Hill but have lived both north and south of the river and have love for both!

How do you spend your week mostly? How is the time carved up?

I have a day job then try to find as much time for relaxation and making music when I can.

The sound of Medlar is difficult to put into a box. Has it been your mission to keep the listening guessing about they might expect from you?

I wish it had been more coherent at points and there’s been times when life has got in the way of me giving it my all, but no regrets and it’s always been honest. I feel like I’m only just learning how to get things to sound how I want!

Who are the producers and artists who have an impact on the music you make?

Too many to mention but notably a lot of jungle and drum and bass producers, who continue to inspire now and will forever. 

You’ve released on many labels over the years, with quite a few releases on Wolf Music. How come you release so much with these guys? What is it you love about the label?

It’s great for artists to have a label that will pretty much always trust you and release whenever you have something 🙂 We’ve been pals for a long time so is a natural fit.

The live between you and Deli Sosimi is pretty cool. How did this come about? How did you meet?

Came about from a remix I did for Dele in 2015, the label (Wah Wah 45s) introduced us, and we had some jam sessions and hit it off.

Tell us about your live act with Dele. What’s the set up? What parts do you both play?

So far it’s taken on a few incarnations, at first was an MPC, keys & guitar, then tried a clubbier version with no gaps and incorporating live loops and drum machines.. we’re somewhere in between now but ultimately features a lot of Dele’s amazing improvised keys and is built around that. I mute/unmute various parts on a sampler, dub it on a desk and play some additional keys and guitar. It’s closer to an electronic jazz show than house music, made for the sunshine.. 

This isn’t your first release on Delusions of Grandeur. How many have you done with these guys?

This is my third outing which is quite crazy. The first one with Dan Shake and it’s been a pleasure to work with Jamie and Tom since.

Talk us through the Interruptor EP a little.

There’s a vocal track with my friend Kim Anh who I’ve been wanting to do something with forever, then 3 club tracks all geared to different times/spaces.

What other exciting production projects are you working on this year?

I’m putting together an album and some more dancey singles.

Are you playing at any festivals this summer that you want to mention?

Fujazzi, Birkenhead LIVE w/ Dele Sosimi 23rd July

Lost Village LIVE w/ Dele Sosimi 26th August

plus a few TBCs to appear shortly!

What other artists have you got your eyes on right now? Who do you think is one to watch?

Moon on Wolf Music is a new artist with a really cool and unique sound.

What was the most recent record you bought?

Paprika Soul – Come With Me (Heels & Souls)

Where can we catch you next in London? Any gigs you want to drop here?

A few of us are putting on our own show in Peckham, an early show Thursday 14th July at Loading Bar in Peckham with Dele Sosimi and myself DJing and playing live, plus a DJ set from FYI Chris.