Medlar is back on Delusions for his third EP on the label and it’s a proper treat! One of the unsung heroes of UK underground house music, Medlar has released on Wolf Music, Wah Wah 45’s and West Friends. His remixes and edits for the likes of West End, Kon, Dele Sosimi, Glenn Astro, Disclosure and Billy Cobham always hit the spot with an authentic, raw and crunchy sound that work magic on the dance floor.

Here on his Interruptor EP we have 4 tracks which show off his range as a producer, taking in percussive tools, deep and dusty basement jams and blissful late night atmospherics. Lead track Interruptor is deceptively simple but devastating on a big system. Chopped up percussion, speaker wobbling bass and a heavy kick lay the foundation for crazy timbales and filtering syn-toms, all topped off with a familiar sample from back in the rave days.

Next up we have I Wish which features Kim Anh who delivers a brilliant vocal complimenting the low-slung disco drums, 808 percussion and fat bassline perfectly. This is our idea of what a modern day house hit should sound like. Raw and unpolished with a loose, un-quantized groove so you can feel the funk and a dynamic arrangement which keeps the energy high throughout.

Flipping over we have Cable Street which cranks things up with a techy house jam perfect for more peaks time sets. Once again, Medlar knows exactly how to make more with less and keeps the shuffling drums stripped back and simple stabs and modulating FX front and centre for maximum impact.

Finally, Turn Things Around brings a more 90’s deep NYC feel to the EP with floating pads, bouncing bassline, piano stabs and organ riff. Subtley epic and grandiose without being showy, this is a slow-burner that could just be one of those B2 tracks which become your favourite of the release. 

Releases July 15, 2022 – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here or via player link below

Thanks for talking to us at NFA. Long been a fan of Medlar!
Where are you today and what are you up to?

I have a day off after a couple of days at my day job following a week off at Glastonbury. This evening going to see some live flamenco at Saddlers Wells theatre with my girlfriend and my dad.

Are you still living South London? You can’t beat the South right?

I live in Forest Hill but have lived both north and south of the river and have love for both!

How do you spend your week mostly? How is the time carved up?

I have a day job then try to find as much time for relaxation and making music when I can.

The sound of Medlar is difficult to put into a box. Has it been your mission to keep the listening guessing about they might expect from you?

I wish it had been more coherent at points and there’s been times when life has got in the way of me giving it my all, but no regrets and it’s always been honest. I feel like I’m only just learning how to get things to sound how I want!

Who are the producers and artists who have an impact on the music you make?

Too many to mention but notably a lot of jungle and drum and bass producers, who continue to inspire now and will forever. 

You’ve released on many labels over the years, with quite a few releases on Wolf Music. How come you release so much with these guys? What is it you love about the label?

It’s great for artists to have a label that will pretty much always trust you and release whenever you have something 🙂 We’ve been pals for a long time so is a natural fit.

The live between you and Deli Sosimi is pretty cool. How did this come about? How did you meet?

Came about from a remix I did for Dele in 2015, the label (Wah Wah 45s) introduced us, and we had some jam sessions and hit it off.

Tell us about your live act with Dele. What’s the set up? What parts do you both play?

So far it’s taken on a few incarnations, at first was an MPC, keys & guitar, then tried a clubbier version with no gaps and incorporating live loops and drum machines.. we’re somewhere in between now but ultimately features a lot of Dele’s amazing improvised keys and is built around that. I mute/unmute various parts on a sampler, dub it on a desk and play some additional keys and guitar. It’s closer to an electronic jazz show than house music, made for the sunshine.. 

This isn’t your first release on Delusions of Grandeur. How many have you done with these guys?

This is my third outing which is quite crazy. The first one with Dan Shake and it’s been a pleasure to work with Jamie and Tom since.

Talk us through the Interruptor EP a little.

There’s a vocal track with my friend Kim Anh who I’ve been wanting to do something with forever, then 3 club tracks all geared to different times/spaces.

What other exciting production projects are you working on this year?

I’m putting together an album and some more dancey singles.

Are you playing at any festivals this summer that you want to mention?

Fujazzi, Birkenhead LIVE w/ Dele Sosimi 23rd July

Lost Village LIVE w/ Dele Sosimi 26th August

plus a few TBCs to appear shortly!

What other artists have you got your eyes on right now? Who do you think is one to watch?

Moon on Wolf Music is a new artist with a really cool and unique sound.

What was the most recent record you bought?

Paprika Soul – Come With Me (Heels & Souls)

Where can we catch you next in London? Any gigs you want to drop here?

A few of us are putting on our own show in Peckham, an early show Thursday 14th July at Loading Bar in Peckham with Dele Sosimi and myself DJing and playing live, plus a DJ set from FYI Chris.

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