This month sees Byron The Aquarius officially launch his TALKNOI$E label, the first release
“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” is an all-original 5 track EP by the main man himself.
When Byron The Aquarius talks about live frequencies, his enthusiasm is infectious! A keys
player by trade, his love for melody and harmony has consistently drawn the attention of
electronic music’s leading labels and producers.

In 2015, Byron released his solo album on BBE, “Planets of Love”, and when he wasn’t
working on his own music, he was playing keys in the studio with Kai Alce. These creations got
into the hands of Theo Parrish, who loved the sound of his sublime jazz-infected house and
picked two tracks to release on Sound Signature in 2016, the “Highlife EP”.

In the years since, Byron has consistently released quality music on Wild Oats, Eglo & more. There’s been his “Astral Traveling” album on Mutual Intentions, and the “Ambrosia LP” on Jeff Mills’
Axis Records. Most recently, Byron released “The New Beginning LP” on Shall Not Fade.
Byron has toured the planet playing festivals Dimensions, Dekmantel, Suncebeat, Lente
Kabinet, and All Points East, as well as the worlds’ most important clubs.

“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” was born out of the pandemic. it was a time when Byron felt
deep in nature and the studying of zen. In his own words “I felt like the pandemic brought out
a darkness in me, and I combatted these negative thoughts with nature and mushrooms to
create a balance in my life spending time in the mountains of Alabama and Asheville, North
Carolina. I chose “guns” and “roses” as a way to juxtapose the violence we’re experiencing in
the USA with the peace of mind a rose can bring as a balance in life. Music makes its way
through these tough times we’re all facing, and to me, music is that rose. I paint a canvas of
my emotions through synthesizers and drum machines to show the world balance can be found
through even the toughest of times.”

“Shroomz, Guns and Roses” – RELEASED: 1st JULY – Listen/buy/stream here…

Hey Byron thanks for talking to us today. For our readers that may be new to you, can you introduce yourself a little? 

What up Doe? Legend of the Game / Dr. Doom that’s all to say right there. I’m a producer that pushes the sound of Black House Music; keeping it alive and pushing to inspire people to paint their own canvas.

Where in the world do you live now, and where do you call home? 

I’m in Birmingham, Alabama, my hometown. I lived in Detroit for a while, working with Eminem’s producer Denaun Porter. I spent a good while in Atlanta too but I’m back in Birmingham now for the nature and peace of mind.

If you had to put it into words, what words would you use to define the music that you make? 

Ultramagnetic! Sounds full of vibration and magnetic force. 

Who are the artists from the past who inspire the music that you make? 

Jeff Mills, Theo Parrish, DJ Assault, Mike Huckaby (rest in peace), Patrick Cowley, George Duke, Parliament, etc… I love to soak inspiration from it all.

What artists out there today do you think are doing it well? 

Thundercat! Love his sound & he’s always challenging creativity.

How did it feel when you heard that Theo Parrish loved your music?

To be honest, I knew my music would catch the OG’s, I always had that sound in me. Guess it’s being Black, having that inner rhythm through life and our common struggles, it’s just in our DNA…. but Theo’s mad inspirational to me cause he stay doing him not giving a fuck, that’s what inspires me. It felt really good to see that he respects my sound.

Which of your releases do you think has been the most notable? 

Me being a perfectionist, I’m always thinking about the future & never listening to my releases after I put them out. My peers have to get me to listen to my past works. I’m always on a journey creating and try to stay learning to be a Saiyan of this music shit! You feel me?

What is your personal favourite record you have made and why? 

No favourites, my music represents the different emotions of my personal being. I love them all. They’re all pieces of who I am or what I went through.

What is the last record you paid good money for?

I’m always crate digging for samples to chop or soak inspiration from in the cheap bucket. People don’t know but that’s where you find the fire shit! I do spend good money on synthesizers like the Prophet 5. Currently waiting for that new Oberheim OBX synth. That’s my hard addiction as a producer. 

How did the idea of your new label come about? 

Kind of crazy but I always had the idea of the label TALKNOI$E. Traveling and touring through Europe inspired me to finally pull the trigger on the label! Guess I was more waiting for the right timing, having a team to run it with me where I can focus on the creativity of it. Thanks to my management I can make shit happen with peace of mind.

What is your vision for TALKNOI$E

My vision for TALKNOI$E is being up there with the biggest labels putting out a wide range of boundary-pushing music. Always looked up to Brainfeeder, Stones Throw Records, etc… I want to push genuinely good, fresh music because there’s not much of it these days.

What can you tell about the first release on the label? 

First release was a canvas I created for the introduction of my label & myself. Shroomz Guns & Roses, some joints I been working on for two years but didn’t want to release on other labels. Guess it was just perfect timing to put it out myself for the world to hear……. freedom.

Is 002 already planned and what can you tell us about it? 

Yes! It’s secret sauce, can’t spill the deets just yet but it’s gonna be worth the wait. 002 rawness!

You’ve spent most of your life dedicated to music. If you didn’t take this path, what else do you think you might have done? 

Maybe working for NASA haha. Huntsville, AL has a space program; I’ve always been into science, but music is my life! It gets me through the hard times, it’s my drug. Don’t know what I would do without music………

What do you like to do when you are not making beats? How does Byron The Aquarius wind down.. 

I love hiking, painting, & seeing nature with my family; there’s nothing like it. Keeps me inspired to go back to making music. Always got to have that space to just get away from everything, we all do, you dig?!

When you next visiting the UK as we cannot wait to see you!

Hopefully soon, my team’s always planning something nice! Hopefully will see you soon my G!

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