SIRS returns to his own Sirsounds Records imprint with arguably his most evocative work to date, serving two sumptuous original compositions on the searingly personal ‘Moments Of Life EP’.

Berlin-based musical polymath Daniel Klein is SIRS (Sounds In Real Stereo), and his project has won over an abundance of admirers across the dance underground in recent years, with DJ Harvey, Sean Johnston, Palms Trax, and Roman Flügel just some of those regularly championing his far-reaching sounds. He’s produced and remixed for benchmark labels including Public Possession, Live at Robert Johnson, Compost, Future Disco, and Music for Dreams, and has been drafted to remix artists as diverse as 2raumwohnung and Ennio Morricone. His latest release arrives on the label he launched in 2017 to provide a home for his effervescent output as well as choice titles and remixes from the likes of Lovebirds, Tiger & Woods, and Residentes Balearicos among others.

‘Moments Of Life’ begins with an emotionally charged tribute to his former lover, Anna, who tragically passed away on May 1st, 2021 following a battle with cancer. Named after the Russian word for Istanbul, ‘Stambul (The Flowers Of The Garden)’ reminisces of treasured time the pair spent in their “city of love” during the throes of the pandemic. With most borders closed, Istanbul was the only place they could travel to from their respective homes in Moscow and Berlin. The music vividly conjures surreal moments they spent wandering the deserted streets of the usually bustling city – memories SIRS earnestly channels in the song’s powerfully emotive intro.

Providing vocals on ‘Stambul’ is Stockholm-based poet, singer and songwriter Aino, whose ‘Gingko’ track – released by her two-piece Askel & Aino – was a favourite of Daniel and Anna’s. Her bewitching vocal glides over a sumptuous backing track of delicately woven instrumentation, with haunting string solos soaring over Latin guitar as
infectious slap bass and live drums maintain the groove. The profoundly beautiful song arrives in three iterations, with the ‘Instrumental Version’ allowing the intricate musicality to take centre stage while the ‘Radio Edit’ should ensure Klein’s heartfelt message is heard far and wide.

Completing a stunning release, the life-affirming waves of ‘Marimar’ serve as a gorgeously fitting counterpoint to the EP’s introspective mood. Set to a stirring tempo, shimmering synth melodies saunter across a crisp disco rhythm as optimistic bass notes and emotive chords combine for a sublime yet discreetly poignant dancefloor celebration.

This most intimate of releases sees SIRS lays his soul bare while displaying staggering range. The results are nothing short of enchanting.

RELEASE DATE: 29TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here..

For those of our readers that are new to your name can you take a moment to introuduce yourself?

My name is Daniel Klein, I am 19 years old and born at home.. Hehe, just kidding.  Well…. I’ve been quite a long time in the music buisness and don’t know where to start to be honest.  I started Djing in 1991 and had my first remixes and productions in the mid 90s. I did over the years close to 100 Remixes, tons of my own productions and various CD compilations (when the CD was still relevant). Recently I finished school for Filmscore as this is something I really want to do in the future, when kids don’t feel my music longer my music 😊

Tell us where you are from and where you are based?

I am German, born in the East part of Germany back then the socialism part of the country. This has influenced me a lot I guess, especially the 80s when I started to go the first time to a club, listening to Electronic body music and going to underground acid parties in East Berlin. And now I am based in Berlin since 2020, before I lived for 20 years in between Ibiza & Mallorca, living la dolce vita 🙂

Where are you today and what are you doing?

Today I am in Berlin, just returned from Mexico City and NYC where I had some shows. Gonna be for the next weeks in Berlin as I have to do finishing work in the studio and playing some little Berlin gigs.

If you had to put into a few words the type of music that you make, what words would you choose? Or is that just too hard?

Really hard to describe as I cover a wide range of genres from electronic, Balearic, cosmic Italo/ nu disco to leftfield, boogie & house-ish stuff. For productions when starting new tracks/songs/ or remixes I don’t use any template so that’s why I think all of my productions sound different. I always start from scratch as I like to experiment and discover new sounds and ways to express what I just feel in the moment. That’s why it often takes a long time to finish a track! I started many years ago sampling anything from my record collection ( disco, soul, boogie) kicks, synths, percussion, effects, vocal snippets etc. So, these are my fundamental base of any production I do. I started collecting vintage synthesizers which I include in my productions and so I work mostly outboard when it comes to sounds. And when it comes to DJ sets, there is music for every occasion that I like to present and play, whether it is at a beach club, a dance club or festival.

Is it true you were a resident at Space?

Yes that’s true. I had been a resident at Space from 1996 till 2000 at the infamous Sunday sessions and Manumissions Carry on(After Party) every Tuesday. I guess this has been the golden times before Ibiza became very VIP and in a way commercial.  But still it‘s a beautiful island with lots to offer. Unfortunately Space closed down and since some years it’s now called HI.

Space is one of the best clubs in the world! What is your most memorable night at Space?

Yes, Space was voted various times the best club in the world. There are so many great memories I saved and it‘s really hard to mention just one. The special event back then when Carl Cox had his debut, or with David Morales, these have been some of those great moments to remember. I received so much love back then from the audience as I was playing a different type of sound back then in Ibiza. For me the greatest moments been the morning rituals, when Space opened at 8am and me drinking the Cola Cao (spanish choko  ) and the boquadillo before starting to open the club. I always played on the terrace, back then the sound system was really shit but we got the most out of it. Those terrace moments have never been back that way. Together with Jose de Devina and then late Alfredo joined us. We had sooo many amazing mornings. Openings, Space B days and closings have been always the parties of the year in Ibiza.

I read that you did a remix for Ennio Morricone. What can you tell us about this incredible opportunity?

Yes this was a remix project organized by Compost Records & Sony Music.  Many producers (Chicken Lips, International Pony, Alex Attias, Dan Curtin)  have been involved in this project to choose one of their favorite Ennio Morricone tracks. I had been growing up with Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill´s Italo Spagetti Western and -My name is Nobody –  and the film music was always one of my childhood favourites. Easy to remember and just a beautiful song writing. I still have it in my head. So I chose this one and was very happy to be part of this amazing remix project album.

Tell us about your new moniker SIRS and what does this mean to the evolution of Daniel Klein?

I never was really convinced about my given name Daniel Klein and rarely produced under that name. So, I always used monikers such Gucciman, Kiez Kidz, Santiago, Dara Band. SIRS stands for Sounds in real stereo and I started this project in 2007 when I remixed KOOP, 2 Raumwohnung etc. Growing up and learning by myself doing productions I was always in love with Stereo sounds – especially when it comes to the final mixing process handling each sound as a star giving it its own space. So I thought SIRS could be a nice name  even leaving space to be joined in the future by other people )In the beginning people thought it’s a distribution company as I did also many Edits which I named SIRS CUTS – Eric Duncan was one of those who told me about it 🙂

When did Sirsounds Records begin and what was was/ is your vision for the label?

After a long break from music I started Sirsounds Records in 2017 as a platform for myself & close friends. I had another label from 1999 -2004 called. Flamingo Discos – together with Kiko Navarro.  That label was very successful but at one point. Living in Ibiza I was kind of in the face of the lifestyle of clubs & music so got infected again! I had releases and remixes from artists such Lovebirds, Tiger & Woods, The Revenge, Manoo, Alkalino, Raiders of the lost Arp etc.The feedback over the years was amazing and so I continued to release from time to time on my own label. I try to release timeless music and of course it has to be within what  like and feel. I never have been royalty driven when producing or releasing music. Its just about the music and the love for it.

Your album – Banana Hard & Disco Kisses – has a fairly cheeky title.

Hehe, yes indeed! It’s kind of a double meaning but leaving space for everybody else interpretation. If you know what I mean 🙂 Disco Kisses is an expression for little tingle tingle without going really further and deeper!I found it a funny name not really thinking about it. The music on the album ranges from Balkan beats to Italo disco, soul, and deep house.

Who are the artists that inspired you from yesterday and make it onto your record decks?

Master at Work, Roger Sanchez, MK, Chez Damier, Dj Duke, Idjut Boys, Faze Action. During the mid-90s I was a sucker for Dutch house music with labels likes Fresh & Fruit, Outland. There are some amazing timeless tunes which i still play like the After Midnight Mix on outland Records from Jasper Street Company – A feeling. It’s a killer ! Also, Disco & boogie from the 70s- 80s inspired me very much ending in collecting these records spending too much money on eBay auctions 🙂 Patrick Adams was one of my favorite producers & involved in so many impressive productions. I had some years ago the possibility to see & hear him in NYC at the Music of Patrick Adams by Red Bull Music Academy But there are so many more to mention …

Who is making great music today by which you are impressed?

I am sure I am missing out on so  many – also with the tons of music releases in now days it’s difficult to have a complete overview (at least for me ). There are so many talented producers out there and its always great to discover new stuff. As a producer I really love the music from Axel Boman, Lipelis, Lovebirds, Dea Barandana, Midnight Runners, Niklas Wandt to name a few. As a Dj I really feel DJ Harvey especially his all night long / extended sets where he covers a big range of music. It’s just as it has to be, a pure pleasure to listen ! Can’t wait for his Mercury Rising at Pikes Ibiza 🙂

If someone wanted to get to know more about Daniel Klein, what album would you recommend they listen to?

Marvin Gay – I want you – Album

Talk us through your stunning new EP a little.

In my Moments of Life EP, I am processing two life changing moments which happened to me over the last 12 months. Stambul is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend Anna – she passed away 1st May 2021 from Cancer. This affected me very much as we have been on the peak of our relationship. Whilst the pandemic made it very complicated for us ( Anna – Moscow based, me Berlin based ) to travel and to meet, the only destination which was open to us was Istanbul. We walked the empty city ( because of the curfew ) many times. I tried to picture this feeling in the intro of Stambul. After Annas passing I was in a personal and creative hole. I had to accept the situation and tried learn out of this. Beginning 2022 I met my new partner in Berlin – Marija. Such a beautiful and sensitive soul. She was such a strong hold for me and inspired me again to continue with music. I fall in Love with here and the ‘Marimar’ track reflects the positive feelings I earned again for a person and my life. I am very grateful for this life lessons which made me grow, trying to become a better human every day.

What makes you happy Daniel?

Many things can make me happy,  my Family and very close friends, and my new Partner Marija. Sometimes I walk the Tempelhofer field to inhale the spirit of the city. Seeing families and their happy kids makes me very happy. Honest and great feedback on my productions & DJ sets making me happy on a professional level.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

I really don’t know what to say but I guess many things – but can’t talk about them 😉

What do you like to do to chill down?

Watching documentaries, playing chess, walking through parks, smoking weed from time to time, having a delicious dinner and a glass of beautiful red wine, sunrises & sunsets, storms, and thunder

Where can we catch you soon?

Berlin in July

Pollensa Beach Party Mallorca

Pikes Ibiza in August

Robert Johnson Offenbach in August

End November to December – South America tour ( Bogota, CDMX, Tulum, Guadalajara, Torreon)

December – February Asia tour (Singapore, Bali, Australia, Vietnam )

What have you got in the pipeline?

Next Release is on Live at Robert Johnson in August. There’s Lovebirds feat Stee Downes ‘Freedom’ (SIRS REMIX) September. Larse feat Stud ‘Forever’( SIRS Remix). SIRS Treibsand / Day after Anna releases in September on Sirsounds. Sirs Sampler with some Cuts & Moments of Life via Prime Direct in October. Also working on a few Remixes for Best Records.

RELEASE DATE: 29TH JULY – Listen / Buy via Bandcamp here..

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