The Novel Sound – Third Attempt

Beatservice Records present the hotly-anticipated third album from Oslo-based production maestro, Third Attempt. ‘The Novel Sound‘ follows on from the widely acclaimed ‘Beats From The Quarantine’ album released in April 2021, and further compliments the young artist’s deserved reputation as one of the dance underground’s most exciting talents to emerge in recent years.

Third Attempt (AKA Torje Fagertun Spilde) has been dazzling us with his far-reaching music since arriving in the Beatservice fold with ‘Shoreline’ back in 2018, and since then his ever-evolving repertoire has continued to serve up immaculate sonic surprises. The fast-rising 23-year old artist has wasted no time making his indelible mark, displaying a frenetic work rate alongside an impeccable ear for constructing compelling leftfield grooves.

‘The Novel Sound’ opens with the rolling deviance of ‘Freak Out’, where a dusty string sample makes way for vocal samples, scratches, and searing sirens permeating a bass-heavy groove, setting the tone magnificently for the music that’s primed to unfold. Next, we arrive in the mid-tempo chug of ‘Age Of Steam’. Evolving over a crisp, club-ready rhythm, heavy funk guitars, dancing keys and distant vocal stabs cascade over driving bass before soaring strings herald the arrival of a slick breakdown section. The icing on the cake arrives as bubbling acid joins sensational horn motifs, breaking down once again for a starry-eyed beatless passage that leaves us yearning for a reprise.

Thanks for talking to us at Nearest Faraway Place. Where are you this moment and how are you spending your day?

My Pleasure! Currently in my studio, working on some new music, digging for samples. Very inspired by old school soul at the moment, so that’s pretty much what I am listening to while writing this.

Where are you from exactly and where are you based today?

I am born in Oslo but grew up in Asker. Which is about half an hour away from the city. Lived in Tromsø for a few years, and now I am based in the capital (Oslo) .

How long have you been making music what was the first release you put out?

Have been working on music since I was a teenager. Probably 13, 14. I started watching videos on YouTube of DJs and artists preforming electronic music, which got me crazy inspired, watching tutorials all night instead of doing my homework.

I started out making EDM, producing “Russemusikk”, which is in Norway a big thing. All the teenagers listen to it and have their own special groups and songs during the final weeks before graduation. Basically, very cheesy party music. I found out that creating music solely for other people as a form of recipe killed my creativity. It just wasn’t fun anymore. So, I quit after a few releases and started fresh with Third Attempt. Heavily inspired by my own taste in music, and not what everyone else preferred around me at that time. Proud that I took this step.

Therefore, my first proper release was my album “Dreams In Common”. It was released independently and was a compilation of some of the tracks I’ve made as a late teenager. It’s now for free on Bandcamp!

Your releases cross a wide range of genre’s. How would you define that sound that is Third Attempt?

One word and one principle. Soul

What would you say is your most notable release to date?

Difficult question. Probably predictable, but today I feel like it’s my newest album. Proud of the combination between storytelling and music I’ve accomplished.

Why did you call yourself Third Attempt. Is there a story to that?

It’s a promise, reminder, and form of motivation to myself after all the doubt, trial, and error with my other music projects. Staying true to myself. I’m also a bit superstitious when it comes to numbers, so third times the charm seemed appropriate.

Who are the artists who inspire the music that you make today?

Floating Points, Aphex Twin, Four Tet just to name a few. Todd Terje, Lindstrøm are also favourites locally. Musicians that show and display integrity through their work are the most inspirational.

You have kept quite a close relationship with Beatservice Record. How did you guys initially hook up?

Around 2017, I sent Vidar a few mails before I actually met him in real life. Tromsø (where I lived at that time) is a real small community, so I had to bump into him eventually. Suddenly, he shows up at my first live gig, Insomnia festival in 2017, that’s when I think I first met him. After that he became very interested in what I was doing and he’s a great guy. He’s just a single guy, a one-man band, who runs the show. He put out ‘Shoreline’ in 2017, that was my first single and it did quite well actually. After that we just had a solid relationship, a business relationship and now he’s a good friend of mine. Check out Beatservice, it’s great!

Beatservice is a key label in Norway. What other labels are there in Norway that are doing it well?

Check out Mhost Likely from Bergen. From the Oslo area I also recommend Bogota Records, Full Pupp, Smalltown Supersound. On the up-and-coming front, Boring Crew Records is killing it right now.

What other artists are coming up in Norway that you keep your eyes on?

Check out Flammer Dance Band, Henrik Villard, Anders Hajem, Duv Tales, Kim Young iLL.

You’ve been releasing a lot of music the last few years. How have you managed such a fierce release schedule?

I’ve gotten good at sketching out arrangements and ideas very quick. Having fun is also very important. But it’s about mostly about time and excess energy. Since I started doing music full time, I’ve found myself creating much more. Let’s hope it stays that way! No writers block yet folks!

Tell us a little about your new album ‘The Novel Sound’.

The Novel Sound is my creative journey through the last year of the pandemic. Just as my last record, this one was also created while everything was either postponed or closed. Being mostly by myself in the studio, devoid of any impressions from the outside world. It allowed me to get introspective with my work. Skipping the more obvious recipes I’ve learned to grow bored of over the years.

Combining storytelling with my music for example. The theme of the individual tracks become much clearer through important soundbites or samples of dialogue. Which I had much more fun with here than I’ve ever had before. Also, the conscious decision to experiment with different rhythms and genres was really liberating for me. Just making exactly what I feel like making, staying true to the moment. I found out there is very little between me and the creative flow state once I let go of the (mostly irrational) doubts and rules I have about myself and my work. Hope all this shines through the music. And I hope the record is as enjoyable to listen to, as it was for me making it.

This new collection is for lovers of..

Crazy P – A nice hot bath with… – Royksopp – Melody AM – Rune Lindbaek – Søndag – Blockhead – Bubble Bath – Bugge Wesseltoft – Moving – Todd Terje – It’s album time!

What are your next ambitions as an artist?

Continuing in the same direction as I am going. Staying in the moment musically, creating music I want to create.

What do you have in the pipeline that we should look out for?

I have new a secret project utilizing AI technology to improvise music out of my own ideas.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

I love to watch movies and play games. Major inspiration source!


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