The Heist label welcomes late 80’s DMC World DJ Championship contender, techno veteran, and house royalty Orlando Voorn to their roster with his ‘Heist Mastercuts’ EP.

Orlando Voorn is a man who needs little introduction. He’s played a pivotal role in the development of the electronic music scene in the Netherlands, as well as in the USA where he now lives. With countless aliases, he has released everything from old school hiphop to sample heavy breaks, to banging Detroit techno to soulful house music. His recent outings as ‘Frequency’ on Clone, as well as his latest EP on our sublabel Transient Nature, are proof that even after 30+ years, the man is still very much on top of his game.

The Heist Mastercuts EP sees Orlando dig deep in his archive for some of his undercover hits from the nineties that have been remastered for this EP. On top of that, he delivers a new track in the form of soulful house bomb “Be with you.”

Be with you” starts off with a hazy groove and distant pads. The steady beat and funky electronic chops set a steady foundation for a rush-inducing string sample that works together with looping diva vocals for maximum dancefloor excitement. No heavy drumrolls, FX or other tools necessary here: It’s clever sampling and Orlando’s soulful touch that make this track tick.

Next up is the vinyl only track “Love Feelings” – originally released in ’96 on Urban Sounds of Amsterdam. Think 130+ BPM vintage house grooves with hazy pads and you’ll get an idea of what’s coming. Love Feelings is an up-tempo dreamhouse track that, even though it’s almost 25 years old, still ticks all the boxes of a contemporary festival groover.

On the B-side you’ll find 2 versions of “Tenderness”: The original mix and the Late nite dub, both originally released on Clubstitute records back in ’95. The original has a 90’s garage groove with male vocal chops, old school house keys and strings. The late night dub is exactly that: a dreamy ethereal deephouse groove with warm synth hits, introverted percussion some very on point sax loops.

The Heist mastercuts EP is the first EP of Orlando Voorn on Heist Recordings but considering the connection we’ve built with him over the last year and having heard the music he’s shared with us, we’re sure you’ll see much more of him on Heist in the future.

Out 6/5/22 – Buy here – Orlando VOORN – Heist Mastercuts EP

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Orlando Voorn and I’ve been an electronic dance music producer for over 30 years

Is there a sound that defines Orlando Voorn. How would you define that sound?

The production has to be alive. There will be stuff moving sometimes a lot of things at once. There is a funk to it, a sort of vibe to it, and it can differ in styles, easily swift to different angles in music and feel comfortable. It won’t be a production without soul. There is always depth.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Rush, Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Fela Kuti, Cybotron, Joey Beltram, Speedy J, Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Prince, Dimitri & Eric Nouhan James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Gangstarr Burning spear, Mutabaruka, Bob Marley, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Kevin Sanderson, Derrick May,Juan Atkins, Suburban Knight, Basic Channel, Black Dog, Slum Village, Jay Dilla. This is naming just a few.

What would you say is your most important release?

There are a few but the most important is ‘Fix- Flash’ as it was a hit in Detroit first then over the following year it took off everywhere else. It was on Kevin Sanderson’s KMS.

Can you highlight a record that you feel was a game changer in Techno?

For me it was Mentasm by Second Phase. I was in pure euphoria when that came out.

Talk us through the Heist Mastercuts EP

There is one new track on there, Be with you. The other tracks are re-releases from a decade ago. Be With You is a disco house affair that is built from samples and added bass beats and chords . Tenderness comes in two mixes, a swing house version, and a deeper version. Love Feelings is more of an up-tempo summer groover. These tracks were produced around ‘94

This release is for lovers of..


What do you have coming up in 2022?

Burek release with Amp Fiddler – So Deep, Kompakt EP on Ballroomdance Records. My double album, Planet Odnalro on my Nighttripper Records is out now. There’s a Frequency release on Clone, Orlando Voorn ‘Handjes in de Lucht’ (Hands in the air) on USA Records.


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