The Heist label welcomes late 80’s DMC World DJ Championship contender, techno veteran, and house royalty Orlando Voorn to their roster with his ‘Heist Mastercuts’ EP.

Orlando Voorn is a man who needs little introduction. He’s played a pivotal role in the development of the electronic music scene in the Netherlands, as well as in the USA where he now lives. With countless aliases, he has released everything from old school hiphop to sample heavy breaks, to banging Detroit techno to soulful house music. His recent outings as ‘Frequency’ on Clone, as well as his latest EP on our sublabel Transient Nature, are proof that even after 30+ years, the man is still very much on top of his game.

The Heist Mastercuts EP sees Orlando dig deep in his archive for some of his undercover hits from the nineties that have been remastered for this EP. On top of that, he delivers a new track in the form of soulful house bomb “Be with you.”

Be with you” starts off with a hazy groove and distant pads. The steady beat and funky electronic chops set a steady foundation for a rush-inducing string sample that works together with looping diva vocals for maximum dancefloor excitement. No heavy drumrolls, FX or other tools necessary here: It’s clever sampling and Orlando’s soulful touch that make this track tick.

Next up is the vinyl only track “Love Feelings” – originally released in ’96 on Urban Sounds of Amsterdam. Think 130+ BPM vintage house grooves with hazy pads and you’ll get an idea of what’s coming. Love Feelings is an up-tempo dreamhouse track that, even though it’s almost 25 years old, still ticks all the boxes of a contemporary festival groover.

On the B-side you’ll find 2 versions of “Tenderness”: The original mix and the Late nite dub, both originally released on Clubstitute records back in ’95. The original has a 90’s garage groove with male vocal chops, old school house keys and strings. The late night dub is exactly that: a dreamy ethereal deephouse groove with warm synth hits, introverted percussion some very on point sax loops.

The Heist mastercuts EP is the first EP of Orlando Voorn on Heist Recordings but considering the connection we’ve built with him over the last year and having heard the music he’s shared with us, we’re sure you’ll see much more of him on Heist in the future.

Out 6/5/22 – Buy here – Orlando VOORN – Heist Mastercuts EP

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Orlando Voorn and I’ve been an electronic dance music producer for over 30 years

Is there a sound that defines Orlando Voorn. How would you define that sound?

The production has to be alive. There will be stuff moving sometimes a lot of things at once. There is a funk to it, a sort of vibe to it, and it can differ in styles, easily swift to different angles in music and feel comfortable. It won’t be a production without soul. There is always depth.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Rush, Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Fela Kuti, Cybotron, Joey Beltram, Speedy J, Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Prince, Dimitri & Eric Nouhan James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Gangstarr Burning spear, Mutabaruka, Bob Marley, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Kevin Sanderson, Derrick May,Juan Atkins, Suburban Knight, Basic Channel, Black Dog, Slum Village, Jay Dilla. This is naming just a few.

What would you say is your most important release?

There are a few but the most important is ‘Fix- Flash’ as it was a hit in Detroit first then over the following year it took off everywhere else. It was on Kevin Sanderson’s KMS.

Can you highlight a record that you feel was a game changer in Techno?

For me it was Mentasm by Second Phase. I was in pure euphoria when that came out.

Talk us through the Heist Mastercuts EP

There is one new track on there, Be with you. The other tracks are re-releases from a decade ago. Be With You is a disco house affair that is built from samples and added bass beats and chords . Tenderness comes in two mixes, a swing house version, and a deeper version. Love Feelings is more of an up-tempo summer groover. These tracks were produced around ‘94

This release is for lovers of..


What do you have coming up in 2022?

Burek release with Amp Fiddler – So Deep, Kompakt EP on Ballroomdance Records. My double album, Planet Odnalro on my Nighttripper Records is out now. There’s a Frequency release on Clone, Orlando Voorn ‘Handjes in de Lucht’ (Hands in the air) on USA Records.



Up next on Soul Clap Records, Eddie C introduces us to Berlin’s L.J Simon & Idriss.

Berlin based Canadian, Eddie C, is known for his raw yet sophisticated approach to production. With countless releases and remixes on Jiscomusic, Endless Flight, Crue-L, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, his eclectic and passion-fuelled DJ sets have gained him a cult following worldwide. You could well describe him as one of the slo-mo disco edits scene’s heaviest hitters with his lush, deep, and generous grooves.

LJ Simon met Eddie C while they were both residents at Neue Odessa Bar in Berlin. Simon played Eddie his original versions over lunch one sunny afternoon in 2020. Eddie took the parts back to the studio and reworked them into something that would fit into the nights he was playing at Neue Odessa.

Algerian vocalist Idriss had long and winding journey to Berlin, travelling to the city from Algeria. His journey took him to Turkey, and from there he travelled to Greece in an overloaded boat that sank in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully he was rescued by the Greek authorities, although he was later forced to endure even more adversity, before eventually making his way to Berlin.

It was in Berlin that he met and formed a strong and joyous bond with LJ Simon. Both artists sharing a passion for the boogie-funk vibe, and so the collaboration began. The result is two cuts of sun-drenched, sexy, low-slung, goodness. It’s a vinyl only, special edition 7”, centred around this delectable pair of Eddie C’s disco flips.

RELEASE DATE: 6th MAY – Buy / Stream link here…

We had a chat with Eddie just prior to release day…

  1. Please introduce yourself to our readers Eddie

Ex-cross-country-ski and mountaineering enthusiast, part-time DJ, full time nomad, seeker of nice times.

  1. Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

Currently somewhere in the Yucatan peninsula where it is too hot for me. I’m originally from Southern Ontario not far from Toronto and Detroit. I think I lived in Berlin for most of the past decade but that may have been a dream.

  1. There is clearly a sound that is Eddie C. How would YOU define that sound?

That’s good news! If you’re talking about my productions I would say slow speed with intensity. My DJ style is also peppered with great intensity but is often fast.

  1. Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Far too many to mention. Public Enemy’s production team The Bomb Squad inspired me the most in the beginning. Richie Hawtin was pretty important for a good chunk of time in the 90s. Dilla, Madlib and DJ Premier. Sly and Robbie. Jon Hassell and Brian Eno. Baldelli and Harvey. Lindstrom and Prins Thomas. Kenji Takimi and Tetsu Inoue. Theo Parrish and Kenny Dixon Jr.

  1. If you had to pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be?

Ambient or anything from Detroit regardless of genre.

  1. If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Substrata by Biosphere or It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

  1. How did you come to work with the Soul Clap crew on this release?

I believe we first met in Detroit in 2010. I played after them at TV Lounge during the festival. We’ve loosely kept in touch all these years.

  1. Talk us through the EP a little

Simon and I were both DJing a lot in Berlin. We met at Neue Odessa Bar in Berlin Mitte where we both had residencies. The place was pretty wild and attracted characters from all walks of life in search of nice times. We were both into Funk, mid-tempo dance music and Disco. It just so happened that we were both attempting to construct music like this ourselves. Simon played me some of his original works which featured the silky smooth vocals of Idriss and I reworked them in my studio into something that I thought would work well at the bar. I’m thrilled it’s getting exposure because little projects like this rarely do. Simon and I have since worked on quite a bit of music together and are looking forward to future projects. Simon has a great studio full of all the best vintage gear for making electronic funk.

  1. This Limited 7” is for lovers of ….

Nice times, vinyl and mid(tempo)life crisis music.

  1. Where should we listen your new EP and what should we be drinking?

On your favourite turntable or on Bandcamp! The two best ways to support and enjoy music in 2022. Perhaps with some Hennessey and/or a few pints.

  1. What you got coming up in 2022?

Plenty of new music but I’m mostly looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. The past two years have been the best of times and the worst of times. I prefer the best of times.


Earth Night – DJ’s for Climate Action

DJs4CA formed in 2011 when a group of players felt compelled to do something about the negative aspects of their profession. Their goal is to harness the influence of Dance Music and DJ Culture to power climate solutions and generate action.  The organization strives to give artists the tools and opportunities to use their craft and visibility to engage communities in the climate crisis. They produce events, release original music, and run campaigns to raise awareness and raise funds for projects and communities, cultivating partnerships with advocacy groups and climate conscious projects to give their response the greatest impact.

As nightlife continues to rebound from a difficult 2 years, DJs for Climate Action  re-sets the stage for the group’s fifth annual EARTH NIGHT, running from April 22nd to  April 24th, aiming at connecting the electronic music community with one goal, to generate climate action.  On the fourth weekend of April, the international non-profit organization, will coordinate its flagship event EARTH NIGHT 2022, a global festival geared toward activating the nightlife and electronic music community around planetary environmental issues. For this year’s events, all EARTH NIGHT promoters, venues, and lineups are expected to walk the talk by committing to the FUTURE VISION goals, which sets new standards for climate action within the industry.

Since its 2018 inception, EARTH NIGHT has garnered support from artists like Little Boots, Dillon Francis, Soul Clap, Jamie Jones, A-Trak, and hundreds more. In its second year, EARTH NIGHT organized 8 events worldwide attended by 3000 people, and raised over $15,000 for beneficiaries working toward climate solutions. With clubs closed over the past two years, the celebration went online with live streamed B2B DJ sets, a partnership with Greenpeace and panel discussions on the role of music and culture in climate action.   For this year’s edition, venues across all continents—from New York to Melbourne via Lisbon—are joining the call to make the FUTURE VISION a reality for the electronic music scene and taking action by using renewable energy, going single-use plastic-free or providing only 100% plant-based food at events.

To find out how to make your party an Earth Night party, contact DJs for Climate Action at info@djs4ca.com and download the toolkit.  

Event details coming soon at earthnight.org

Participating cities: Bogota, Bristol, Brooklyn, Bucharest, Detroit, Lisbon, Los Angelese, Makati, Melbourne, Northampton, Paris, Portland, San José, Strasbourg, Toronto, York, Zürich, Santiago de Chile.

DJ Rocca, Chris Coco, Danielle Moore – Your Sunshine

DJ Rocca and Chris Coco continue their quest to define their version of music to play at an imaginary Discoteca. Here they team up with Danielle Moore, the singer for Crazy P, for a hazy, summery mid tempo groove that takes you off to an unspecified, loved-up sunshine state. There’s an album of dub house electro afro disco tracks that’s coming later in the year. The duo also plan to set up a few real life CocoRocca Discoteca events in summer 2022. An essential double pack of deep, dreamy rhythm and melody, equally at home at the beach or the club. Buy via Bandcamp (see link below to listen / buy) and all good online services.

Marc Roberts – Marc Roberts Edits

After dropping two fine contributions to the Echo Beach Edits series, Pantai People main man Marc Roberts pitches up on Moton with four more ear-catching revisions. He begins by putting his stamp on a familiar disco favourite, looping up the most impactful orchestral sections before unleashing the original vocals (‘King of Nice Days’), before switching his attention to an early-to-mid-80s disco-boogie number on the glassy-eyed ‘Uno’. ‘Maia Amor’ is a tidy tweak on a summery, sun-drenched, Spanish language disco workout, while ‘Star Max’ sees Roberts successfully turn his attention to a polished, early ’80s AOR disco number of the sort that yacht rock fans will undoubtedly love.


We had a chat with Marc just before the new EP dropped…

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

Hi, I’m Marc and I live on an island in the far east. I’m a single dad who DJs, makes tunes and is a partner in a DJ agency. I get to the pub once a week as well, but apart from that I don’t have time for much else.

Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

Originally from Sunderland but based in Bali for the last 6 years

Is there a sound that is Marc Roberts? How would you define that sound?

A veritable smorgasbord of noise. Disco, afro, latin, jazzy vibes and classic house

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

If I had to pick –  Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Gamble and Huff, Frankie Knuckles, ELO, Talk Talk, Grace Jones, Donald Byrd, Juan Atkins, Larry Heard, Tony Allen, Tim Maia… it’s endless

If you had a pick a genre to ‘listen to’ over everything else, what would it be?

Shit that’s tough. Probably jazz

How did you strike up a relationship with Dave Jarvis & Darren House of Moton?

I asked Shine PR if they would send them over to Dave as I thought they were pretty Moton. The boys agreed, and it was a few pints on a trip to London last November and job done. Great as I’ve been a huge fan of the label for years – so was nice to see the music connect

Talk us through the EP a little

It’s a varied bunch – something for everyone. House and funk heads will go for ‘King of Nice Days, ‘4 Star Max’ and ‘Uno’ will keep the Balearic crew keen and ‘Maia Amor’ will keep the sunshine low slung disco mob shuffling away. The originals are all tracks which have a special moment in time of me.

This release is for lovers of …

Ooof that’a a tough one. Sade – Paradise, Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft, Chris Rea – Josephine. Not quite sure what would go with ‘Maia Amor’ – full mental block there haha

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Donald Byrd – ‘Street Lady’

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

A beach. Drinking Bintang. With an Arak chaser.

What you got coming up in 2022?

A few more edits coming out and finishing some of my own music and looking forward to getting on planes and playing music to people



With previous releases on Delusions of Grandeur, Voyeurythm and more, UK producer Ben Sun delivers a gorgeous blend of deep textures that hearken back to the golden era of NY and Chicago with his Distant Messenger EP on Razor-N-Tape. On the A-side, Transmission has all the vibey goodness of an early Strictly Rhythm record, while Sable Sun scuba dives into Larry Heard territory with lush pad swells and squelching acid lines. On the flip, the emotive motion of Tremors builds through hypnotic arpeggiated synths, a slow-rolling bassline and crystalline melodies, and the record finishes in proto-house territory with the Peech Boys era Larry Levan-inspired Red Light. This EP may wear its influences on its sleeve, but it looks (and sounds) classy as hell.


We had a chat with Ben just before the new EP dropped…

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

I’m Ben Sun. I make music and sound for the purpose of dance, meditation and escape.

Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

I currently live / work / make music in a warehouse space in Limehouse, bang on the river Thames just east of central London. I came to the city from my home country Australia back in 2005.

There is clearly a sound that is Ben Sun. How would you define that sound?

I work with a limited number of core instruments (usually 3 synths, 2 drum machines and an MPC), each has a distinct role… so it’s usually quite raw and minimal. They are mostly analog and I use a valve summing mixer, so I’m aiming for stuff that sounds thick and warm, with a bit of cut-through from a digital FM synth and some nice outboard FX units.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Ah, the list is infinite and always growing. To name just a small few that get me fired up about making music, I would say… Patrick Cowley, Lil Louis, Severed Heads, Mike Francis, Los Hermanos, Madlib, Mr Fingers, James Mason, Q Tip, Alan Parsons, Four Tet, Gary Bartz, IG Culture, Haruomi Hosono, Drexciya, Pharoah Sanders, Manuel Göttsching, Anadol. I guess I’ll stop there!

If you had a pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be?

Ha, jazz of course. Style aside, it’s a philosophy of music that’s based on inventiveness so there’s always something new to discover. Besides it covers most modern music, at the root.

Why did you chose to work with Razor-N-Tape to host your new release?

I’ve known them for many years, we’ve seen each other grow and develop, and I know they really care about what they do – and it’s all for the love of music and spreading good vibes.

Talk us through the EP a little

It’s ultimately a house record, but within that frame… The opening track ‘Transmission’ has a kind of jazz-funk rhythm section with some spacey synth polyrhythms layered in, along with a bit of disco glitter. ‘Sable Sun’ is a musical conversation with my friend Jon Sable; there’s some deep dubby grooves, lush textures and almost acid lines. ‘Transmission’ is house music as simple and warm as I could make it. ‘Red Light’ is definitely inspired by that stripped-back, late night sound you hear on certain Man Friday or Paul Simpson records – congas, bass, loose freestyle chords and a big delay.

This release is for lovers of ….

Damn this is a hard one for me to say. I saw one record store write that it sounds like a cross between Dream 2 Science and the Pet Shop Boys more melancholic moments. The guys at the label hear an early Strictly Rhythm vibe, even some West End style proto house. If you like any of those you’ll probably get along with it okay!

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Lil’ Louis & The World ‎– From The Mind Of Lil Louis. Whichever side you flip it to – Dance or Romance

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

I think each track has it’s own moment… I’d say eyes closed in front of a nice speaker with a glass of Your Favourite Thing, but I’ll try to play the game:

Transmission could work as the sun dips into the horizon behind a Mediterranean beach, with a salty margherita… Sable Sun flooring the gas along a coastal highway, crisp Autumn night, I’d advise a spliff a fizzy water… Tremors has the energy for a peak time opener under a XXXL disco ball, let’s have a mezcal or a chinotto… Red Light probably late night, when the dance is deep in the cut, glowing and sweaty, don’t give a fuck. Icy cold beer that gets handed around.

What you got coming up in 2022?

I’ve got an EP coming out with London’s Phonica Records this Summer, can’t wait to let that one loose! Currently finalizing an LP with Razor-n-Tape, might be late in the year – but in the meantime I’m trying to sharpen a live show and record some new work. Looking forward to regular radio sets and events over at MFFM (minorfigures.fm) – and coming to spin wax with some lovely people wherever they’ll have me.


Alex Blex – Nice move Peter (Yuksek Remix)

On the surface, Alex Blex has a tidy life. He gets up smiling, wears shirts, eats eggs mayonnaise in the canteen, and works in a grey office with a green plant. His hyper-normal daily life is made up of spreadsheets of figures and slides full of diagrams. Nobody knows, however, that he wears an undershirt under his shirt, and that he travels the strangest corners of the Internet. And his music looks like him, of course. At first glance, everything is normal, stable rhythms and honest chords. And then suddenly, without realizing it, we entered his world, where New Beat rubs shoulders with Pink Floyd, and disco from the fiery Carrère Musique label. The groups Red Axes, Django Django, Nu Guinea, or the label Border Community also occupy a place of choice in this discreet little world. Alex Blex met Yuksek nearly 20 years ago, in Reims, after writing him a private message on Myspace, you have to know how to take the time…
“Nice move, Peter!” is his first solo release – it’s available to stream / buy / download everywhere now

Alex Blex

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi Folks, I am Alex Blex, French producer from Paris. I am about to release my debut EP “Nice move, Peter” on Partyfine. I like to define my music as UDM (Utilitarian Dancing Music), that means I am doing my best to craft tools for you to dance to

What can you see from your window today?

A shiny winter sun, a Baptist church, and a scary Bart Simpson figurine my neighbour put on his balcony.

Tell us about Nice Move Peter!

This EP is a first extract of my recent work, and I am very grateful to Yuksek to release it on his label. The presented tracks are mid-tempo discoid-rare groove pieces. They’ve been written with a limited set up: Juno 106, Prophet 08 and Korg MicroSampler. One of the guiding threads across the tracks is the presence of horns, which is always a touchy exercise when you deal with dance music. (I don’t want to become the new “epic sax guy” meme).

This release is for lovers of …

Todd Terje – It’s album Time, Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart, Nu Genea – Ddoje Facce, Bobby Konders – The Poem

Where is the best place to listen to it and what should we be drinking?

At a fancy cocktail party with a jar of Moscow Mule.

What was the last piece of studio kit that you bought and why do you love it so much?

A microphone! I am not using it for singing but to record lots of stuff, like my glockenspiel and all kind of percussions.

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to get to know you?

Classic album by French duo Air “Moon Safari”.

If you didn’t work in music, what do you think you might have been doing instead?

Actually, music is not my day job. I work in a French design company where I run the finance department (no fake!). In all cases, running a boutique guest house and a table d’hôte in Quercy (French southern region) could be kind of a dream job to me.

What does Alex Blex have in the pipeline?

I am writing lot of new music right now, as well as digging hard drives with older projects and demos to upcycle un-used ideas. This is my creative process. Like wine makers in Champagne, I like to combine actual freshly harvested wines with vintage ones!



Stepping up for his fourth release on Heist, we’ve got sample wizard Nebraska coming in with some lovely chops and a giant curveball of an a-side that has summer anthem written all over it. Curious? Dive into this massive 4 track EP by the London native who keeps on bringing the goods.

The Chant des Oiseaux EP is built around a collaboration between Nebraska and BeBelle. Anyone who’s picked up Nebraska’s 2021 release on his own Friends & Relations label will have already heard a glimpse of what happens when these 2 get into the studio. They have a mutual love for French vocals and we can’t blame them; everything BeBelle says, whispers and chants just sounds syrupy sweet.

This might be most evident on the title track of this single, where modulated Rhodes chords, distant chirping and fluttering of birds and a minimal beat form the foundation for BeBelle’s mesmerizing vocal. The dreamy and contemplative vibe of this track makes you long for those endless days of summer. We’re not sure if it’s a 70’s summer we’re longing back for, or 2022’s summer to look forward to, but with music like this, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

If you were still hovering mid-air on the vibe of the A1, ‘Skelp Tune’ – the second A track – will take you back to the ground and straight into the club. Skelp tune is a Detroit inspired house track (Nebraska sent us a ‘note to self’ saying ‘you are not Moodymann’ along with the first demo of this one). He doesn’t have to be; this track has all the clever sampling and disco energy of a classic Nebraska track, nicely tucked into one hell of a groove.

The flip starts with ‘Cop Show’: A no frills disco house track with a life affirming string section, guitar licks all over and a bottom end to freak out your neighbour’s neighbours.

We round up the EP with another collaboration with BeBelle, with the track ‘Henri Rousseau’. The track is built on a groove that almost gallops along, with strings, outer-worldly vocals and howling soundscapes that turn this track into a covert disco burner on the more experimental side of house music.

On the Chant des Oiseaux EP, Nebraska effortlessly shows off his impressive sampling skills, electronic fiddling, and powerful drum programming, reminding us that he’s not lost an inch of talent over the years and manages to surprise us with his music. Knowing him, this is simply because he’s simply exploring new ways to keep surprising himself. – Releases March 25, 2022 via Bandcamp player below, Juno and all good record stores.

What are you up to today?

Hi – BeBelle and I are up on the north coast of Scotland, taking a break from city life. We’ve been down by the river watching the birds and we’ve been on a beautifully windswept beach with our dog.

Tell us a little about the Chant Des Oiseaux EP.

The EP features a couple of tracks with vocals by BeBelle (who’s from Belgium originally). We’ve been working together a in a way where I find or write a text, she translates it into French, and we record her. Moving the text into a language I don’t fully understand makes it somehow more useable for me. Musically, it’s still all about that hip hop-influenced sampling.

This release is for lovers of …

I guess the title track reminds me a little of Herbert, but I’d resist flattering myself with that comparison. I think a lot of what I do pings between Paris and Detroit in the 90s. Certainly ‘Skelp Tune’ owes a debt to MoodyMann, and ‘Cop Show’ perhaps to stuff on Roulé or Crydamoure.

Where is the best place to listen to it and what should we be drinking?

Oh, I hope much of this is primed for a warm summer evening yet to come. What to drink? I’ll have whatever you’re having.

What is the most recent record that you bought and who is it by?

I absolutely love the recent album by Nala Sinephro. Sublime. I heard on Spotify and then got the vinyl.

What was the last piece of studio kit that you bought and why do you love it?

Truth be told, I don’t hold much at all in the way of hardware. However, the last two pieces of studio kit were birthday gifts from my cousin. A Joe Meek compressor and a tiny drum machine, which is literally just a circuit board. The two together sound great and are really inspiring.

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

An album that nearly brings together a few strands is ‘Mother Nature’s Son’ by Ramsey Lewis. Killer late 60s soul-jazz covers of songs from The Beatles’ White Album with early electronic Moog effects, produced by Charles Stepney. And it’s got breaks. So much of what I’m into on one record… I must go and listen to it again immediately.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

Well, I spend a lot of my time making creative work of one sort or another – whether music, visual or written. Outside of that, I love to cook and to eat at great restaurants – of which luckily there are so many where we live. One of my current favourites is Nandine, a Kurdish cafe that does sensational meze boxes. You can eat your way around a good few culinary cultures in London, and that’s a great thing.


Inner Sauce is the latest label venture from Tribe Records frontman Zepherin Saint. The North Londoner who first defected to Berlin, eventually settling down under in the musical treasure trove that is Melbourne. An accomplished DJ and Producer in his own right, Zepherin’ s Tribe Records has hosted artists that sit within the deep house, warm techno, and tribal genres. The engaging city of Melbourne possesses a vibrant night life and thriving live house scene which he has fully immersed himself in over the course of six years he’s been there. Inner Sauce Recordings has been created with this scene in mind with pure focus on this emerging live house scene coming out this intensely creative city and in particular, the area of Naarm, Melbourne.

For its third release Inner Sauce welcomes On-Ly to the carefully curated roster for his own full release after he appeared on the Inner Sauce Compilation volume 1 compiled by Horatio Luna. On-Ly is the outfit of pianist, producer, and composer Joshua Smeltink. On-Ly is about hard-hitting groove music that crosses nu-jazz, psychedelic, house, spiritual-funk and hip-hop fused with long-form composition and wild improvisations. It’s a balance between the sound of Melbourne’s eclectic underground scene and those of Deodato, Azymuth, Joe Zawinul/Weather Report and Miles Davis, showcased beautifully on the ‘Anthochaera EP’PRE ORDER / LISTEN NOW VIA TRAXSOURCE

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

Hey! My name is Joshua Smeltink aka On-Ly.

Tell us where you are based and where you are from?

I am based in Carlton Nth, Melbourne, Australia and I’m from Canberra, Australia.

There is clearly a sound that is On-Ly. How would you define that sound?

Where jazz and sub-genres of jazz/disco/fusion – house, hip-hop, psychedelic – reconnect.

Who are the artists that have inspired you over time?

Joe Zawinul, Kaidi Tatham, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Kiefer, Mndsgn, Shostakovich, Glenn Underground, St Germain, John Scofield, Azymuth, Dilla.

If you had to a pick a genre to ‘listen to’ over everything else, what would it be?

A certain brand of Jazz – heavy-hitting, swing-monsters from when the great players are in their prime.

Why did you chose to work with Zepherin Saint and Inner Saucer to host your new release?

The start of a new label, in Melbourne, amongst amazing talent, by a house and dance music don, who is not only legendary but happens to be a total legend… I was left with very little choice haha!

Talk us through the EP a little.

‘That One’ was written in 2018. I remember being inspired by Tenderlonius at the writing of that track. ‘Flush’ was one of the last to be written. I was super inspired by the Tribe Records catalogue at that time, and I think it came out here. ‘How’s That’ is the quintessential rainforest music: reminiscent of drives to the coast from my home in Canberra as a kid. ‘Funky Isolation’, kind of exactly what it’s called. I was isolated at home, I was feeling funky, plus I wanted to shake off the isolation funk – boom. Total flow.

This release is for lovers of ..

St Germain – Tourist, Glenn Underground, Tenderlonius + Dennis Ayler – 8rick City, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

On the dance floor, drinking something colourful.

What you got coming up in 2022?

On-Ly is currently finishing off a residency, where the band will launch the EP, then a string of gigs; got a festival booked and recording two new albums!


Osei Korankye is a master musician and singer from Accra, Ghana. Known as one of the very last remaining Seperewa musicians in Ghana. The Brooklyn-based Super Yamba Band, comprised of Daniel Yount (drums), Evan Frierson (percussion), Walter Fancourt (sax), Sean Smith (trumpet), Eric Burns (guitar) and Prince Amu (bass) have long been students and devoted fans of vintage West African, psychedelic Afro-funk. Super Yamba Band pushes boundaries, always favoring melodies meant to excite and engage larger audiences. It’s difficult to imagine anyone resisting the group’s infectious beats. These songs are a throw back to the classic styles of Afro-Funk in 1970s Ghana. Upon a trip to the United States in 2017 Korankye linked up with Yount for a few gigs in New York City. Yount learned Korankye’s music and played drums on the gigs. “After that I knew I wanted to collaborate with Osei on some of the songs Super Yamba had written in the style of Ghanaian funk.” The collaboration came together effortlessly and the result is two beautifully psychedelic funk tunes made for dancing time!

Releases March 25, 2022 via Bancamp – listen & buy via link below

Please introduce your band to our readers.

We are the six-piece afro-funk group known as Super Yamba Band from Brooklyn, New York. We write and perform all original music, mostly inspired by 1970s funk music from West Africa. We are best known by fans for backing a songwriter from Benin, Leon Ligan Majek, also known as Kaleta, but we are working on other collaborations as well, as you’ll hear in this 45 release with Osei Korankye.

Describe your sound and the origins of the sounds of Super Yamba Band?

Our sound is mostly inspired by the classic recordings of 1970s funk from West Africa. The band has a pretty big sound made up of drums, congas, percussion, guitar, bass, keys, sax, and trumpet. We write original music inspired by artists like Fela Kuti, Orchestre Poly Rythmo, Ebo Taylor and The Funkees.

Tell us about the set-up of your live performance and about the performance and vibe?

Our live shows always turn into sweaty dance parties! We are a big band so some of the stages we play on in clubs in Brooklyn aren’t even quite large enough—we end up kind of spilling out into the crowd with our horn section and some of the rhythm section. We dance, we groove, and as cliche as it sounds, we really feed off the energy of the crowds. There has been nothing more energizing than the feeling of being in front of actual dancing people after a year-plus Covid hiatus. I feel like our music is really best experienced live so being back in a room with a crowd of people out enjoying the night feels so good.

Talk us through your new release.

So, our band started without a lead vocalist. We were a fully instrumental group and many of us have been playing together in different forms for more than fifteen years. We slowly built up the band, adding new core members through 2016. In 2017, we began to look for a vocalist who could really bring our music to life. Think of us as the JBs without James Brown—we really had a solid funky groove and an arsenal of songs, but we knew we needed the energy and performance that you can only get from a front man. So, we were introduced to several people around this time, one of whom was Kaleta, who we’ve been playing and touring with ever since. But around that same time, I was also introduced to Osei Korankye by my friend Seth Paris, who knew him and had played with him before. Osei was in New York, so I met him and played a couple shows with him and Seth. I really loved his sound. when Osei returned to Ghana, I had these tracks that we’d recorded a few months prior, and I just sent them to him. I hardly gave him any direction or notes, just the files, and he wrote, arranged, and recorded the vocal parts. When I got the tracks back, I was completely blown away. I knew how talented he was, but I couldn’t believe how perfectly he dialled in the sound. We sat on the tracks while we were releasing our first LP with Kaleta but when we resurfaced them with Ubiquity Records last year, they absolutely loved them and were psyched to put them out for us. So, this release has really been five years in the making, but most of that was just because we were waiting for the right time, and here it is.

What can you tell us about Osei Korankye?

First off, Osei is an unbelievably kind person. He’s full of life, he’s joyous. Pair that with the fact that he’s also an incredible musician, and you can imagine what a pleasure it was to work with him. He’s well known as a Seperewa player in Ghana, a type of harp from a specific region there. Though I haven’t seen Osei in many years now, I still feel very musically connected to him through this release.

This release is for lovers of…

Fans of classic Afro-funk from the 1970s, artists like Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Marijata, Orchestre Poly Rythmo, King Sunny Ade, will love this album. If you haven’t gotten into Afro-funk but you’re a fan of James Brown, Sly & The Family Stones, The Meters—definitely give this release a spin and check out our other recordings too.

Are there any plans for the band to tour the UK?

We hope so! We were booked at a major festival in the UK (which I can’t name, but let’s just say it’s very well known internationally) for summer 2020 but it was cancelled at the start of Covid. We have a great European agent though so we’re hoping to make it across the pond soon.

What does Super Yamba have in store for 2022.

A few big things. First, we’re really working on re-establishing ourselves in Brooklyn. It’s our homebase but after Covid, things feel kind of new here again. So, we’re playing around town as much as we want and really enjoying being back with our hometown fans. We’re also planning on doing some touring around the US this summer, including some shows out West this year, which is really exciting. We also have another full LP that we recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas that we’re planning to release this year, so keep your eyes and ears open. If you want to stay in touch with us and hear more about what’s coming, please sign up for our mailing list on our website: http://www.superyambaband.com.