Psychemagik presents Magik Sunrise – Promo Mix

‘Patrick says: To the clandestine online community of bearded middle aged men Psychemagik’s digging credentials were already well evidenced through countless online mixes of obscure French pop, Middle Eastern disco and rare private press country. Their reputation grew with last year’s magnificent ‘Magik Cyrkles’, which took us on a journey through a kaleidoscope of psychedelic funk and interplanetary disco and plenty of you came along for the ride. Indeed, that heady brew of nocturnal diversions rightfully earned itself a place in the top five comps last year and this time round Psychemagik FC have kicked on from the Champions League places and brought the title home.

If ‘Magik Cyrkles’ was born in the swelter of an exotic discotheque, clouded in the sweetly perfumed air, then ‘Magik Sunrise’ is the soundtrack to the morning after. The spiritual synths of the recently rediscovered sonic shaman Iasos gently bring you round on the white sand of a Mediterranean beach before Daniel Mathieu’s optimistic pop kicks things off in earnest. What unfolds over the next hour or so is a delightful collection of lost gems that could each have been a classic in a parallel universe. From the allegorical groove of Rob Mehl’s “House On The Rock”, the world weary soul of Walter Hawkins’ “Metropolis” and the soft rock bombast of Joey Newman’s “The One You Love” to the bouncing reggae of Max Adioa, Danny and Tom never misstep. Jazz-funk instrumentals chime harmoniously with the bossa nova flutter of a Hawaiian press 45 as the duo keep on leading you down new and interesting avenues. The beauty of this collection is that it gifts you with so many new discoveries, whether it’s Andy’s virtuoso skills with an air bass or the painful fact that a Spanish girl will slap you if you ask her what “Gozame Ya” means. Despite our many musical differences (and Martin’s innate distrust of anything too noodley) ‘Magik Sunrise’ has had us all grinning and grooving this year and it’s been a pleasure to bask in its warmth.’

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