Cafe del Mar Mixtape Vol 2 1991

Del Mar Tapes

I recently found a couple of Cafe del Mar mixtapes, vols 2 & 8, I’m guessing they were bought in Summer 1991 (?) from legendary resident DJ Jose Padilla who used to sell them from behind the decks. He got bored of my nagging him for track id’s so he let me copy the track lists from his notebook. Maybe I’ll dig out the cassette deck and digitise them sometime, but for now here’s the track list and some links for volume 2. It’s a seminal collection, the Balearic blue print of ambient, electronics, classical, new-age, film scores and rock all going into the mix…

Update November 2020, finally got round to digitising one of the tapes…

  1. Wally Baderou – Mt. Fuji and the Mime
  2. Jean-Michel Jarre – Souvenir of China
  3. Yello – Blue Green
  4. Wally Baderou – The Dachstein Angels
  5. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile
  6. Jon & Vangelis – I hear you now
  7. Steve Miller – Wild Honey
  8. Laurie Anderson – White lily
  9. Laurie Anderson – Radar
  10. Marianne Faithfull – The Hawk
  11. Astor Piazolla – Regresso al Amor
  12. Mark Isham – Interest Persued
  13. Art of Noise – Moments in Love
  14. Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene

3 thoughts on “Cafe del Mar Mixtape Vol 2 1991

  1. Ah this made me seek out a track I first heard while driving at sunset. I was 17/18, we were smoking some really mellow stuff and I just felt so zen and happy. A Cafe Del Mar album was playing and A.R. Rahman – Mumbai Theme Tune came on and wow, maybe it was a mix of the weather, the view and the mellow high I was on, but I just felt so overwhelmingly alive and appreciative of life. Lol, cheesy as hell I know!

  2. Awesome! This was my friends & me’s go to chill out album whilst smoking the herb. My sister was in Ibiza in 1991, brought me back a load of tapes, this was probably the most treasured one. Inspired track list. It’s no wonder the Cafe del Mar brand went on to make such a fortune. Brings back so many great memories!

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