Need Somebody – Hazy James

Future classic klaxon! Here’s a cracking new release on Our Starry Universe, ‘Need Somebody’ from Hazy James is a slow burning, melancholic chugger. Over it’s melodic eight minutes it builds in intensity and brightens in atmosphere, a piece that will reward repeated headphone plays and could really work in an early hours ‘lose yourself’ club set (we can dream right?).

It’s paired with a b-side remix from ALFOS legend Sean Johnston in his Hardway Brothers guise. Sean keeps it deep and chugging as you’d expect but raises the temperature with hypnotic bells, loon birds and euphoric builds, expect this to delight the ALFOS faithful in Sean’s ‘Emergency Broadcasts’ over the Spring, yep it’s a banger 🙂

Need Somebody is out on Our Starry Universe 5 March on 12” vinyl and digital via Bandcamp – Listen buy via player below

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