Birdhouse – Jimpster

Freerange Records and Delusions of Grandeur boss man, Jamie Odell co-runs these labels alongside his oldest friend Tom Roberts. Freerange started up initially as a platform for his own releases back in 1996. Fast forward 25 and Jimpster is still serving up the goods, this time with this very surprising album, ‘Birdhouse’, that was created during the lockdown of the last two years.

A world away from his normal deep house releases, this album is a collection of 12 tracks that moves through the deeply soulful, to jazzy beats and neo soul. Birdhouse sees the artist digging deep into his past musical loves, collaborated with talents old and new on this incredibly beautiful piece of work. Highlights include the title track Birdhouse, Beautiful Day, Doors to Your Heart, and Ascension which you can check by clicking the link below. Nice one Jimpster.

Jimpster’s lockdown LP was made throughout 2020 and finally sees the light of day at the end of February 2022 having been delayed around 6 months due to the ongoing vinyl pressing hold ups. Birdhouse is the revered producers seventh full length LP and can be considered a full circle as he takes a step away from the dance floor to revisit his early inspirations of jazz, 70’s fusion, library music, ambient and sample-based downtempo electronica. With its soulful touches, vocal and live musician features and trademark warm Jimpster production, we also think it could be his most accomplished and accessible yet.

Released February 25, 2022 – via Bandcamp here or via player link above

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