Alex Blex – Nice move Peter (Yuksek Remix)

On the surface, Alex Blex has a tidy life. He gets up smiling, wears shirts, eats eggs mayonnaise in the canteen, and works in a grey office with a green plant. His hyper-normal daily life is made up of spreadsheets of figures and slides full of diagrams. Nobody knows, however, that he wears an undershirt under his shirt, and that he travels the strangest corners of the Internet. And his music looks like him, of course. At first glance, everything is normal, stable rhythms and honest chords. And then suddenly, without realizing it, we entered his world, where New Beat rubs shoulders with Pink Floyd, and disco from the fiery Carrère Musique label. The groups Red Axes, Django Django, Nu Guinea, or the label Border Community also occupy a place of choice in this discreet little world. Alex Blex met Yuksek nearly 20 years ago, in Reims, after writing him a private message on Myspace, you have to know how to take the time…
“Nice move, Peter!” is his first solo release – it’s available to stream / buy / download everywhere now

Alex Blex

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi Folks, I am Alex Blex, French producer from Paris. I am about to release my debut EP “Nice move, Peter” on Partyfine. I like to define my music as UDM (Utilitarian Dancing Music), that means I am doing my best to craft tools for you to dance to

What can you see from your window today?

A shiny winter sun, a Baptist church, and a scary Bart Simpson figurine my neighbour put on his balcony.

Tell us about Nice Move Peter!

This EP is a first extract of my recent work, and I am very grateful to Yuksek to release it on his label. The presented tracks are mid-tempo discoid-rare groove pieces. They’ve been written with a limited set up: Juno 106, Prophet 08 and Korg MicroSampler. One of the guiding threads across the tracks is the presence of horns, which is always a touchy exercise when you deal with dance music. (I don’t want to become the new “epic sax guy” meme).

This release is for lovers of …

Todd Terje – It’s album Time, Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart, Nu Genea – Ddoje Facce, Bobby Konders – The Poem

Where is the best place to listen to it and what should we be drinking?

At a fancy cocktail party with a jar of Moscow Mule.

What was the last piece of studio kit that you bought and why do you love it so much?

A microphone! I am not using it for singing but to record lots of stuff, like my glockenspiel and all kind of percussions.

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to get to know you?

Classic album by French duo Air “Moon Safari”.

If you didn’t work in music, what do you think you might have been doing instead?

Actually, music is not my day job. I work in a French design company where I run the finance department (no fake!). In all cases, running a boutique guest house and a table d’hôte in Quercy (French southern region) could be kind of a dream job to me.

What does Alex Blex have in the pipeline?

I am writing lot of new music right now, as well as digging hard drives with older projects and demos to upcycle un-used ideas. This is my creative process. Like wine makers in Champagne, I like to combine actual freshly harvested wines with vintage ones!


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