Moon Shadow / Moon Light (10th Anniversary Mixes) – Bassfort

From the very beginning in 2011 the concept was simple and crystal clear. Mad Mats & Tooli’s new label Local Talk had two main focus points. First, the actual music was to be inspired around those magical 4/4 house rhythms…and beyond.

Second, the logo! The idea was that a simple and direct visual point together with a strong dance MUSIC message would make the label stand out among other labels in their northern neck of the woods.
In Scandinavia, the main theme is electronic 4/4 rhythms (techno, tech-house etc) and with Local Talk being more inspired by black dance music this has made them the black sheep in the hometown of Stockholm.

To set the musical direction straight from the very start they released Bassfort’s ‘Moon Shadow’ which got instant attraction from both house heads and the more open-minded clubbing community.
With its warm, melodic chords, infectious piano theme and big strings it’s always been the label’s fave jam from their now +150(ish) releases. When they decided to choose a track that would define the label for their 10 year anniversary, the choice was simple.

Mats & Tooli thought long and hard about who they wanted to interpret ‘Moon Shadow’ and after months of discussing options they decided that the only one they could trust to give the track a quality boost was NYC legend Joe Claussell. Back in the late 90’s, Mats used to book Joe for his legendary Raw Fusion parties in Stockholm so the connection and mutual respect were already in place. The result is a +11 minute long musical house journey that builds and builds until those characteristic piano chords make an entrance and transform the dynamics into a rainbow of sounds. Epic is not a word big enough to explain this grand musical production !

But the goodness does not end there, we’re only halfway in on this anniversary release. The blood brothers Javi & Luis aka Kyodai (and 2/3 of Bassfort) made their own mix on the B side track from the original release, Moonlight. As schooled jazz musicians they diverted from the electronic soundscape and went for a live jazz-funk production. The final product is a warm and musical version with live drums, bass, piano, strings and even vocals from the brothers themselves. The track almost comes across as something 4 Hero would put out back in the day.

Released June 10, 2022 via Bandcamp – use player link above or here…

Every self-respecting house head will know Local Talk, but just in case there is someone out there that hasn’t heard of the label, please introduce yourself to our readers.

We’re a house music influenced (and beyond) record label based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2011 we’ve put out music from artists as Kyodai, Crackazat, Art Of Tones, HNNY, Soulphiction (RIP), DJ Spinna, Jamie 326 etc. Even though we’re originally inspired by US house we’ve released all types of underground dance music. Weather it’s deep house/techno, broken beats, disco or vocal house we’ve always tried to keep it on a slightly soulful and melodic tip…cus’ we like dance MUSIC J

You based in the city of Stockholm. What is it you love most about your city?

All the water around the city is amazing. But overall, it’s truly one of the most beautiful capitals in the world…if u ask us 😉

If we ever get to Stockholm, where should we head for a cold beer and some good vibes?

Go to the Mosebacke terrace in the soutth district (the best area in Stockholm). Up there you get an amazing view over the city. 

Local Talk has been around now for a decade. How do you feel the label has evolved over the years? Are you very different now than when you started?

We’ve become more mature and more musical. Initially we were pushing the 90s sound (but not exclusively)and now we’re much more open towards all aspects of underground dance music. We’ve grown up J

Is there a strict music policy on the label, or if its good it goes? How does it flow for you?

If it makes us bump (not pump)…we’re on!

Was it a difficult or a natural choice when considering what to make your 10th Anniversary release?

It felt natural going back to our very first release and update it with two amazing remixes.

Why do you feel this record is so special?

First, we have so many beautiful memories of the first release and to be able to put it out again with remixes from our good friend Joe Claussell and the Kyodai crew is to put it simply…special J

What other releases are the label working on right now?

Loads, we got singles coming from Sound Signals (Craig Smith), Shaka, Soulphiction vs Netzer Live, Coflo & Lee Wilson, Kyodai an album from Laroy and also our second compilation album “Local Talk – 12 and ½ Years Later”. We’re busy!

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