Dance To Keep From Crying EP – Cor.ece

Cor.ece is a whole vibe. The LA-based vocalist and songwriter recently exploded onto the scene through an incendiary collaboration with Honey Dijon on her Defected singles “Unleash” and “Work,” and now Cor.ece delivers his own unique musical statement with his solo debut on RNT, the Dance To Keep From Crying EP.

Leading the project is Possibly Impossible, with RNT’s JKriv on production and Dave Giles III on the mic. The A-side fuses airy and expansive vocal soundscapes with a certifiably infectious hook, and shows Cor.ece’s dynamism as a performer and songwriter.

Nothing But Me rides a low-slung groove, leaving room for Corece’s vocal percussion & lyricism, before Sky85 arrives as a moody late-nite R&B burner. With sultry vocal textures layered over a driving machine drum beat and electro bassline, the LA singer delves into darker vocal territory in this song that’s as hauntingly emotive as it is catchy.

The title track Dance To Keep From Crying, produced by JKriv and featuring the keyboard wizardry of Jason Lindner, elevates energy with crisp house kicks and a punchy analog-tinged bassline igniting the two-step, while closing duty comes with What’s The Word’s acidic synth-driven deviance featuring Danny Kane.

With interlude skits from Darrell J. Hunt sprinkled throughout the EP, Cor.ece brings it full circle on his first feature length project.

Releases August 5, 2022 – Listen / Buy here…

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers.

My pleasure, I believe I am a citizen of the world, but I was born in the mid-west of the United states; a haven for blues and soul music. I’ve been an artist since before I even knew what the word meant. I’m so happy that it has manifested itself in a few different forms of creativity, including making music. I currently have a project called “Dance To Keep From Crying” coming out on a super-hot label, Razor-N-Tape, a space that has allowed me to sing, write, perform, and create visual media to support the music.

Tell us where you are based today and where you are from originally?

I live just outside of Downtown Los Angeles, which L.A. is becoming the unexpected creative centre of the United States – a very unlikely cosmos. It’s nice to not only be in the mix, but to also impact it with my own art. Originally, I was born in St.Louis, Missouri and came of age in Chicago. 

There is clearly a sound that is Cor.ece. What words would ‘you’ chose to define that sound?

From the beginning I’ve called my music hopeful-electro-soul. It still remains true. You can listen to any of my records and locate one or more of those themes.

Who are the artists that have inspired you in your life time?

Too many to even narrow down. It also depends on the day. Sometimes I’m thinking about Stevie Wonder or Nina Simone, Peven Everett, Frank Ocean or Rahsaan Patterson – my music would be a lot smaller without the work of these people before me.

If you had a pick a genre to ‘listen’ over everything else, what would it be?

This is a setup. How can I pick one? I think if I was stuck on a one-genre island I’d go with house music because it has soul, jazz, African roots, electronic – so many things. I’d be satisfied with the vastness of that genre.

What is your all-time favourite to ‘dance to’ record?

I just finished a mix for Razor-N-Tape’s podcast and I put some of those on there. Anything by Peggy Gou, like ‘Starry Night’, I love James Brown, Aly-Us ‘Follow Me’ and Mike Dunn ‘If I Can’t Get Down.’ I’ve also been listening to a lot of my friends’ records like Honey DiJon, Dave + Sam and Life On Planets. They are all in my dance mix.

How did you hook up with Razor-N-Tape to host your new release?

I worked with JKriv separately on a Honey DiJon record a few years back. We vibed and casually stated we wanted to create stuff specifically for RNT. Fast forward two years later and “Dance To Keep From Crying,” the EP, was born.

Talk us through the EP a little..

Certainly, it’s full of disco-funk, soul and dance tracks along with an especially emotional song called ‘What’s The Word.’ I worked with so many people I admire on this like producers Danny Kane, Tim K and of course JKriv. It has 5 songs, 2 very special – and funny – interludes. ‘Possibly Impossible’ and ‘Sky85’ were the first two singles, respectively, with the last single ‘Dance To Keep From Crying’ out now. The entire project is about finding a way to do what you need to do to be happy in a world that may not be all that concerned with our personal needs–so guess what? We have to be concerned. It’s thoughtful, yet still about moving and grooving. 

This release is for lovers of …

Good music they can surprise a crowd with.

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to, to know you more?

Kaytranada “Bubba”

Where should we listen to this EP and what should we be drinking?

I hope you are drinking a Mezcal Margarita or some good Whiskey, neat. And you should definitely be listening to this at a discotheque, or at the very least in your living room with all of the furniture moved to the side–so you can dance.

What you got coming up in 2022?

My EP dropping August 5th is my biggest focus, but people can keep up with me across platforms by checking out @Cor.ece – I live on instagram.

Releases August 5, 2022 – Listen / Buy here…

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