After a very long break for extensive procrastination and studio gear acquisitions Lovebirds returns with a mighty new EP.

Just music and me” was created 15 (!) years ago in his Hamburg studio at the height of his early production period. It was lying forgotten on the hard drive forever until his best mate SIRS began playing it again and people started asking about it. It’s a synth-disco-boogie-house jamboree, its simple, its fun. and its a banger!

“Straight from the heart” is a fairly new jam – midtempo 80s Italo boogie vibe, lovely arpeggios and as if that wasn’t enough – a lovely vocoder hook drops in the last breakdown.

“For Anna (onward journey)” is dedicated to the late girlfriend of a close friend. It was one of those random melodies that you sing into your iPhone while taking a walk, but this time it was actually turned into a love dripping Patrick Adamsesque slow disco groover. Wet delays, catchy lead synths and huge breakdowns.

Released 23/9/22 – buy / listen here

I am pretty sure every one knows you and the momumental music that have made! But for those of our readers that may be new to Lovebirds, please take a moment to introudce yourself to our readers.

I´ve been producing soulful dance music (with a retro touch) since the mid 90s, first as “Kneedeep” and since 15 years as “lovebirds”.

If you had to put into a few words the type of music that you make, what words would you choose? Or is that just too hard?

Epic soulful music with a hook!

Who are the artists from yesterday that inspire the music that you make today?

Patrick Adams and Quincy jones.

Do you follow music trends? Who do you think is making great music at the moment?

No I probably don’t. Everybody is just copying a different phase of the past, so most of my heroes are from the past.

Is there an album from back in time that touched you soul?

Marvin Gaye – I Want You

What kind of music do you like to listen to when your just chillin’?

I have a (soul) “ballads” playlist on Spotify – that one is on every Sunday!

Talk us through your stunning new EP a little.

“Just music and me” is a very old tune I think its from 2007! I played it out back then and actually for a long time and it worked great. But I was never happy with the sound. I´ve tried to give it a new mix at least 10 times over the last 15 years but there’s something about an original. That energy and vibe that you have when you´ve just put it together – its the best, hard to recreate. So what I ended up doing is more like an edit of the original.

Straightfromtheheart” is one of my most recent tracks. I think I got a new vintage lexicon delay and was giving it a test with my Oberheim OB8. That is the arpeggio in this track. Then I added all the other stuff in an hour or so.

For Anna” is a special tune … Anna was the girlfriend of my best mate Daniel (SIRS) she was very ill with cancer at that time and I went for a morning walk by the river and had this melody in my had. I sang it into my phone like I did a thousand times before but this time I actually did something with it on my laptop at home. I love the epic soulfullness of this track and now its Anna’s soundtrack in disco heaven.

What makes you happy Basti?

Good red wine, good food!

With a name like Lovebirds would you say you are a hopeless romantic?

I´m not. I´m too 😊

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

I´ve just told that Brazilian story to some friends by the pool in Ibiza. I can´t publicly lay it out haha.

What’s the most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?

As much as I love food I´m not really an experimental eater. Can’t even think of anything impressive to mention here.

Where should we listen to your new EP and what should we be drinking?

I guess it would work well on a nice after hour, privately with all the things that are fun 😉

Released 23/9/22 – buy / listen here

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