Commodity Place – Ahura Mazdà

‘Commodity Place project is back with two masterful compositions wrapped in a special colorful EP. The duo composed by roman musicians Massimiliano Loretucci (computer and synths) and Riccardo Frosoni (guitar and percussions) has set two amazing tracks letting the mind and body to travel far away till the most unreachable and undefined horizons of psychedelic music.

On side A, “Multifrequency Behaviour Of High Energy Cosmic Sources” develops an intense journey into a nebulous space dimension where a wide range of fluffy cosmic echoes are stratified and stretched to the infinity, while human perception is totally kidnapped by ancestral voice effects. Straight to the unknown ambient paradise.

The endless 12 minutes of “Ahura Mazdà” fill entirely the B side. A melodic start up loop on a mild 4/4 downtempo pace prepares the well coming of an outstanding solo guitar excursion with some psy-synths on background for a piece of music that we can literally define as an extraordinary Psychedelic / Krautrock symphony.
So, now you are in. But remember: over the mystic mountains another Earth could be found.

Side A: Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources – 9′.03
Side B: Ahura Mazdà — 12’.24′

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