Commodity Place – Soils

// The Power Of Movement In Plants Ep //
A concept taken from an old book of Charles Darwin, where he theorized the existence of a brain in plant roots, in order to feature a stylistic evolution from Ambient to Techno. A free way of thinking without schemes, as we move into territory that we love, in the boundless fields of electronic music.

Our debut Ep features the following artists:

// Commodity Place presents: Soils
A great ambient song inspired by Pete Namlook’s music, a 13 minutes journey into space.…

// passEnger presents: Is This For Real?
A detroitian downtempo track with sweet melodies and muffled electro beats. Pure futuristic soul.…

// Cosmic Metal Mother presents: The Unreleased Techno Mixes Series (comunicazione uno)
A special track, simply a strange adventure in techno music with old school industrial influences, distorted rhythms and powerful dynamics.…

Vinyl release limited to 300 copies worldwide.

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