Underwater – Chris Coco & Luca Averna

Timeless, hypnotic chugfest from the Balearic brethren…

In the summer of 2019 Italian producer Luca Averna and British producer Chris Coco came up with an idea while hanging out at Luca’s studio in Ibiza, to make an album inspired by 90s Italo Dream House.

The result is ten tracks that start at that point, then go off in various directions, all made in Ibiza, mostly using vintage keyboards, including the classic Korg M1, a dusty old DX7, and Luca’s trusty Roland 909 drum machine.

The next release from the album is Underwater, a track that came out of a session with Luca, Chris and London based singer Louis Vann Johnson.

This release features the original version and an extended club mix from Chris Coco.

The album, Sueño Mediterráneo, is already out on Vinyl, the full digital version is coming in summer.

Released February 25, 2022 via Bandcamp

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