Move & Body EP – Manuel Sahagun

Time to welcome back Argentinian producer Manuel Sahagun to Freerange for his follow up to his brilliant 2019 release Awake. Manuel has been putting out quality house music since the early 2000’s and has released tunes on Berlin’s Tooman, UK’s Drop, and Detroit’s Kolour as well as remixing legends such as Warren ‘Hanna’ Harris, Robert Owens and Patrick Chardronnet. He brings a freshness and eclecticism to his productions that fits in perfectly with the Freerange ethos of forward-thinking house music loaded with warmth, bumping grooves and a touch of soul. The three tracks on offer here range from the acid tinged, 707 driven Body through shuffled, Detroit-inspired groove of Move and closing out on the slow-mo blissed-out Balearic mood on Ritmo Pandemico. Some great new music to keep your discerning dance floors bouncing to!

We had a chat with Manuel just before this new EP was about to drop…

Please introduce yourself to our readers..

I’m Manuel Sahagun, Dj, Producer, Audio Engineer. I’ve been in the music business for the past 20 years and I’m very happy to be part of the Freerange family once again with this new release!

Who are the artists that have inspired you ?

I started listening to rock music as a kid, bands like Queen, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, but at a certain point I got hooked on many different black rooted genres like disco-funk, hip-hop, etc. Every kind of music based on rhythm was calling my attention, no matter if it was the radio, a movie or TV. At that time, I was a kid, and it wasn’t easy to get much information about what that music was. It was the early 90s and I remember bands like C+C Music Factory, Mc Hammer, Beastie Boys, Reel 2 Real, etc. Then all those influences converged when I discovered house music in the mid-90s. At that time, it was mostly the USA sound from Chicago, NY, San Francisco… In the 2000s I started getting more inspired by the sound of the UK and France.

There is clearly a sound that is Manuel Sahagun. How would you define that sound?

There have been many changes through the years but now I could say it’s definitely house-music with a mix of deep and funk. It has to sound timeless but also fresh. Maybe that sound is the mix of use of old records samples and modern synthesisers. Who knows what I’m going to do in the future? It doesn’t matter… I’m very happy with my present sound 🙂

Talk us through your new release..

Freerange has been a big influence in my last 15 years so I kinda know what kind of thing Jimpster would like to listen to. A couple of years after my first release he contacted me to do a new one and it was pretty easy. I sent a demo with 7-8 tracks offering different vibes. I like an EP when you can get different vibes and that’s what Jamie wanted too. So, we finally selected 3 tracks making a very balanced EP, “Body” for those who like it more disco, “Move” with a deeper and raw sound, and “Ritmo Pandémico” (meaning pandemic rhythm in Spanish) with a slower tempo and mellow vibe

This release is for lovers of …. 

You would get into this release if you like the music of Till Von Sein, Ben Gomori, Fred Everything, Soul of Hex, Heist Recordings, Sloth Boogie, Quintessentials, etc.

What was the last piece of kit that you bought?

Last year I bought a Novation Peak and it’s a very inspiring tool, very easy to get cool sounds out of it; it’s very handy with all the knobs and faders in front of you and it is sounding great. I recommend it to all those who are looking for a modern synth to make pads-leads-bass sounds

If someone wanted to get to know your taste, what album should they listen to?

This is a tough question, but I would suggest 3 musts: Daft Punk ‘Homework’, Cassius ‘1999’ and I:Cube Adore’. All of them are from France!

What do you like to do when you are not making music?

I spend a lot of time in the studio as I’m not only making music there, I also do music production, mixing and mastering for other artists. But when I’m free I usually study. Over the years I have become a big audio nerd and I read and watch a lot of tutorials, interviews and documentaries about hardware, software and music professionals. My girlfriend is always asking me why I’m still in the studio even when I’m not even working… Well, I guess I love being there.

What have you got coming up in 2022?

After the lockdown I slowly started moving my music to different labels and I have a many upcoming releases for the rest of the year: Armada Music, Get Physical, Love & Loops, Minor Notes, Pomme Frite, DeepBase, Yung Dumb, U’reguay and more to be confirmed.

Freerange Records present Manuel Sahagun ‘ Move & Body EP’ for release on Friday 4th March via BANDCAMP here on via player link above.

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