Released 4/3/22 – Listen & buy via Juno now…

We grabbed a few words with Hazmat regarding his new release on House of EFunk…

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey this the main man Hazmat LIVE. I’m a musician, producer, and Talkboxer from Detroit Michigan. I use drum machines and keyboards to create live house and techno. I started performing deep sequence in 2015 after touring with touring with the Four tops / The Temptations.

Tell us a fun fact about you..

I’m an accomplished Beatboxer and my taco game is ruthless. Also I am totally addicted to fishing!

Talk us through the idea behind your new EP ‘No Ordinary Love’.

Well, I’m a HUGE Sade fan! I did a feature piece for Roland and Reverb in 2018 Talkbox movement !!! Hazmat LIVE at Reverb.com  and I wanted to have something that was unique and completely different than anyone had seen or heard before to showcase the gear. This track give me so much room for interpretation. I had to get it out to the world.   

Who would you love to hear playing this music?

Carl craig, carl cox, moody man, Ummm DJ Holographic , Dj Minx and anybody that wants a true a sonic experience.

What should we be drinking while we listen to it?

This is a song you have to have some water for. As YOU WILL be dancing! Hydration is key.

What artists you into right now?

To truly be honest, I’ve been kinda deep in production mode. I’ve been recording album after album and working on promotional material for my band The No Boundaries Quartet  https://www.facebook.com/No-Boundaries-Quartet-NBQ-174855289739675 I’ve been truly digging into my own artistry and sheltering myself from other artistic influence.

If someone wanted to get to know you, what album should they listen to?

If you really  Wanted to get to know me?? You should check out Romantic warrior by Return to forever. I WAS NEVER THE SAME after I heard this album.

What is Hazmat Live working on in 2022?

Well, I’m working on some movie scores and creating improv music. I’m in a place in my life where I’m kinda done playing other people’s music. I want to convey music from my heart to listeners and give them an untainted piece of me. currently I’m working on ambient, disco/boogie records, deep house, and techno offerings too. I can’t wait to share these vibes with you.

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