Campo Sancho is a small independent festival, detailed and home-made with Love and Dedication……we say festival…’s actually like the best warehouse party in a field you’ve ever been to! It’s located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, less than an hour from London. We’ve taken our learnings from over 25 years of Carnival, numerous warehouse jams, boat parties and joyous gatherings and planted them all in a stunning, magical site, surrounded by trees.

Campo Sancho 2022 takes place from 29th to 31st July……. come and join the ever – smiling dance floor! 

Tickets on sale now….

One of the excellent DJ’s playing at Campo this Summer will be SI KURRAGE, we caught up for a quick chat about music, festivals and campfires…

Great to talk to you Si. What have you been up to lately?

The past few years have given me a rare opportunity to focus on my Weekly Stranger Things Show (Currently 130 episodes in.) 2-4pm Every Tuesday, Point Blank radio. I’ve been focused on supporting new music from Aquamelon, Ramrock, BBE, Tropical Disco, Fran Ray Music, Rupert Davis, Buried Notes, Ray Mang, Leo Zero, Pete Herbert, and Copyright!  Summers coming and I’m looking forward to getting back on the wheels of steel and having a bit of fun doing what I love. Upcoming gigs include our own night Size Doesn’t Matter with Mr Shiver, Mastomic and Sassy Wiley, and various bars, clubs, and events in and around London.

Give us the lowdown on Campo Sancho?

I’ve been blessed to play at Campo Sancho Every year since its conception. It’s a small and ever so friendly crowd; it’s secret is keeping it that size, which means there’s an army of dedicated and friendly supports who make it each year! It was lovely to see some new faces last summer and hoping to make more new friends this year as well as catching up with so many others! Last Year we warmed up for Norman Jay and as we passed the baton a rain storm  descended, Norman busted Jazmina “Happy in the rain” and kept the crowd dancing. It was a  truly magic moment.

What are you most looking forward to at Campo this summer?

Seeing lots of new artists making their debut and seeing old friends too!

What kind of vibe can we hope to hear from you at a festival?

Dubby Afro Tinged Disco, Spaced Out Funky Beats new and old with a good splash of Deep House too. Expect the Unexpected.

Tell us a couple of tracks that are sure to get the crowd going?

Athens of the North Chicago 

N Gynn Pull Up 

Who are you looking forward to hearing play at Campo?

Hilit Kolet, Erin, Freddy Love, Omar, Dave Lee, Simon Lee, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Pete Herbert and of course Matt and Jim.

Bell Tent of Premiere Inn?

Bell tent every time!!!!!!!

What’s your top tip for festival fun?

Don’t camp near the family bit if you wanna make late night noise, and be kind loving, respectful and generous at all times. It’s a very inclusive festival with people from all walks of life just getting down for the groove of it. Plenty of glitter and lots of smiles please!!!

Who will you be grabbing for a beer and a chat around the camp fire?

Anyone who’ll put up with my jibba Jabba, but generally I’m too busy dancing or falling over  😊

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