Campo Sancho is a small independent festival, detailed and home-made with Love and Dedication……we say festival…’s actually like the best warehouse party in a field you’ve ever been to! It’s located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, less than an hour from London. We’ve taken our learnings from over 25 years of Carnival, numerous warehouse jams, boat parties and joyous gatherings and planted them all in a stunning, magical site, surrounded by trees.

Campo Sancho 2022 takes place from 29th to 31st July……. come and join the ever – smiling dance floor! 

Tickets on sale now….

One of the excellent DJ’s playing at Campo this Summer will be ANDY WILSON, we caught up for a quick chat about music, festivals and campfires…

Hello Andy. Where are you today and what are you up to?

I´m at home in Ibiza picking tunes for next week´s gigs and radio shows

What can you tell us about Campo Sancho?

It’s been one of the highlights of my year since my first time in 2017 and I wouldn’t miss it for anything . Carnival was wonderful for 20 odd years but it was the right time to downsize and move to the countryside.

What are you most looking forward to at Campo this summer?

Catching up – at last! – with loads of lovely people , some of whom I’ve known for well over 30 years , and having a proper old knees up! Oh, and playing some fab music too .

What kind of vibe can we hope to hear from you at a festival?

I’ll be DJing on Saturday afternoon so I’ll be bringing some sunshine vibes from Ibiza and a bunch of Balearic bangers.

Tell us a track that is sure to make the crowd bounce in the field?

I love this and it’s been smashing it for me recently . Big up Dave Lee !

What other artists will you be dancing to at Campo Sancho?

All of them. The line up this year is mega. But especially looking forward to DJ Eren and the Sancho boys, Baz & Pedro (aka Dicky Trisco & Pete Herbert), Freddy Love and Kelvin and Trevor and Matthew and Heidi and .. yeah! All of them!

Are you a happy camper or will you be cabbing it to the hotel?

Bell tent of course!

What’s your top tip for festival fun?

Pace not disgrace kids.

Who will you be grabbing for a beer and a chat around the camp fire?

I’ve got so much catching up to do with my long-time family it’s going to be emotional !

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