Eddy Ramich is a familiar name to anyone with more thana passing interest in modern, soulful European electronic music. The Croatian DJ and producer has become a mainstay of the forward thinking and eclectic scene for the past three decades. From his pioneering Kontrapunkt events in Zagreb, to his much loved collaborations with Dus and Yannah, Eddy has always been at the forefront of the movement.

And it’s once again a collaboration that brings Ramich, now based in Berlin, to his hometown label Sonar Kollektiv this summer – this time hooking up with Viennese producer Roman Rauch. This highly respected beat maker and DJ, despite hailing from Austria’s green valleys, channels the raw, deep soul of Detroit and Chicago in his sublime musical productions, and here it’s no different.

The pair’s unique partnership for Sonar Kollektiv is completed with the enlisting of our very own Pete Josef on vocal duties. The blue-eyed soul singer from Bristol has been an integral part of the label since releasing his debut long-player, Colours, in 2015 as well as subsequent remixes and the follow up album, I Rise With The Birds, five years later.

On Dayglow, Pete’s smooth and sultry tones add rich textures to Eddy and Roman’s steadfast four-to-the-floor beats, and a vocal hook that’ll stay with you for some time to come. Bright synths follow its lead and crisp percussion adds a lightness of touch to counterbalance the foot friendly bottom end and make this a future club and beach banger!

On remix duties is none other than Japanese DJ, producer and folk hero – and another regular collaborator of Eddy’s – Shuya Okino. The man behind Kyoto Jazz Massive, and legendary music venue The Room, adds a generous dose of jazz-funk to the proceedings with some serious live bass, tender keys and more restrained drums that’ll make his version a favorite for fans of acts like STR4TA, Incognito and Freeeze. 

Releases August 19, 2022 – Listen / Buy here…

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Roman Rauch, a producer and from Vienna. I used to run a few labels too (Secret Crunch and Life is for Living). Also did releases on labels like Quintessentials, Mule, Klamauk, Philpot.

Tell us where you are based, and where exactly are you today?

I’m based in the beautiful city of Vienna and that’s where I am right now.

Which words best define the music that you make ?

Deep, I guess. At least that’s what I try to do and hopefully others get it across too!

What would you say is your most ‘notable’ release to date?

I‘m still very happy about my releases on Souplphiction’s (RIP) Philpot label

Is there a track that you released that perhaps didn’t get the reaction it deserved?

I love the Pizza’n Trumpets EP on my Life is for Living imprint, which i did together with my Studio buddy Peletronic.

Who are the artists that inspired the music that you make?

Loads of inspirations from different genres. From jazzy golden era Hip-Hop from the likes of ATCQ or MF DOOM, to the likes of Herbie Hancock and Don BLackman. Of course legends like Theo Parish, Moodymaann and Soulphiction were a huge influence too.

Who is making great music now that you are impressed by?


If someone wanted to get to know more about Roman Rauch, what album would you recommend they listen to?

As I only have one album its probably the one 😉 So checkout “Heliocentric” on Klamauk.

Talk us through the Dayglow EP a little.

We actually did the instrumental in my studio here in Vienna when Eddy had a stopover here in between giga. As usual he stayed in our flat and we hung out in the studio, jammed and came up with the track. Then Eddy hooked up Pete for the Vocals and Shuya for the remix

This release is for lovers of …..

I’d say its for music lovers who aren‘t looking for new hype genres every other week.

What makes you happy Roman?

This release for example. Always been a huge fan and collector of the Jazzanova / Sonar Kollektiv crew and friends with Eddy amnd Shuya. So this release really feels like family. Besides that I’m pretty basic: Good people, good music, good food.

Tell us something that we would never know about you?

I’m quite a sneaker head besides my record collecting habits!

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2022 that we should watch out for ?

Since the pandemic, I felt the urge less of making much music to be honest at the beginning of the pandemic. In hindsight, it was a much needed change to recharge my batteries after being in the studio and the booth 24/7 before. After a while I found the inspiration again to work on new bits and finish older ones. Some of it will probably see the light soon, so I’d say stay tuned

Releases August 19, 2022 – Listen / Buy here…

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