Elado – Elado Edits 2

Everyone’s favourite Israeli digger is back for another round of gloriously rare edit heat on RNT! ‘Baila’ gets the party started with infectious flamenco chants and claps over a churning acidic groove, and ‘Disco Hummus’ rounds out the side with a bit of joyful disco cheek. On the flip, ‘Sun’ turns an unlikely cover of a classic into an Afro Disco banger, and ‘Simba’ rumbles and rolls with restraint toward a hypnotic peak of brass and vocals. Elado has done it again…

RELEASE DATE: 26TH AUGUSTListen and Buy via Bandcamp / Juno

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I‘m Elado. A  DJ for over than 30 years now, just taking my first steps on the global scene.

Tell us where you are based, and where exactly are you today?

I’m from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Born, raised and still live her.

Which words best define the music that you make ?

Groovy, global, disco, analog synths, oriental, obscure, selector, disco, house.

Who are the artists from the past that inspired the music that you make today?

Willian Onyeabor, and Giorgio Moroder.

Who is making great music now that you are impressed by?

Josh Ludlow & Make A Dance, COEO, Dar disku, Captain planet, and Cinthie.

If someone wanted to get to know more about Elado, what album would you recommend they listen to?

‘Choice’ by Louie Vega.

Talk us through this new edit EP a little.

4 tracks. 2 edits, 2 remixes.

BAILA: Spanish flamenco with sleazy vocal and acid lines that will make everyone clap to the flamenco sound.

SIMBA: African deep disco with a dubby feel for the later hours. Sits between disco  & house.

DISCO HUMMUS: Middle Eastern funky disco with Darbuka “Hafla” breaks that will set the floor on fire at the right moment.

SUN: A basic edit of an African cover to a famous song. A guilty pleasure treat for the set finale.  

This release is for lovers of …..

Antal, Nu genea, Folamour, Dekmantel selectors.

What makes you happy Elado?

When a label that I love wants to release my stuff. When a DJ that I admire plays my tune. And when my kids are smiling.

Tell us something that we would never know about you?

I was practicing for the Israeli DMC championship when I was 16 years old. It got cancelled. They re-newed the dj’s Championships in 2002 and I won!

Where can we catch you playing next?
Paris in september, NYC & Texas in october, Amsterdam & Mexico in november, and an Australian tour in 2023!

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2022?

The ‘Gulab Jamun’ official release with a new remix on RAZOR-TAPE, a remix for Tigerbalm on a forthcoming release also on RNT, few edits & remixes, and oriental Israeli remix project im hoping to release next year!

RELEASE DATE: 26TH AUGUSTListen and Buy via Bandcamp

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