LEA LISA – Love to the End EP

The ‘Love To The End EP’ takes influence and inspiration from a particular early 90s UK Techno rarity by
Mark Goddard titled ‘The End’ (The Truth EP), a beautiful and emotive take on the classic sound of UK
Techno that’s been much loved and highly sought after for decades, even being a particular favourite
of Aphex Twin. It’s an ode to the original, rather than a remix or cover. The two mixes re-imagine the
sound of soulful and deep Techno, combining driving basslines and drum machine grooves with
atmospheric and nostalgic synth lines.

On the A-Side’s ‘Manchester Club Mix’, the focus is laser focused on peaktime dancefloors with a
slowly building level of euphoria matched with rolling drums until the breakdown chills the mood and
the plucky, earth shaking bassline returns before the tension is released and the melodies float effortlessly around the pounding rhythm.

Over on the B-Side, the ‘Sunset Mix’ jacks up the drums with kicks and claps that shake your spine.
The bassline rolls steadily throughout the mix but the melodic lines this time are more restrained,
introspective and subtle, echoing and harking to past rave memories with ease…

Love To The End EP – Listen / Buy via Phonica – OUT 2/9/22

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Lea Lisa, I’m a Dj producer, I’m passionate about electronic music and I’ve been collecting vinyl for more than 25 years, I live in Switzerland.

Who would you say are the artists from the past that inspired the music that you make today?

I am a big fan of Ron Trent, I appreciate his work since the beginning. He’s a producer that has always inspired me. Kerri Chandler too, Larry Heard, Mr G, there Moodymann, François K… They are so many…

Who is making great music now that you are impressed by?

Chaos in the CBD, Session Victim.  It sounds too good, the atmosphere they manage to create, there is a very strong emotional feeling. It’s a real pleasure to play their records. Also have a look at Retromigration, a young producer Based in Amsterdam.

If someone wanted to get to know more about Lea Lisa, what album would you recommend they listen to?

I hesitate but the ones that made an impression on me were Kerri Chander’s “Hemisphere“ album released on Freetown in 1996 and for the second one, the whole Drexciya’s discography. They are very different styles but they characterize me well. 

What is your ideal club night? What club? Where? Who is playing? What track are they playing?

Of course I could talk about my residency at Folklor but that’s not very objective! I love Heidegluhen in Berlin, run by Woody, it’s for me one of the best clubs in the world. The people are receptive, demonstrative, the line-ups are very interesting. If I had to choose, I would put Danilo Plessow, Ron Trent, Session Victim, Kerri, Colleen Cosmo Murphy, there are too many! I have no particular expectations in terms of records selection. I love surprises…

Have you been a fan of Phonica Records and its output over the years?

Phonica is above all the story of a record store that has been around for almost 20 years. It’s an institution. When you go to London, it’s one of the places you have to go if you like vinyl. They also put out some really good records on their different labels. I’m very happy to have their support.

Talk us through this new edit EP a little

It’s a tribute to the 90’s UK scene which inspired me a lot. In particular the Ep of Mark Goddard (The truth). I wanted to produce a record that reminds me of the golden age of this scene because It’s a big part of my background.

This release is for lovers of

For those who seek emotional content in music…

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2022?

I’m continuing my residency at Club Folklor for the second year, I’m also looking forward to all the upcoming dates, I’m trying to finalize a second EP for 2023 but most of all I’m enjoying the present moment.

Where can we catch you playing next?

The next gigs will be at Heidegluhen in Berlin, Brunch in the Park for the Drop BCN parties, Porto at Piano B Club and more to come. I’m really excited!

What makes you happy Lea?

My Family & to be a Dj… This is really a wonderful job.

Tell us something that we would never know about you?

I never drink alcohol, no drugs, I like to keep the connection with the music intact.

Love To The End EP – Listen / Buy via Phonica – OUT 2/9/22

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